Sunday, November 28, 2021

How to Style A Green Corduroy Jacket

 Styling Green Corduroy

Hello everyone!  You know, I've always had a bit of a "thing" about green corduroy. So,when I received this jacket awhile back I was excited to wear it. Years ago, I had a brighter green corduroy jumper that I just loved wearing with different turtlenecks, so I decided to try that kind of styling with this jacket. 

I went with wearing a black turtleneck and lighter black jeans with the jacket and I really liked the pairing. I don't think I would like the jacket as much if it didn't have the cute Peter Pan collar and two buttons. Those style markers add a bit of playfulness that gives a little something extra to the styling. 

I also felt that the heavier corduroy fabric lends itself to heavier jewelry like these dangling earrings. The lines of the earrings seem to match the lines in the corduroy really well. What do you think?

It might be fun for you to look in your closet and see if you have a heavier jacket or blazer that you could style with a turtleneck and some great earrings. I find this type of outfit to be a bit "retro" which is trending right now. Kind of a flashback to the past with style. 

What are you wearing these days? Do tell. Love hearing from you! And be sure to check back on Friday when I will be sharing the Christmas decor in my home with all of you!

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Looking for some corduroy?  Click here or here for some inspiration and ideas! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I'm Home and Happy Thanksgiving


Hello dear readers!  I'm home from my travels to assist some ill family members and happy to report that they are doing better. I am always happy to see extended family but I am also always very happy to return home to The Mr., Cassie and Garden! This wasn't a picture taking trip so I have no pictures to show you from my travels. This trip consisted of helping with cooking, dishes, laundry and serving food and various other things that were needed. It was a challenging trip in many ways but all went well and I am now into holiday decorating which I will share with you soon as normal blogging will be resuming. 

I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. For those readers not in the USA, I wish you a lovely Thursday and end of the week! Among the many, many things for which I am thankful are you my wonderful readers who read my posts, leave comments and inspire me to keep writing! Styling life wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you!

Until Next Time,

Monday, November 15, 2021

Away From Blog For A Few Days


Hello dear readers. I have been away from the blog for a few days and, unfortunately, will be away for a few more as I am going to help a couple of ill family members. 

Your prayers over the next days will be very much appreciated. The beautiful flowers you see above have bloomed in abundance the last few months and, finally, they got "bitten" by frost last night and are no more. I have enjoyed looking out my door at them so much over the Summer and Fall. But, I knew they couldn't last forever, especially as colder weather is here. 

Since we won't be in touch for a bit I will leave you with one of my favorite scriptures Philippians 4:13. This particular interpretation is from the Easy To Read version.

"Christ is the one who gives me the strength I need to do whatever I must do."

Wishing you all blessings. 
Until Next Time,

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Autumn On A Tray Blog Tour


Hi everyone!  I'm excited today to be able to take part in an "Autumn On A Tray Blog Tour," hosted by Katherine of  You are going to see lots of Autumn goodness today so I hope you enjoy! Be sure to read to the end of the post so I can direct you to your next stop on the tour! And if you hopped over from Christine's blog, then welcome!!

I decided to use a basket tray for my Autumn arrangement and borrowed the tobacco basket from the curio shelf in the corner of our dining room. I thought it would make the perfect tray to hold the cloth stuffed pumpkins, a couple of wooden pumpkins and, of course, this cute little squirrel. Doesn't he look like a well read little guy wearing those glasses?!

I really appreciate how the arrangement accents our table in the dining room. Even our cat, Garden, approves the styling!

I loved the fun and creativity of creating my "Autumn On A Tray!" Now, be sure to click on over to Rachelle at "My Hubbard Home"  so you can enjoy more Autumn goodness! And thanks so much for stopping by! Here's a quick peek at Rachelle's creative approach to Autumn On A Tray!

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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Four Fantastic Tops To Wear For Fall


Hello everyone!  Sorry I have been away from the blog this week. After a wonderful Zoom "Meet and Greet" with readers last Saturday, this week has brought some illness in my family and, frankly, I just haven't felt like blogging. Prayers for "J" appreciated!

My goal today is to share some inspiration with you for styling tops for Fall. The tops I'm sharing are some of my recent thrifting finds from ThredUp and I am so pleased with all of these purchases! This beautiful flowery top with green background by Blair fits like it was made for me. The colors are perfect for Fall but also will work beautifully in Spring and Summer. To be honest, I don't always find Blair's sizing to be consistent but this size Medium fit perfectly as it should!

Everything I'm sharing with you today, except for one top, is by Blair via ThredUp. This is actually a corduroy jacket which I thought would be black with green buttons. Instead, the jacket itself is green but in a shade I like. And how fortuitous that it will match the flowered top with green background perfectly!

So, I am actually wearing two tops here. The undershirt is a sleeveless top by Blair that is in a color I have been looking for in local stores without much success. Why is it so hard to find brown sleeveless tops? I wanted this undertop specifically to wear under brown tops and sweaters that are V-neck and need something underneath. When I saw what I was looking for on ThredUp I jumped for it! The undershirt will also be fine as a stand alone top in the summer. The outer top with jewels down the neckline also caught my eye for Fall. I always love a little bling! This top brand is First Issue-A Liz Claiborne Company. The V-neck with the jewels was very deep and I actually sewed it up a little because I don't like tops so low. However, now that I have the brown undershirt I really don't need the sewing. We'll see if I remove the stitches or not! I think the brown top(s) will also go very well with the green corduroy jacket.

So, with the three tops I've shared plus the corduroy jacket, I could create three different outfits with either tan, brown, black or olive pants. Are you inspired? Sometimes buying just a few key pieces is all you need to create a variety of interesting outfits for Fall and beyond! Go check out your closets and see what you have on hand to mix and match with. And, if you need a few key pieces, do a little thrifting either online or at your local thrift stores!

So, this post will come to most of you on Friday, but also be sure to tune in on Saturday, November 6th, when I am joining in an "Autumn On A Tray" blog hop hosted by Katherine of   There will be lots of Autumn goodness to enjoy so be sure to stop on by!

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