Saturday, January 30, 2016

This and That...I Corinthians 13:13

So now faith, hope and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 
I Corinthians 13:13

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Happy Saturday, dear readers! We are about to enter the month of all things love...February. So, I'm starting the month with a favorite scripture that emphasizes love...I Corinthians 13:13. I want to keep faith, hope and, especially, love in my thoughts, actions and motivations as I go through the month of February. Faith will help keep me centered as I strive to be the person God wants me to be. Hope will remind me that even when things are not going well (and also when they are) God's will is being accomplished in my life and I can count on His loving presence no matter what life throws at me. And love will hopefully be my guide in how I respond to those around me, even as I remember that God loves me even when I am less than lovable! If I can remember 1 Corinthians 13:13, I should be ready for this month that emphasizes love! 

How about you? What keeps you centered, not only in February when love is emphasized, but throughout the year? Please feel free to share your thoughts below. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Until Next Time,

Monday, January 25, 2016

This and That..Winterizing A Summer Look!

Summer to Winter Look

Welcome to my wintry world! There's still plenty of snow in my neck of the woods.....literally.....

Here's a picture out my back door. You can see our ruler sticking out of the snow. We've actually had a little melting. Depending on where we measured, we had between 6-12 inches of snow this past weekend. 

I definitely wouldn't be wearing this outfit outside today! There's been a lot of talk in the blogosphere recently about winterizing summer fashion. I like to get as much use out of my clothing as possible, so I thought I would give this winterizing trick a try today. So here's the summer look...a pretty summer dress in a color I love. I've added a matching scarf as a shawl.

And here is the dress "winterized."  I added a black turtleneck for warmth, black leggings and knee high slouch boots. The shawl scarf is now an accent scarf tied around my neck.

I like the feminine look of this winterized fashion! How about you? Do you like to winterize any summer outfits? How snowy is your world? I'd love to hear from you!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

This and That..A Tale of Two Purses

                        My Amazing Goodwill Finds

Today, I'm sharing the tale of two great finds during a recent trip to Goodwill. I couldn't believe it when I saw these great looking purses for sale there. They were hanging on a display of purses marked $3.50 each. 

The red purse is a Franco Sarto and is in pristeen condition. I couldn't find the exact bag online, but I did find a similar one for sale on Amazon for $189.  I think I got a good deal, don't you? 

Looks good and has lots of room!

This green leather purse by Kate Landry was my second great find. Again, in pristeen condition. This purse had actually never been used and still had the original price tags hanging on it.

I couldn't believe the original price for this purse was $139! I don't think I've ever paid more than $20-$25 for a purse in my life! Not a bad find at $3.50 was it?!

I'm loving the zipper pockets on this purse and the extra storage. I don't always carry larger handbags, but I'm enjoying both of these purses. They look great with my down coat also. Here, you can see the green Kate Landry in action.

With my "new" designer handbags from Goodwill and my goosedown coat by Kenneth Cole Reaction (Sam's Club purchase), I'm ready for the big snow that's supposed to come! (Similar coat here.)

Stay Warm and Safe Everyone!

Public Domain Image by George Hodan
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

This and That..Debbie's Delightful Finds!

I have not received compensation of any kind for the products or stores mentioned in this post. All writing and opinions are my own. You, the reader, are responsible should you choose to try any of the products mentioned in this post. 

Things I'm Delighted To Share With You

We finally got some snow!!  As I bring some of my delightful finds to you this Sunday, I am delighted to share a pic of the snow in my backyard. It's only a little bit...but it's the first we have actually had this winter. So pretty! I knew if I did a winter tablescape, it would bring on the snow! Now, for some other things I want to share. 

I'm delighted to find my snowmen throughout the house. I enjoy my winter decorations as much, if not more, than the Christmas decorations. Having winter decorations helps the house to not look so bare and sad after the Christmas decorations are put away. 

Although the snow is pretty, I can find winter a little depressing, so the cheerful snowmen pick up my wintry spirits!

What I didn't find a bit depressing, was Jan Karon's new book which I received at Christmas from Mr.thisandthat. Oh my goodness...I LOVED this book! Kelly over at Talk of the House did an amazing blog post on this book earlier this year, so I won't say too much. Check out her wonderful post. But, I highly recommend your reading this book!

How about this delightful find?! I'm loving these jewelry hangers that I picked up at Big Lots for around $3 for two hangers. They are a terrific way to keep my costume jewelry organized so I can slip things on easily in the mornings. No digging around trying to find things I wear frequently! Similar here.

Now this is really delightful...clothes hangers that take up less space in the closet! Found these at Target and Mr.thisandthat and I are gradually changing out all hangers in our closets to these. We both find we can fit more clothes in less space with these. I don't have any still packaged to show you the brand...but Target seems to carry these regularly. We've purchased more about three different times! These look similar.

I'm loving the extra space and organization.

Does your skin get dry during the winter?  Mine sure does.  That's why I was delighted to find Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer. It is a pleasant smelling heavier lotion that absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling great even after several hand washings throughout the day. Great for my legs, heels and elbows, also. 

My face dries out as well, so you know I was delighted to find my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion on my shelf.  One of my sisters introduced me to Clinique years ago and I have used this lotion as a moisturizer ever since. It's a little pricey at around $26 per bottle, but it lasts a long time. I also try to buy it around the time Clinique has their give away gift days and I get a makeup bag filled with great products for my $26 purchase. 

And, although I do like Clinique, I have always been a mix and match girl when it comes to makeup. So, I don't use just exclusively one brand of anything. That's why I am delighted to find these two choices in my makeup bag. Maybelline Great Lash has long been my go to choice for mascara. And I found these pretty eye shadow colors for $3 at the drugstore around Christmas and have been using them a lot. They were billed as stocking stuffers, but I chose them for the pretty blues and greys and for the price! (Yes, I do wear blue eyeshadow and am proud to do so. I'm over 50 so who cares anyway????) The brand is Jesse's Girl.

So, that's it for delightful finds this Sunday!  How about you?  Do you have favorite finds for organizing, decorating or makeup? I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment! 

Until Next Time,

I have not received compensation of any kind for the products or stores mentioned in this post. All writing and opinions are my own. You, the reader, are responsible should you choose to try any of the products mentioned in this post. 

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

This and That...Winter Tablescape and Foyer Styling

A Winter Tablescape

Well, the weather outside hasn't been too frightful, but inside the table is delightful as I style a winter tablescape for a cozy dinner for two.

Using mostly white and a little blue, I hope to invoke a snowy, icy winter theme at the table.

There are icy snowflake ornaments for napkin holders, as well as a hint of the frozen forest with some faux pine cones slipped behind the napkins. 

The tea tray stands nearby all ready to provide us with a warm beverage.

And there are even foam snowballs and another snowflake ornament to remind us that it is January!

There is even ice skating on the teapot!

And if you have must have snowmen!

More snow is reflected in our glass vase filled with white pebbles and filled with faux snowy baby's breath.  

Our wintry table invites us to linger over the meal and savor the warmth of togetherness and being inside on a cold winter's evening. 

Foyer Styling

To add to the ambiance, let's take a glimpse at the foyer table on this winter's night.

There is a snowy ceramic pine tree with white lights standing alongside pine cones, a deer and another tree that holds a bird's home. 

Another glance at the snowy forest leaves us feeling chilled.

So let's warm ourselves in the warmth of the white lights. It's a perfect ending to a cold winter evening and I am reminded of the Robert Frost Poem...Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Please leave a you enjoy winter evenings?  How do you like to bring winter into your home? Do you decorate for winter? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

This and That..Casual Saturday

(No compensation of any kind was received for this blog post. All opinions given are my own.)

Casual Saturday Style

Hello, dear readers. Welcome to my kitchen!!  It's Saturday, thank goodness, and I'm making it casual today with some laid back stylin' that fits the bill for comfort.

I always feel my best when I am wearing a comfortable pair of cords with a great shirt and sweater combination. Add my tennis shoes and a good book and I know it's going to be a great Saturday!

The shirt is an ExOfficio nylon/poly blend. It is plaid in red and either black or navy blue. You can see similar here. The sweater is by Columbia. I looked online, but couldn't find something similar.  I picked both of these items up at a local store that sells sports clothing on consignment. The sweater is super soft and is not too heavy to wear. I don't like super heavy sweaters. The shirt has two front vertical zipper pockets that you can't see and also has those tabs where you can roll up the sleeves and secure them.

My tennis shoes are Nike and are grey with pink soles and laces. I usually get compliments when I wear these shoes out somewhere. The pink matches well with the light red plaid of the shirt. It doesn't clash at all. See similar shoes here

You can tell, I'm happy that it's Saturday!!  I'm also happy, because I'm about to share another favorite author with you today!

Meet The Magical Cat Mystery Series

I'm so excited to introduce another favorite author to you, namely Sofie Kelly, who writes the "Magical Cats Mystery" series of books. These books are so entertaining and have all the elements I enjoy reading about (mystery, romance and cats) right in one book. You can't beat that with a stick as far as I'm concerned!!

The latest title in the series is "Faux Paw" and includes the usual cast of characters from the earlier books. All center around the main character, Kathleen, who we learn in the first book, moved to Mayville Heights to be librarian at the local public library after she is heartbroken by her fiancee. Soon after arriving, she adopts two cats, Owen and Hercules, who were ferals living with many other homeless cats at a nearby abandoned house called Wisteria Hill. Of course, there is a mystery in every book which Kathleen somehow manages to embroil herself in solving along with the help of Owen and Hercules as well as the local single and handsome detective, Marcus Gordon. And why are these books called, "A Magical Cat Series?" Well, as we used to say when kids were still doing book reports in school...."You'll have to read the book to find that out!" I'll give you a slight hint, though.....there just might be something about walking through doors and appearing and disappearing at will.

The same author also writes another series under the pen name, Sofie Ryan. This series is called, "A Second Chance Cat Mystery." I have read a couple of the books in this series and enjoy them as well.

Here's a bit more about the author, in case you are interested. Both of these series are entertaining, fun and light reading and fit my requirements of no gore, gratuitous sex or bad language. 

So that's it for my casual Saturday. Think I'll get back to relaxing and reading now. How about you? How do you like to spend your Saturdays? And what books, if any, are you currently reading or like to read? I'd love to hear from you so please leave a comment below! And if you would like to subscribe by email, please sign up for a subscription using the subscribe button

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This and That...Interviewed By A Cat!!

How It All Began.....

Since she has already taken over my desk area....

and my computer.....

I figured I may as well hand over today's post to my cat. I had intended to use today to tell you a little more about myself and my blog, but Gracie insisted that I let her do this interview style. So, without further is the interview of Debbiethisandthat (AKA "Fur Mama") by ace reporter....Gracie the cat!

Gracie: Thank you for finally coming to your senses and letting me have some time on the blog.

Fur Mama: You're welcome...but I don't see that I had much of a choice since I can never get to my desk or computer these days..

Gracie: Yes, well let's not bore the readers with family here's the first question. Tell us a little more about yourself.

Fur Mama: Well, as I've mentioned before I'm a teacher and I've taught for over 35 years now. 

Gracie: I see....have you mainly taught kittens...I mean small children all those years? 

Fur Mama: Actually I've taught ages 4 all the way through High School at various times. But, most of those years were spent teaching third and fourth graders. I've also taught music lessons and did substitute teaching early in my career. 

Gracie: I notice you have a lot of different subjects on your blog posts....why is that?

Fur Mama: That's a great question. 

Gracie: Naturally  (yawn....)

Fur Mama: My blog is actually named "Debbie this and that" because I couldn't narrow down to one particular theme like some blogs do. You know some focus on exercise or business or fashion...I have lots of interests. You know...a little bit of this and that. Are you getting all this down or just looking out the window?

Gracie: I thought I saw a bird outside.....maybe it was a squirrel....OK, so you mentioned fashion. I have noticed that occasionally you do a fashion post.

Fur Mama: Yes, I call those posts "Debbie's Stylin."

Gracie: Hmmmm...I'm not sure how to ask this delicately....(lick, lick)....uhm.....

Fur Mama: Well, you're the ace reporter, so just ask the question.

Gracie: goes.  Have you noticed that you are not....well.... exactly model material? I mean Morris the Cat you're not!

Fur Mama: I'm not trying to be Morris the Cat, or Christie Brinkley or any of those other fabulous fashion bloggers who always look like a million bucks!

Gracie: So, why bother doing fashion posts?

Fur Mama: Well...when I do a fashion post, I'm just sharing with readers what my style is....not necessarily trying to say I'm some great fashionista or trying to tell others how to dress. Maybe someone will see a color combination they would like to try or realize there are some great finds at Goodwill that don't cost a mint. That kind of thing, you know? Plus...I kind of get a kick out of doing those posts.

Gracie: seems like having one coat you lick clean every day would be enough.  OK, next question. Why do you mention West Virginia and Colorado so much?

Fur Mama: Well, as you well know, but the readers may not....we have family in both of those places. So, we travel there to see family and have vacation fun at the same time!

Gracie: Fun for you, maybe, but I get stuck here with the house sitter!    But, I digress.      Next question.   Is there any tuna in the house?

Fur Mama: That's not a question about the blog!

Gracie: Hehe....just thought I'd, you talk about God a lot in some of your posts.

Fur Mama: Yes, my Christian faith means a lot to me. I enjoy sharing uplifting scriptures and short devotional type messages from time to time. I hope that they lift other people's spirits, as well, to know that God loves them.

Gracie: I know God loves me and all cats....I guess he likes dogs too. I'm a Nine Lives Adventist you know. 

Fur Mama: Yes, I know. And God loves dogs too by the way!

Gracie: If you say so.....OK next question. Some readers would like to know where you live.

Fur Mama: Well...I live in the mountains of a beautiful state somewhere in the eastern part of the United States. I live in a house that we have been renovating for over 13 years. 

Gracie: (Licking her pencil tip....) So, should I put the GPS coordinates down for that location?

Fur Mama: No, don't you dare!

Gracie: OK, we're almost done. How you have any hobbies?

Fur Mama: Yes, actually, I have several. I LOVE to read and I also enjoy taking walks when the weather is nice, doing word finds, artistic things like coloring, crafts, writing stories and poetry, singing, playing violin...and, oh, I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I'm trying to learn how to sew small things like Christmas ornaments!

Gracie: (Big Yawn)  Oh WOW....EXCITING!    NOT!

Fur Mama: You know for an ace cat reporter, you're kind of rude.

Gracie: Sorry, but it's getting close to my nap time. I noticed you didn't mention blogging as a hobby.

Fur Mama: Well, of course, blogging is my newest hobby and I really think it's great fun! I'm looking forward to lots more posts in the future, actually. There's only one problem with blogging lately....

Gracie: (Furiously writing down my last words) Oh yes....and what's that? I'm sure your readers would like to know.

Fur Mama: Getting the computer and my desk away from the CAT!

Gracie: OK, interview over. I hear my dish being filled. Oh, by the I being paid for doing this post?

Have A Furry Nice Day,
Gracie the Cat...Ace Reporter