Sunday, June 16, 2019

Maxi Dress With Jean Jacket, New Wreath and New Beginnings

Styling, Decorating and Beginnings

Hey Friends!  Yet another busy week has gone by in which life has taken precedence over blogging. Hopefully, after about one more week I can resume my blogging schedule of at least 2-3 posts per week. I'll catch you up on some of what has been going on as the post unfolds. First off, I'm styling a long maxi dress with a blue jean jacket. This is a perfect look for summer!

Maxi dresses and skirts are still "in" and can be dressed up or down with accessories. I think adding the jean jacket gives the look a casual and relaxed summer vibe. 

I've styled this dress on the blog before with a light blue pashmina scarf, but I really like the jean jacket with the dress better. The dress hem hides my gladiator sandals which also gives a relaxed feel to the look. This outfit is cool, comfortable and perfect for a hot summer day! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy wearing maxi dresses or skirts and how you feel about jean jackets. 

I have a new decor item to share with you-a new wreath on the front door. I've had my eye on this succulent wreath at AC Moore for months and the sales finally brought it down to what I consider a reasonable price. The wreath was marked down 60% plus I had a 20% off total sale coupon which I could apply. Hooray!

The wreath looks good with the retirement quilts Sharon made for me.

And, it matches with my other succulents on display on the foyer table. This makes it look more like I have a theme going on in the foyer. 

I've mentioned how busy life has been lately. This guy right here, is retiring after 30 years of math teaching plus an architecture career before that. I'm so proud of him and all he has given to teaching his students over the years! He will continue to use his math and to teach in some form or fashion but I hope he will take some time to rest first! This pic was taken at a luncheon to honor retirees from his system. 

There have been several celebrations in the past week which is both wonderful and exhausting! At one, the retirees were each given a rocking chair!

And on top of the retirement festivities, I directed a big bells, brass and organ concert at our church last Sunday. The Mr.'s quintet performed. 

The brass played beautifully....

As did our organist....

And my handbell choir really rocked it!  I was so proud of them and all of the musicians who participated in our concert!

So, yet again it has been quite a week!  And, there were a few other things going on which I won't bore you with. I hope that each of you dear readers are well and that the week ahead brings only good things to you! Please leave a comment and let me know what's happening in your life!

Until Next Time,

Friday, June 7, 2019

Weekly Happenings

It's Been A Busy Week!

Hello everyone! This has been one of those weeks when I have had two and sometimes three things to do in a day. I've been off the radar all this week (meaning the blog) and am totally exhausted today! I thought I would share with you a day trip that my friend, Sharon, and I took yesterday to Jonesborough, Tennessee. I had never been there before and I truly enjoyed getting to visit this historic and quaint town. 

Our main purpose in going there yesterday was to hear a storyteller at the International Storytelling Center. Sharon has attended events here many times but this was my first time. 

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Main Street Cafe. I was fascinated by the vintage interior and came home to read about the building online. 

I found out that the building was constructed in the 1930's and the ceiling tiles, hanging globe lamps and booths are original from that era. The food was quite tasty and reasonably priced, I thought.

We very much enjoyed the teller-in-residence, Anne Shimojima, who inspired us with her professional storytelling ability. Anne was a media specialist for many years in her native Chicago and has been a professional storyteller now for over 30 years. One of her stories was about "Hannah's Suitcase" which Sharon and I were familiar with from our work in the gifted program when we were teaching. Anne was lovely and gracious to talk with and I came away interested in more storytelling! 

There was a bit of excitement after the storytelling when one couple felt like they had been ignored by the storyteller and very rudely interrupted another couple speaking to her and for a moment we thought the event might end in fisticuffs! However, Anne graciously smoothed the ruffled feelings and all was well! I kiddingly told Sharon that I didn't know if I could engage with these dangerous activities she includes me in anymore!

All in all, it was a lovely day and a great way to end a very full and busy week. Today, I'm laying low and resting as much as possible. How about you? How has your week been? 

Until Next Time,

* I had the best of intentions to take my camera with me on this trip but forgot and left it at home! So, I had to make do with snapping photos with my phone. 

Friday, May 31, 2019

Happy Friday End of Week Catch Up

Cups, Crafts and Courage

Happy Friday, Everyone!  I'm sharing an end of week catch up to highlight some of the things I've been doing/working on this week. First off is this fun and creative craft I worked on using some gorgeous cardstock I picked up for half price at JOANN's. 

I had seen these hangers for sale at the Dollar Store and I thought, "My goodness, I can do that!"  I had saved some cardboard from some other purchases and I just cut the colorful cardstock to size and glued it to the cardboard.  I layered the quotes on top. 

Ribbon glued to the back connects the two pictures together.  Then more ribbon added to act as the hanger. 

I'm very pleased with how these turned out.  I'm not certain of their exact location yet, but this is how they look hanging on the wall. On the larger picture I see a "glue spot" shining through. It seems with any craft I do there is some imperfection. keeps my humble!

While I was at JoAnne's I picked up this new beverage cup and they were giving away scratch off stickers and I got 50% off which was a nice surprise! 

This cup was one of the many items in the Simplicity Vintage display. I love the vintage outfits displayed on the cup. 

Sorry for the blur. It's hard to hold the cup in one hand and shoot the picture with the other!  The Simplicity Vintage items included hand towels, vintage square tins, writing paper and zipper pouches/coin purses all with vintage clothing styles on them. 

I had some fun earlier this week dressing in the style of Iris Apfel, the 90+ year old fashion icon. I was interpreting a challenge given in my monthly international blogger group, "Match Made in Seven."  If you missed that post you can catch up here. I've never worn this many accessories all at once before! Wild looking isn't it?! It took a little courage to try this type of styling. A bit outside my comfort zone for sure!

And, finally, a few animal pics to finish off the post. I've seen this chipmunk playing in my flower garden almost every day this week! He is so fast it is hard to get a picture!

Not the greatest pic, but these are bear cubs running for the bushes last night. There were three cubs and their Mama in our yard. I was about to go outside to water our flowers when I spied these guys. I made a hasty retreat inside the house and took these pics from safely inside. Speaking of courage!

This was Mama Bear walking around. 

The cubs thought it was great fun to hang on the trees my husband planted recently. He was not amused when I told him about this! We really want these trees to live and thrive. The cubs looked like little teddy bears and moved like lightening. They were here, there and everywhere! 

All in all, it's been a pretty good week here. Hope you have had a good week. Now, it's your turn! What has been a highlight of your week? Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Match Made In Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

Ode To Style Icon Iris Apfel

Hello, Everyone!  It's time once again for our monthly international blogger's group to interpret a style challenge. This month, Sonja gave us a fun challenge; Ode to Iris Apfel. Be sure to check out all the other Match Made in Seven bloggers and see how they styled this month's theme. Links to their blogs appear at the end of my post. 

I'm going all out in this post with patterns, textures and bling to honor the amazing style of Iris Apfel. She is a 90+ fashion icon who shows through her style that "more is more" rather than "less is more."  She is typically to be seen wearing bright colors and over the top amounts of jewelry and she doesn't allow anyone else to define her style but her!

Iris Apfel
Photo Source from Pinterest
She also loves wearing very large eyeglasses! 

I don't typically wear such large amounts of jewelry, but, in honor of Iris, I added several bracelets, some big size rings and a larger necklace to my outfit. 

Ooops, I forgot I also added the extra necklace at the collar and my big hoop earrings. There is so much going on in this outfit that it is hard to see and keep up with all the parts! The top I am wearing is another version of the jeans top I styled recently. I love the colorful flowers and the way this top gives me a waist. 

I love the way the flower pattern of the top blends with the textured black pants I am wearing. For me, this is pattern mixing at its best!

Although I wouldn't normally style an outfit quite so boldly, I must admit that this has been a fun post to style and photograph. Many thanks to my husband for his photography skills. I think that Iris Apfel can teach us all that style is meant to be uniquely ours and not dictated by others. I love the following quote by her:

Iris Apfel: “No amount of money can buy you style. It’s just instinctive.”

Now, please be sure to check out all of the great posts by the other lovely bloggers:

Until Next Time,

Monday, May 27, 2019

Walking At Beaver Lake

Join Me On A Walk

I took a walk recently at a favorite lake that is not too far from my home. It's called, Beaver Lake, and I thought you might like to walk with me and see the sights. As you can see it is very pretty there. 

There is a very nice walking trail that now extends around most of the lake with a bit of street walking necessary on the far side. If you like birds there is a separate bird sanctuary beside this lake walk.

I did spy this lovely blue bird as I walked and he (she?) was gracious enough to not fly away and posed for me.

Aren't the colors lovely?! The bird was careful to show its "good side" for the photos!

I passed by some lovely flowers outside the caretaker's cabin. 

And by these colorful boats just waiting to be taken out on the lake.

I always look across the water to see this beautiful and stately home. 

The Mr. and I nicknamed this house, "Southfork," after the Dallas TV show. Isn't it a lovely house?!

At one point, I cross over this bridge...

And look down into the ravine below.

I pass by this dam with water running over. Sometimes, there are lines of turtles across the top of the dam. But, not today.

This is a lake filled with history and story.

This end of the lake is the section that was once the "swimming hole" portion. You can see remnants of what was once the beach area with stone walls around the pool area and stone steps going up the hill. 

I like thinking about what it might have looked like here back in the day with swimmers and boaters, sailor suits and straw hats. 

Swimwear, 1930, Sweden.

Perhaps, we might have seen swimwear like this? 

Or, perhaps this? (Vintage photos from Pinterest)

Prior to 1923, before the lake was here, this was known as Baird Bottom and at one time, a plane landed here. Hard to picture a meadow with cows grazing isn't it? A trolley service ran to this destination and, according to legend, the famous author, Thomas Wolfe, skinny dipped in the lake. If you would like to read more about the history of the lake, click here.  Our branch library has many photos on display of Baird Bottom and the lake in its early days. Today, the lake is surrounded by homes and highways. 

I love to walk here. The scenery provides moments of peaceful solitude and beautiful views.

And, I'm so grateful you were able to join me on the walk at the lake today!

Hope you will leave a comment and please be sure to check back on Wednesday for another monthly challenge from my international blogger group, "Match Made In Seven." I promise that you will enjoy this month's challenge!

Until Next Time,