Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer Foyer Table Decor

 A Romantic Foyer Table Vignette

Hello everyone!  The foyer table was needing an updated style and so I decided to incorporate several items to create what I think is a romantic vignette. 

There is nothing quite as romantic or mysterious as a beatiful fan which I am using for the backdrop of this vignette. The pearls spilling out of the teacup adss a three dimensional look. The whimsical bunny is dressed in a velvet top with pearls and bows in a soft pinkish mauve color. The box is one I created using mauve flowered craft paper on the outside and then layering a three dimensional rose sticker on the outside and cream color flowers on the inside. Tucked underneath everything and spilling over the edge of the table is a cream color lace runner. While I'm calling this a romantic vignette, I think it also works as summer decor with the emphasis on pastel colors and flowers. 

It's always so much fun to come up with a new vignette for the foyer table. I actually began thinking of this vignette with the purchase today of the bunny and some new craft paper. From there, I looked to see what other items I had on hand which might go well together and voila a new foyer table vignette! The fan was a Dollar Tree purchase from awhile ago. The pearls, flowers and lace runner I already owned. The tea cup is part of a tea set that my oldest sister recently gifted to me. 

What items do you have on hand that might work for a table vignette at your house?  Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Back to Thrifting at The Goodwill

 A Fun Thrifting Find

thrifted bell sleeve top

Hey Everyone!  It's been awhile since I have shared a fashion post.  I'm back to going into thrift stores and thought I would share a recent find that I think is really fun!

I found this very pretty blue and white top recently in Goodwill.  It has a lot going on and that is what makes it so fun IMO!!  The plaid bell sleeves paired with the stripes and flowers on the main body of the top all just blend together beautifully and give a lot of eye appeal without being overwhelming. 

You all know that anything blue catches my eye and this top certainly is eye catching! When I first started blogging, you may recall I didn't feel drawn to prints so much as I felt that they wore me instead of my wearing them. For some reason, I am much more drawn to prints these days but they have to feel good when I wear them. This top feels really good and I love the flowiness of the shorter bell sleeves. 

This top can be worn off the shoulder as well as regular.  I'm not really an off the shoulder type person so I'm wearing it as a normal top. The material is thin so I am wearing a navy blue cami underneath. The jeans I have owned for quite awhile and the sandals are not thrifted. I purchased them on my recent trip to West Virginia. They are a perfect summer sandal slip-on from Walmart. 

It feels really good to be getting back to my old thrifting ways!  While I have done some thrifting over the past year using online sites, because of having to pay for shipping the bargains just aren't as good as you can get at Goodwill or other thrift shops. I found a new thrift shop recently that I will share with you in another post and it has great finds. I love finding a good bargain and thrifting is also a great way to practice recycling! Plus, I only buy what I really like and want to use. Most of my favorite clothes I wear were thrifted and that's OK by me!

Have you thrifted any clothing recently?  Have a fun top you love to wear?  Been shopping your closet?  Hope you will leave a comment and let me know.  I love hearing from you!

Until Next Time,