Thursday, April 20, 2023

Spring Flowers, Delicious Salads and A Troublesome Top

 A Little Bit of This and That For Spring

Hello everyone! Today, in true "this and that" fashion I have a little something for everyone. Really just some items from daily living. Hope you enjoy. Our azaleas have finally decided to bloom so I took a walk on our driveway the other day snapping some photos along the way. I just love the pretty spring colors. I only wish they lasted longer than they do!

I captured this close-up of the white azalea. They are both delicate and intricate in their details aren't they? 

The azaleas along our waterfall are also in bloom, though not very full. The recent heavy rains we had caused our waterfall to be running steadily. It sounds so pretty. I love the sound of running water and find it to be quite relaxing. 

This purple azalea was blooming in the yard of my flute teacher. I took a moment to take a picture on my way out after my lesson. I'm finding my flute study to be a combination of fun and frustration! I want to automatically play beautifully without having embouchure issues and dropping my right arm too much. I realize that I am "ahem" a little older than I was when I started taking violin as a kid so there can't be a comparison between music lessons then and now, right?! After all, 60 isn't the new 10, LOL!! But, I keep on persevering. Flute is a lovely instrument. 

On another note (no pun intended), I've been enjoying some delicious salads here lately and thought I would share some pics on the blog. I love a tasty salad with layers of many flavors. Here, I created a spinach salad covered with carrots, sliced boiled egg, and almond slivers with cranberries. My go-to homemade salad dressing is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed to taste with approximately two tablespoons of olive oil, onion powder and no salt garlic spices. I mix the dressing vigorously and spoon it onto the salad. 

On another day I created a salad of spinach with mixed bagged salad topped with boiled egg slices and ham that I browned in a skillet. The dressing is the same. Salads are so yummy and can be a great go to for lunch or a light dinner meal. Although I didn't use it in these salads, I sometimes add Durkee's Onions as a topping for some flavorful crunch. And the slivered almonds and cranberries I used in the first salad are from one of those salad topping bags you can get in the salad dressing aisle at the grocery store. I also use the nuts/cranberries as toppings for oatmeal in the morning. So delicious!

 Hope I didn't make you too hungry with all of the salad and topping descriptions! I'll finish this post with a picture of a "troublesome top" that I purchased recently. It's actually a dressy cardigan that I thrifted and brought home and dutifully washed. 

I happily discovered that the cardigan matched a dress that I already own perfectly and decided to wear the pair to the symphony concert I attended a week ago. Imagine my dismay when I discovered glitter everywhere the next day! There was glitter on my dress, on the car seat and I even kept finding glitter on me! I did some research online and found an article about using hairspray on tops with glitter. Which could be a possible solution. But, if anyone out there in blog land has had this same problem and can share a better solution I'm all ears! (And those ears are probably covered in glitter).

Be sure to leave a comment before you go. I love hearing from you. And, once again, many comments are coming in as "anonymous" and I'm trying to guess as to whom is leaving them. It would be helpful if at the end of your comment you leave your first name. Thanks so much. 

Until Next Time,
Debbie (This and That)

Monday, April 10, 2023

Flowery Thrifted Skirt and A Neat Trick for Giving Your Tops Oomph

 Goodwill Thrifting and Styling My Top

Hello everyone! I haven't done a style post in quite awhile but I got inspired today after doing some Goodwill thrifting. I thrifted a pretty new skirt for Spring/Summer with lovely pink flowers and a blue background. It fits perfectly and as I tried on different tops with it from my closet I suddenly remembered a neat trick which I have seen online but never tried. See how my top is gathered on the front?

You can create this look by pulling together some material underneath the shirt and securing it with a hair rubber band. When you pull the shirt down it creates that lovely gather. 

I like how my top is gathered in such a way that I have a waistline and it also shortens the top a bit which looks good with the skirt. 

Look at the difference if I just wear the top without the gather on the front. The neat thing is you can choose where you place the gather. I did mine just a little off center, but you could do it closer to the side or in the middle or even do two gathers one on each side. This trick also works to shorten a dress if you have a maxi that's too long. This isn't my original idea but it certainly is a good idea! It's the perfect way to add a little extra oomph to an outfit!

I went with blue jewelry adding a blue tear-drop necklace and my blue sapphire ring. Remember when I told the story of finding the sapphire stone in this ring

My sandals are thrifted also, either from Poshmark or Thredup. I really can't remember now. I enjoy thrifting clothing when I find something that is in good shape, is of good quality and is something I know I will wear. Buying pre-loved clothing is also good for our environment as it cuts down on the use of dyes and other materials that harm the environment plus it promotes the use of less water for making clothing which is also important to our world. These are things I really never paid that much attention to until recently. Everything I wear is not thrifted but much of it is and I feel good about my choices. Plus, I always enjoy a good bargain! Try finding a skirt on Amazon or in a store for $4.99! 

How about you? Do you like to thrift? Have you tried the trick for adding a pleated front to your tops or dresses? Have any other tricks for adding oomph to an outfit? Doing any reading on how the fashion industry affects the environment? Be sure to share in the comments. I always enjoy hearing from my readers. 

And, I didn't do a specific Easter post but I pray that each of you enjoyed a blessed and happy Easter Day. He is risen indeed!

Until Next Time,