Monday, June 24, 2024

Saying Hello

Everyday Is A Fresh Start 

Hello everyone! Aren't these dishes pretty?! And the message on the plate, "Everyday Is A Fresh Start," is exactly how I feel about the blog. I know you haven't heard from me in over a month. I've been busy with travel and with appointments among other things so here I go again with trying to get back on track with blog posts. 

Today's post won't be a long one or full of pictures. But, I didn't want anymore time to go by without at least saying hello to each of my readers. 

I purchased these pretty plates, bowls and some matching glasses a few weeks ago and have been enjoying using them very much. I hope to do a tablescape with them soon so you can see how everything looks all together. The yellow lemons with the white and blue flowers and green stems is so bright looking and perfect for summer! Lemons on plates and towels seem to be a "thing" right now but I didn't purchase these plates for the trend but because I thought they were just so pretty and cheerful looking. What do you think?

During my recent travels, I found the temperatures to be incredibly hot. One day my car registered the outside temp at 105 degrees! It was good to return home where the temperatures were hot but not brutal. I hope that wherever you are, your temps are cool and enjoyable and you are having a great summer so far!

Until Next Time,