Monday, September 28, 2020

Casual Fall Wear Series Part 1

 A New Series For Fall Fashion

tunic top worn with belt

Hello, hello everyone!  I'm excited today to be starting a new series for Fall fashion. I'll be shopping my closet doing some mixing and matching of items I own that will, hopefully, give you some ideas for putting together casual fashion for Fall. Part 2 of my series will be coming your way this coming Friday so be sure to check back for the next installment. Y'all know I like to encourage you to shop your own closets so take what I show you and put together your own fun Fall fashion. Let's get started!

Today, I'm sharing a top that I have worn before on the blog but with a different twist. It's an animal print, V-neck tunic that I bought at Sam's Club over a year ago. Some people love animal print and some people don't and I'm sort of neutral in the middle. I like it in smaller doses. The drape of this top appealed to me, especially the drape at the hem. The twist I'm adding for today's look is the addition of the belt and the brown tee I'm wearing underneath the tunic. The belt gives me a waist and also adds a bit of pattern mixing to the look. The pattern mixing is minute and doesn't overwhelm the overall look. 

You can see the belt pattern a little better in this picture. I wore most of this outfit today to my first ever drive-thru baby shower! A new experience for sure. Our associate pastor and her husband are expecting their first baby around Thanksgiving and with Covid we couldn't shower them indoors. So the youth group and some church Moms put the drive-thru shower together which I thought was a brilliant idea and lots of fun. There was an outside tent set up with big balloons and Andrea and her husband stood beside the tent and we drove by and handed our gifts out the window and chatted for a few minutes and then drove on. The youth would hand in a party favor to each "guest" before we drove off. It's amazing how we are all adapting to things in a safe manner these days. 

Clarks shoes

Another great addition to this outfit are these brown Clarks shoes. It's hard to find comfortable brown shoes IMHO and when I found these I was so happy! I found mine at JC Penny awhile ago and am enjoying them. I also will want to wear socks as the temps get cooler and these shoes work well with socks.

I hope Mrs. Bear doesn't mind me standing in front of her favorite scratching tree! 

tunic with jeans

I was enjoying being outside snapping these photos in the pretty sunshine with a gentle breeze wafting by. The temps warmed up again and we actually slept last night with a window open. That's Fall for day it's warm and then it gets cool and the heat gets turned on. But, what a nice time of year! BTW, my favorite jeans are distressing themselves at the knees and along the hems. I'm bummed about that but there is nothing I can do. I have two pairs of these jeans and they are my absolute favorites so of course they are the ones getting holes and tears in them! But, hey, people pay big bucks for jeans that are torn to pieces so I guess my jeans just decided they wanted to be in style, too, LOL!

So, go look in your closet and see if you have a tunic, or a longer top, and a belt that might go well together. Got any holey jeans? Well, put them on girl! They are right in style! Let me know in the comments what you find in your closet to style and what you like about today's Fall outfit I'm styling. Be sure to stop by Friday for more Fall fashion fun. And, oh, do you like the new font I'm using? It's called "Satisfy" and I'm quite satisfied with it! Hope my readers find it readable. Let me know if it's not. 

Until Next Time,


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Greeting Fall and Catching Up

 Welcoming The New Season

Hello everyone!  I know it's been awhile since I've posted. But, I'm back today with some pretty pictures and Fall Greetings to you all! Most of today's pics were taken by the Mr. and he did a great job if I do say so myself. I'm not certain what this gorgeous gold plant is but isn't it pretty? I knew that mustard and gold colors were in style for fashion but I had no idea they were trending in seasonal fashion as well (wink)!

We're already getting leaves falling on our driveway. I love all of the reds, yellows and browns that appear this time of year. I have to admit that I always feel excited at the start of a new season. This red color on a leaf the Mr. snapped on his hike today is especially gorgeous. Change can be so refreshing! In many ways.

It's been chilly enough here to have the heat on the last few days. I hope we go back to warmer temps after this cold spell is over. I'm enjoying Fall colors but I'm not really ready for cold temperatures yet! I actually pulled out some sweaters to wear and haven't been wearing the summer tops much. I know our calendar date says Fall, but perhaps we are having an "early" Fall with temperatures.

I took this pic of a recent backyard visitor. He seems to be looking at me as if to say, "Hey, youse takin' a picture of me?!" For awhile after we installed the new back driveway the animals took a hiatus from visiting us. I think they have forgiven us for messing up their playground and are returning. That makes us happy. 

And here's another pic I took of my zinnias. They are starting to show wear now. But, take a look at that one stem. Talk about standing out above the rest! I have no idea why it decided to suddenly shoot up this way. Kind of like the singer in the choir who wants to be heard above everybody else yet is singing a little out of tune. The other stems are saying, "Pipe down back there!"

Fall is here and we begin yet another season during a time of uncertainty in our world. As we walk down this road that seems so unclear at times, reflect on this. God is good. All the time. God will have the final word. 

"When the cares of my heart are many, Your consolations cheer my soul"
Psalm 94:19

Until Next Time

Friday, September 11, 2020

DIY Fall Wreath and Paisley Pumpkins

 How Do You Make A Fall Wreath and Paisley Pumpkins Using A Too Small Shirt? 

Hello everyone! Today, I'm sharing two easy craft ideas with you. These are both diy and great for Fall decorating. If I can do it, anyone can create this beautiful Fall wreath and some fun fabric pumpkins. So, let's get started!

Before starting, I gathered materials I thought I would need on a tray to keep everything neat and tidy. I didn't end up using everything you see on the tray. Sometimes, I create as I go along. Of course, as you can see, I always have my fur assistant nearby. Cassie always stands ready to lend a paw if needed! 

To fashion the wreath, I took some pretty wide brown ribbon with snowy branches and wrapped it around the styrofoam wreath form. When I had wound the ribbon all the way around I secured the end in place with a pin and split the remaining ribbon down the middle and tied it to create the hanger for the wreath. I estimated the amount of ribbon I would need and I estimated pretty closely. It's not a problem if you come up short, however. Just secure the end of your first piece of ribbon with a pin, cut a second piece and continue wrapping. I found the brown/orange plaid bows at The Dollar Store and used one of the bows at the bottom of the wreath securing it under the middle section with a pin. I had bought some Fall color leaf picks at The Dollar Store and I removed the leaves from the stems (easy to do, just pull up on each leaf) and tucked them behind the plaid ribbon, pinning where the pins won't show. The final touch was to tuck in the faux berries (also taken from the leaf picks) into the middle part of the bow. I really like this wreath and am enjoying looking at it hanging in our kitchen on the brick wall! Because the ribbon has branches with snow on them, I can use this wreath through Christmas and the winter. I'll simply remove the leaves and berries and add other touches that fit those seasons as we go along. It may move from the kitchen wall to another part of the house along the way. I love being able to change decor up! Now, let's talk about some paisley pumpkins, shall we?

So, this story begins with a Cha Cha Vente paisley top I had ordered from Poshmark in a size medium. Now, I must tell you that I have tried on Cha Cha Vente shirts many times at Stein Mart that were incredibly loose on me. This brand always tends to run large. And, I was sooo excited for this paisley top to come. I had big plans about wearing it! Well, when it arrived and I tried it on it was so tight I could hardly breathe! It fit more like an extra small and yet, the tag said medium. Bummer!! I thought about just putting it in the bag for Goodwill (no returns at Poshmark because something doesn't fit) but I decided, you know what, I paid for this top and I might as well use the material for something I like. So, the idea entered my head to create some paisley pumpkins!

I started by cutting one of the sleeves about one third of the way up from the wrist hem. I learned from my first attempt to turn the sleeve inside out and accordion folded the hem end and sewed the end shut. Then I turned the sleeve inside out and flattened the sewn end as much as I could.

The next step was to fill the pumpkins with polyfil. I kept filling until there was a bit of firmness and the material took on a ball shape. The first pumpkin I made, I secured the top by twisting and fitting a rubberband around it and kind of messed with the fabric to hide the band. The second one, I twisted the top and fashioned a kind of stem and sewed the top closed. My second one looks better than the first but that's true with anything you make. You have more experience! 

Next, I took thin ribbon and began wrapping around the ball pulling the ribbon tight on each wrap so that the round ball began taking on a pumpkin shape. I roughly divided the ball into six sections and tied off the ribbon. You can then kind of push down on the pumpkin to shape it a bit more. You can see the difference in the pic above between my first and second attempts at these pumpkins. 

And then, it was time for my paisley pumpkins to join the pumpkin patch in my living room! I had fun making these pumpkins and finding a use for my too small top! When life gives lemons make lemonaide, right?!

Hope you have enjoy my easy diy crafts. Let me know what you are doing in the comments!

Until Next Time,


Saturday, September 5, 2020

Transition To Fall With Tunic Dress and Leggings

 Transition Into Fall With Tunic and Leggings

Hello, Hello!  Here we are into September and I can't believe I haven't shared this tunic/dress with you before. So, let me do that right now. This tunic/dress by Cupio features a high-low hemline and beautiful multi-colored flowers against a blue background. It's a perfect look to wear as we head into Fall.

For some reason I think of a grape popsicle when I look at this outfit. And I like grape popsicles a lot! I'm just enjoying the colors so much! Sometimes, I feel that lots of "busyness" on a top can overwhelm me but I don't feel that way with this tunic. I picked this up on a whim off of a clearance rack at Stein Mart about a year ago and originally intended to wear it as a summer dress. It can be worn that way but I feel that the black leggings allow the pretty colors to really pop!

I've mentioned before that V-shaped necklines can be very flattering. I like ones that don't dip down too low. With so much going on with brightly colored flowers on the fabric, I went with simple bracelets in pink and aqua blue colors. 

I kept the shoes pretty simple with this outfit as well. I'm just loving these Croc Jelly sandals that I bought from Poshmark. So far, I've had mostly good luck with my Poshmark purchases and these shoes are definitely a winner! These are so comfortable and flexible. I worried a bit that the straps might be stiff and hurt or squeeze my foot and toes but no worries there. The material is quite soft and I couldn't believe how well they fit my foot. Because they are a clear neutral color they fit perfectly with this colorful outfit! See similar Crocs here. 

Here's a close-up of the bracelets. Both are Paparazzi pieces. Anymore, I tend to wear bracelets more than necklaces. I'm sure that will eventually change and I'll be back to wearing more necklaces. I go in phases with fashion, how about you? 

You know, some days you just need a little more color to put a pep in your step and a smile on your face and this outfit does that for me. What do you have in your closet that is bright and cheerful and makes you feel great when you wear it? Go look for it and put it on and let that great feeling carry you into Fall! I'm going to do just that with this grape popsicle top! And maybe, I'll eat a grape popsicle while I'm at it. Hmmm...are there any in the freezer?!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Fun, Easy DIY Dollar Store Fall Tablescape

 A Fun Fall Tablescape

Hello everyone!  I haven't done a tablescape in quite awhile and so I'm changing that today by sharing a fun, easy, DIY, Dollar Store Fall tablescape. There is also a video so be sure to watch that after you have read this post!

My color theme for this tablescape is green with Autumn gold. I purchased the placemats, Fall scarecrow beanbags, faux sunflowers and the wooden pieces all at the Dollar Store the other day. It was a quick run in and out since I knew that the Dollar Store always places their seasonal items right next to the entrance door. Of course, I paid for the items before running out, LOL!

The green tomatoes are the harvest from my back porch garden. I'm afraid my tomato and cucumber plants haven't fared so well. The vines began getting brown and sort of shriveling and then a storm the other night bent the tomato vines down. These little guys were hanging on and I picked them and brought them into the house in hopes that they might ripen and we can eat them like cherry tomatoes. Since they are green, however, they fit right into my Fall tablescape decor!

The really nice thing about all of the elements of this tablescape is that the pieces can be used all throughout Fall and into Thanksgiving. The green placemats can be used year round. I always like versatility with everything I buy! To be honest, I can't really believe that September is here and Fall will be arriving officially in just a few weeks. Time really seems to fly by these days. Before we know it the trees will be chaning color, the temperatures will get cooler and Autumn winds will be blowing! I'll be bringing out my pumpkins to display and there will be more opportunities for future Fall tablescapes! Let me know what aspects of today's Fall tablescape you liked best! Look forward to reading your comments. 

Until Next Time,