Thursday, December 31, 2020

How To Wear A Summer Dress In Winter and A New Year's Video

 Can You Wear Summer Dresses In Winter?

I totally believe you can wear summer dresses in the winter! In fact, there is no way I could have waited until Spring or Summer to style this pretty dress that The Mr. gave me for Christmas (with a little help picking it out by yours truly!).

When I saw the pretty blues, purples, greens and whites in this dress I thought this was one of the loveliest dresses I had seen in a long while. And yes, the colors lend themselves to Spring and Summer. But with a few additions the dress works well for Winter, as well.

Adding a layer underneath was the first step in turning this dress into a winter dress. I chose a hot pink turtleneck to add not only a layer of warmth but to also pull out the fuschia colors of the dress. 

And then, adding a long black cardigan was the next step. The colors just pop under the black, don't you think? 

Black leggings are a great addition for leg warmth. You know I have embraced the pants/leggings with dresses look as a way to style my dresses year round. I'm enjoying wearing my dresses more. Loving the look with my Mary Jane Skechers, also. 

They were a Poshmark find and I'm wearing them frequently. So glad I found them. The cloth weaving is very comfortable and the scalloped edges on the straps add such a stylish touch. 

I even felt like adding jewelry! I went for a vintage inspired look with the chunky blue and silver necklace and vintage blue post earrings that belonged originally to my Mom. You can just see a hint of the earrings but I assure you I am wearing them! This outfit makes me feel happy and I am still enjoying wearing it as I write this. It may see me through the New Year this evening! I've mentioned this before but I think it bears repeating. Fashion should be fun and should make us feel good. This outfit definitely does that. There may be parts of it that you like and parts that you don't. And that is OK. The great thing about style is that everyone can make their own style. I hope that you will go to your closet and look for an outfit that makes you feel happy when you wear it. Put it on and feel good! 

My wish for you is to have a wonderful end to 2020 and a beautiful 2021 with only good things happening in your life! With that in mind, take a moment to view this short video from me to you!

Happy New Year!


Feel Like Shopping?
long sleeve dress by DB Moon (Amazon) Lots of pattern/color choices!
Skecher Mary Jane Shoes (DSW) I got mine from Poshmark. I like the tan ones, though!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

2020 Blog Recap and My 2021 Word For The Year

Finishing Out The Year and Looking Forward 

Hello everyone!  Today's post is dedicated to recapping some of my favorite posts and images from the blog from this past year and also sharing my new "word for the year" for 2021. Hope you all had a great Christmas day and enjoy this post! 

This pic from my post on adding the color blue to outfits certainly was my most visited post of the year with 2,419 views. Blue with black is a great color combo and I love this outfit each time I see it. Definitely look in your closet and find some blue and black clothing items to wear together! I think you will like the result!

pansies blooming

Finding joy during isolation was another very popular post. It's been a challenge to find joy this past year, in my honest opinion, but I have certainly given it a go each day! Looking for joy in simple things works best for me; things like pretty flowers such as the pansies in the above pic, enjoying beautiful scenery,
reading books and making music have given me great joy during this pandemic. And, as always, my faith gives me joy and spending time in prayer and scripture reading and times of devotion have been very important. When 2020 first began and we were just starting to hear about Covid-19 I don't think any of us realized what this year would bring. And what we are still dealing with even as 2021 is almost here. So, finding joy is still part of my daily quest and even after the pandemic has passed I will continue to look for joy in all the ways possible. 

Sadly, this was the year when my international collaboration with "Match Made In Seven" came to an end. I was a bit surprised when it ended and truly enjoyed the fun collaboration and monthly challenges that caused me to think outside of the box when it comes to fashion. I think I grew a bit with my sense of fashion during my time with this group and I am grateful for having had this opportunity. I now feel more confidant that I can be a little different and bolder with my fashion choices while retaining the classic styles that I love to wear. Sometimes, a little challenge to our fashion styling can be a good thing!

Of course, it goes without saying that anytime Cassie makes an appearance in my posts the pageviews go up!  Cassie and Garden appeared together in their first cat detectives installment and worked together to solve the great pencil mystery. Cassie has assured me that she and Garden would be interested in a second detective installment so look for that on the blog in the coming year. With two cats who are sleuths, you know my house rocks with excitement all year round!

This year has found me shopping my closet a lot more looking for go-togethers to create interesting outfits. My post on styling denim with white garnered lots of reader interest and posts on shopping my closet in general were also popular. I think readers enjoy seeing how I put outfits together and I have, out of necessity, done that frequently this year using what I already own. As a blogger, I am amazed at how other bloggers are able to style new clothing in every single post. I have neither the desire, nor the money, to do that kind of thing. For me, using what I own and having fun matching items together in new ways is a challenge that I enjoy. Of course, I enjoy shopping as much as the next person, I won't deny that, and I have used online shopping more this year than ever before. Adding a few new items along the way adds to the fun of styling fashion for my readers. I believe that playing dress-up is not just for little girls. "Big girls" can enjoy dressing up too!

Due not only to Covid isolation but also to The Mr.'s retirement, we found ourselves staying home a lot more this past year and used this time to accomplish some big house projects. One such project was the rebuilding of our stairway banisters. The Mr. removed the old railing and built in the new including finishing the wood and adding the gorgeous metal balustrades. I love the swirly filigree on the balustrades! So pretty. 

We also completed some major driveway work during the year which included replacing a culvert and adding on to our driveway. We hired experts for this, of course, and they did a great job. Every time it rains hard I am so thankful that we no longer need to worry about our driveway washing out due to our old cement culvert getting jammed up with debris. Such a huge blessing to have this taken care of! 

While in years past, I have written specific devotional posts, this year I found myself incorporating scripture and devotional thought into posts about other topics. I didn't really plan on doing this, but it seemed to just organically evolve that way during the year. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what you prefer as readers. Do you prefer separate devotional posts or do you prefer the incorporation of scripture and devotional thought into a post that contains other topics? While my blog is definitely about my personal styling of life it is also good to know what my readers are interested in reading. 

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed that I have posted less frequently this year. In all honesty, there have been times this year when I have felt that, as a blogger, I just didn't have much to say. Part of that may be that this year has been full of so much negativity with not only the pandemic but also political issues that I didn't really want to bring into the blog, even though I have strong opinions on many issues. And staying in the house so much due to concerns about catching the virus meant I just didn't have lots of news. I haven't traveled and have eaten out very little. Shopping has been mostly online and I didn't think you would be interested in hearing about my trips to the grocery store! I shared a few outings with the Mr. to take drives or go on a hike and that garnered some reader interest. But, on the whole, I found my posts happening farther and farther apart because I simply didn't have much to share. This past year has been tough on everybody and I personally have had several times throughout the year when I felt like enough was enough! But, if this year has taught me anything, it is that I need to be grateful for all of the little things in life that I have taken for granted over the years. And, yeah, I've learned that they are not so little. Things like giving and receiving hugs from family and friends; being able to actually SEE family and friends whenever I want; worshiping inside a sanctuary with my church family; walking, without fear, into a store to shop; eating, without fear, inside a restaurant; seeing the smile on someone's face because you can actually see their face; and most of all, not feeling fearful every time I go somewhere. It's going to feel HUGE, in my opinion, when we reach the point where we can go places without a mask on. In fact, it may feel strange because we have become so used to it. But, I can tell you this, I won't take seeing people's faces for granted ever again. Sometimes, we don't know what we have until we no longer have it. And that is what 2020 has taught me. So, with that thought in mind, let's move on to my "perfect word" for the year 2021. 

In 2021, I want to aspire to live with intention. Because I'm imperfect I give myself permission to mess up, but I'm still going to really give it a try. Living with intention means living life "on purpose" and living with "an aim or a plan" in mind. This means I won't just let life happen around me but I will actively participate in that life. You may be thinking, "but isn't that what we always do with life? Well, I'm not sure. Staying at home so much this year has given me time to think. And, sometimes I think that it is very easy to let life just happen without really having a plan or purpose in mind. Living life with intention may take a little more work. It means really giving thought to how I want to approach styling my life. It means asking myself some thoughtful questions as I go about my daily activities. Questions like: What objectives do I want to complete during this flute lesson? How do I want to eat today to maintain good health? How do I want friends and family to feel after I visit with them? And, how do I want to feel after visiting with them? How does God want me to serve Him this day? These are just a few questions that will crop up as I seek to style life with intention. I have a feeling that living with intention will have much to teach me in the coming year. Living with intention will not be about my controlling life or life controlling me. It will be about being thoughtful about life with God leading me along the way. I hope that you will continue to be along for the ride as I seek to live with intention in 2021!

You know that I love comments so I ask that you leave one. Let me know what you have enjoyed this past year on the blog and what you would like to read more of in the future. Let me know if you chose a perfect word for your year and what your thoughts are about living with intention. I can't wait to read your thoughts!

Until Next Time,


Monday, December 21, 2020

Wishing My Readers A Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wishes Coming Your Way

My little snowman friend and I would like to wish all of my wonderful readers a very Merry Christmas! How is it possible that we are only 4 days from this most wonderful holiday? Time seems to be passing by so quickly and I hope and pray that all of my readers are healthy and enjoying good times safely. 

My activities this Christmas season have been few. I mailed gifts to my family and The Mr. and I will celebrate quietly here at home on Christmas Day with a visit to his mother, who has been in our "bubble," at some point during the day. 

Tonight, I enjoyed an outdoor socially distanced gift exchange with my women's group and earlier today an outdoor socially distanced chat with my friend, Sharon. It's been a good day. I am happy that vaccines are getting out in our country and look forward to when it is "our turn" so The Mr. and I can get ours. 

Next week, I will be sharing a bit of a recap from the blog and will be looking towards 2021 which will include my new "word for the year." I hope you will join me then. 

Until then, have a wonderful week and a most blessed Christmas Day! I am so grateful to count my readers among my friends. 

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Rose Top and Silly Santa

 Styling With A Chuckle

Hi Everyone!  Hope your week has gone well.  I have spent time this week on wrapping gifts, writing Christmas cards and doing a few things around the house. I know, exciting right?!  I did get to have a socially distanced visit with my friend, Sharon, which was awesome as we were able to chat and catch up. She also sent me home with some scrumptious banana bread! 

Today, I thought I would share what I call my "rose top" from the Magic Scarf Company. It's a super thin one-size-fits-all top that expands to your shape when you put it on. I've shown you some other items I own from this company before on the blog. This top is a true winner. I originally bought it to wear with a pink skirt during warmer months. Today, I'm wearing it over a turtleneck. It adds a pretty pop of color to my gray pants, don't you think?

I felt pretty toasty with the addition of my black Skecher booties to the look. For inside the house, I felt warm and cozy for the day. I even felt like wearing a necklace which is something I haven't worn for awhile! The pants I'm wearing are from Land's End and were a great find! I wear them frequently. They have an elastic stretch waist that is very comfortable and the thickness of the pant material is thick enough to keep my legs warm but not too warm. 

By the way, this top is officially called an "ultra light crush top" and I've given the link in case you are interested. The company has oodles of choices for colors and sleeve lengths for tops so enjoy looking. I don't represent their company but I do like their clothing! These tops and other pieces are great for travel, also. (Whenever we are able to travel once more.) Now, are you ready for a chuckle? The following video is one I recorded a couple of days ago and I couldn't stop laughing when I was done. Be sure to watch to the end. Remember, I had told you there would be more to come with this trumpet playing Santa....

Is that not hilarious when Santa takes a nosedive off the cabinet at the end? I laughed and laughed because, to me, that nosedive just sums up this whole year!

Be sure to leave a comment!

Until Next Time,


Thursday, December 3, 2020

How To Wear Pants Under Dresses

 Pants Under Dresses and Catching Up


Hello everyone!  I hope this post finds you having enjoyed an excellent Thanksgiving and presently looking forward to the Christmas holiday. I took a break from blogging for a few days and am ready to share some new styling with you and a little bit of this and that to catch up. I hope you will let me know all about your Thanksgiving and current activities in the comments. 

So, what are your thoughts on wearing pants with dresses? I must admit that this is a trend I have been in favor of for awhile although I have been a bit shy about styling the look. I have so many pretty dresses, though, that I love and want to wear during winter. And while leggings and tights can be worn with dresses in the colder months, nothing keeps my legs as warm and are as comfortable as pants in my opinion. And so, I am embracing pants with dresses. The first pics you see are of a blue striped shirt-style dress that I found on Thredup. The brand is one I've never heard of before called "Pinch." When I saw this dress I thought that the shirt-style would work well for wearing with pants. I love the elastic waist and loose shoulders that add to the comfort and easy wear style. This dress will look good in the summer worn as a dress with sandals and also can be worn open over a plain top and jeans as a jacket/duster. So this dress is quite versatile. 

Next up is a dress you have seen before. This black midi dress by 24/7 is such a great dress. Comfortable, non-wrinkling, great for travel. It's the perfect dress to wear over a pair of black pants with black shoes. To break the monochromatic look I added my colorful favorite scarf that I have worn for years. It was the perfect touch to add a pop of color to this style. By the way, I was reading that scarves are "not a thing" right now but they still are in my book! I'm jumping on the bandwagon of wearing exactly what I like and not worrying about what is a "thing" or a "trend." Life is much easier and more comfortable that way!

If you Google wearing dresses over pants you will find all sorts of advice about pairing fuller dresses with skinnier pants and skinny dresses with fuller pants. I say that while this advice does have merit, so does looking at your closet and seeing what you think will go well together. That's basically what I'm doing. I feel that I will wear my dresses more...even around the house if I wear them over pants. Remember when girls weren't allowed to wear pants to school? I do. It was when I was in elementary school. It was so cold in the winters that my Mom would have me wear pants sometimes with my dresses. It worked well then and it works well now. I do have a few pairs of leggings that I wear but I prefer wearing my skinnier pants over wearing the leggings. And tights just aren't that comfortable in my waist anymore. So, I'm happy to embrace dresses with pants. How about you? And now, for a bit of catching up. 

I celebrated my 62nd birthday yesterday. It was such a quiet and lovely day filled with a delicious take-out meal, wonderful cards, texts and Facebook good wishes, loving phone calls from my family members and these gorgeous flowers from the Mr. All in all it was a great birthday and I look forward to a good 62nd year. I thank God for 62 years and all of the many, many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me. 

I'll share a bit more of my Christmas decor with you. In the guest bath I'm keeping it simple by adding some pretty blue with a Christmas ball/greenery pic and a bottle brush tree. 

In the downstairs bath I created a whimsical shelf of elves and Peanuts characters with a little ceramic elf that has been part of our decor for years. The Peanuts ornaments were sewn by one of my sisters and given to us for our very first Christmas tree after we were married! These ornaments have been with us a very long time.

And I decided to put my gingerbread couple in the downstairs bathroom as well this year. I tend to change where I place items each year so next year they may be back in the kitchen!

So, that's it for today's post. I'll end with this sign that is also in my downstairs bathroom. I think it offers good advice for our world. Keep praying without ceasing and have a wonderful rest of your week!

 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Until Next Time,


Friday, November 20, 2020

Matchy-Matchy Fashion, DIY Ornaments and Backdoor Visitors

 Fashion, Ornaments and Visitors

Hey friends, Happy Friday! I'm throwing the kitchen sink at you today with a little bit of this and that about this week. I hope your week has been fabulous and you are ready to sit back, relax with a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and enjoy a post that gives you some fashion, some DIY ornaments and some unusual backdoor visitors! Let's get started shall we?

You know, most days since I'm retired I go through my usual morning routine of tea, breakfast, shower and deciding what I want to wear for the day. Most days jeans and a sweater suits me just fine. But today I looked in the closet and thought to I want to wear brown and make a matchy-matchy outfit. So out came my tan top and animal print tunic and then I pulled these brown skinny pants out of the closet. It proved to be the perfect outfit for all day comfort!

I had pulled out my Skecher booties earlier in the week because it got really cold here this week and I can always count on my booties to keep my feet really warm. Glad I have them in brown as well as black and gray because they are just what this outfit needed. 

Well, it also needed this brown Paparazzi necklace.....

And a brown marbled stretch bracelet and my Mom's Tiger-Eye ring.  Now, how is that for matchy-matchy? You know, I look at my hands anymore and I see my Mom's hands. And sometimes, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I see my mother's body shape. Do you do that? Realizing that I am aging like my Mom did produces a combination of shock mixed with a bit of joy when I see this. How crazy it that?!

Anyway, I really enjoyed wearing this outfit all day and feeling a bit more made up than my usual jeans and a top. Are you a matchy-matchy woman like me? Be sure to let me know in the comments. And if you do like matching attire, what is your favorite color to match? Now, on to some ornaments!

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

I was in a bit of a creative mood the other night and decided to get out my stash of craft supplies and see what I could come up with. I enjoy making tree ornaments and last year used jar lids to create some really cute musical jar lid ornaments. So, I messed around looking through what I had to see what I might create this year. I decided to incorporate some houndstooth fabric with some leftover poinsettia stickers that I had been holding onto. I had previously cut the houndstooth fabric into squares, so I wrapped the fabric over the lid and secured it with tape on the back and pushed it into the ring. Then I cut circles of cardboard and pushed them into the back of the ring and it caught in the grooves to hold the lid in place. Then I taped the stickers onto the fabric. Oh....and before I started I tied the ribbon in place for a tie to hang on the tree, don't forget that first step. So easy!

Voila!  So easy even I can do it!  I immediately hung these ornaments on my tree and I am very happy with the result. What you can do with jar lids is truly amazing! And I loved using the fabric that I used to make a houndstooth wreath last year. 

An Unusual Backdoor Visitor

Knock, knock....anybody home?  The other day this fella was knocking at my back door and it was quite a surprise!  He (or she) was looking down at Cassie and Garden who were looking up at him and I guess he wanted them to come out and play! You can see another cub in the background and Mama had already started up the hill to our neighbor's house. Guess I should have had some porridge ready for these three bears!

So, these are some of the highlights of my week. How about you? Worn any matchy-matchy outfits? Done any crafting? How about any bears at your backdoor? Tell me all in the comments, OK? 

Until Next Time,
Have a beary good weekend!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Tabletop Christmas Tree Decor

 Happy and Fun Christmas Trees

Hi everyone!  It's beginning to look even more like Christmas at our house with tabletop Christmas trees being decorated. I purchased a few new ornaments for this year so you might spy something you haven't seen before. 

I had a bit of a larger tree planned for the table this year but I suddenly got the urge to keep it to white lights only. So, out came the smaller tree and I had such fun decorating it with fun ornaments like ribbon candy trees, snowmen and adorable little mice. Red is the color theme this year and of course the tree just had to be topped with a Christmas bear! And more on that jazzy, trumpet playing Santa Claus to come later. 

Here is the tree all aglow.  I decided to use a lace table runner to surround the tree for now. I may change it out for something more Christmasy later. But, I do think the lace is pretty, don't you?

Another little tree adorns our side table. It is covered in clear snowflakes and miniature red balls. Little Santa cats act as a candle wreath around our flameless candle. 

On the lower shelf nestled among family photos is the red Christmas ball tree. Another bold pop of red!

And on the infamous foyer table is a new little tree with some new little critters underneath. What I love about this Christmas display is that The Mr. helped picked them out. He isn't always interested in Christmas decorating so this makes it extra special! The little bear and squirrel certainly speak to our back porch visitors and, of course, they are wearing red!

Now I just need to figure out what to put into my Farmhouse metal bucket that will be Christmasy. Any ideas readers? Be sure to leave them in the comments. Are you decorating big tree or little trees this Christmas? What is your color theme? Can't wait to hear! I hope you enjoy my very simple Christmas decorating. I know it's not instagram worthy but it makes us happy!

Until Next Time, 


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Simple & Festive Front Porch Christmas Decor

 Welcoming Christmas Porch Decor 

Hi friends!  If you have been wondering how to create a simple and festive front porch for Christmas, then I have you covered! I decided to play around with items that I already own to see how I could place things to add a bit of jolly to the porch that looked welcoming and fun. Hope you like what I've created and that you get some ideas to use on your own porch!

How cute is this Christmas bear? You know I had to have a Christmas bear since they are frequent visitors around our house! And I love these ribbon candy Christmas trees and the colorful red wreath. Along with the plaid throw, the sled and the Jingle All The Way sign, I think this vignette is festive and fun. 

On the other side of the porch I went for the plaid Christmas look with a black and white buffalo plaid table runner that I am using as a throw over the chair, a buffalo plaid wreath, and some cute Christmas mice and fun snowmen. And, of course, two silvery Let It Snow signs!

You can see the two sides together here. The two sides don't match, but do they have to?  This isn't a matchy matchy one themed vignette like you may see on Instagram. In my opinion, it is a cheerful version of front porch decor that uses what I already own and says "Welcome!" 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post and that you have gotten some ideas you can use for your own Christmas decorating. Be joyful as you use what you already have and have fun!

Until Next Time,