Friday, November 20, 2020

Matchy-Matchy Fashion, DIY Ornaments and Backdoor Visitors

 Fashion, Ornaments and Visitors

Hey friends, Happy Friday! I'm throwing the kitchen sink at you today with a little bit of this and that about this week. I hope your week has been fabulous and you are ready to sit back, relax with a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and enjoy a post that gives you some fashion, some DIY ornaments and some unusual backdoor visitors! Let's get started shall we?

You know, most days since I'm retired I go through my usual morning routine of tea, breakfast, shower and deciding what I want to wear for the day. Most days jeans and a sweater suits me just fine. But today I looked in the closet and thought to I want to wear brown and make a matchy-matchy outfit. So out came my tan top and animal print tunic and then I pulled these brown skinny pants out of the closet. It proved to be the perfect outfit for all day comfort!

I had pulled out my Skecher booties earlier in the week because it got really cold here this week and I can always count on my booties to keep my feet really warm. Glad I have them in brown as well as black and gray because they are just what this outfit needed. 

Well, it also needed this brown Paparazzi necklace.....

And a brown marbled stretch bracelet and my Mom's Tiger-Eye ring.  Now, how is that for matchy-matchy? You know, I look at my hands anymore and I see my Mom's hands. And sometimes, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I see my mother's body shape. Do you do that? Realizing that I am aging like my Mom did produces a combination of shock mixed with a bit of joy when I see this. How crazy it that?!

Anyway, I really enjoyed wearing this outfit all day and feeling a bit more made up than my usual jeans and a top. Are you a matchy-matchy woman like me? Be sure to let me know in the comments. And if you do like matching attire, what is your favorite color to match? Now, on to some ornaments!

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

I was in a bit of a creative mood the other night and decided to get out my stash of craft supplies and see what I could come up with. I enjoy making tree ornaments and last year used jar lids to create some really cute musical jar lid ornaments. So, I messed around looking through what I had to see what I might create this year. I decided to incorporate some houndstooth fabric with some leftover poinsettia stickers that I had been holding onto. I had previously cut the houndstooth fabric into squares, so I wrapped the fabric over the lid and secured it with tape on the back and pushed it into the ring. Then I cut circles of cardboard and pushed them into the back of the ring and it caught in the grooves to hold the lid in place. Then I taped the stickers onto the fabric. Oh....and before I started I tied the ribbon in place for a tie to hang on the tree, don't forget that first step. So easy!

Voila!  So easy even I can do it!  I immediately hung these ornaments on my tree and I am very happy with the result. What you can do with jar lids is truly amazing! And I loved using the fabric that I used to make a houndstooth wreath last year. 

An Unusual Backdoor Visitor

Knock, knock....anybody home?  The other day this fella was knocking at my back door and it was quite a surprise!  He (or she) was looking down at Cassie and Garden who were looking up at him and I guess he wanted them to come out and play! You can see another cub in the background and Mama had already started up the hill to our neighbor's house. Guess I should have had some porridge ready for these three bears!

So, these are some of the highlights of my week. How about you? Worn any matchy-matchy outfits? Done any crafting? How about any bears at your backdoor? Tell me all in the comments, OK? 

Until Next Time,
Have a beary good weekend!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Tabletop Christmas Tree Decor

 Happy and Fun Christmas Trees

Hi everyone!  It's beginning to look even more like Christmas at our house with tabletop Christmas trees being decorated. I purchased a few new ornaments for this year so you might spy something you haven't seen before. 

I had a bit of a larger tree planned for the table this year but I suddenly got the urge to keep it to white lights only. So, out came the smaller tree and I had such fun decorating it with fun ornaments like ribbon candy trees, snowmen and adorable little mice. Red is the color theme this year and of course the tree just had to be topped with a Christmas bear! And more on that jazzy, trumpet playing Santa Claus to come later. 

Here is the tree all aglow.  I decided to use a lace table runner to surround the tree for now. I may change it out for something more Christmasy later. But, I do think the lace is pretty, don't you?

Another little tree adorns our side table. It is covered in clear snowflakes and miniature red balls. Little Santa cats act as a candle wreath around our flameless candle. 

On the lower shelf nestled among family photos is the red Christmas ball tree. Another bold pop of red!

And on the infamous foyer table is a new little tree with some new little critters underneath. What I love about this Christmas display is that The Mr. helped picked them out. He isn't always interested in Christmas decorating so this makes it extra special! The little bear and squirrel certainly speak to our back porch visitors and, of course, they are wearing red!

Now I just need to figure out what to put into my Farmhouse metal bucket that will be Christmasy. Any ideas readers? Be sure to leave them in the comments. Are you decorating big tree or little trees this Christmas? What is your color theme? Can't wait to hear! I hope you enjoy my very simple Christmas decorating. I know it's not instagram worthy but it makes us happy!

Until Next Time, 


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Simple & Festive Front Porch Christmas Decor

 Welcoming Christmas Porch Decor 

Hi friends!  If you have been wondering how to create a simple and festive front porch for Christmas, then I have you covered! I decided to play around with items that I already own to see how I could place things to add a bit of jolly to the porch that looked welcoming and fun. Hope you like what I've created and that you get some ideas to use on your own porch!

How cute is this Christmas bear? You know I had to have a Christmas bear since they are frequent visitors around our house! And I love these ribbon candy Christmas trees and the colorful red wreath. Along with the plaid throw, the sled and the Jingle All The Way sign, I think this vignette is festive and fun. 

On the other side of the porch I went for the plaid Christmas look with a black and white buffalo plaid table runner that I am using as a throw over the chair, a buffalo plaid wreath, and some cute Christmas mice and fun snowmen. And, of course, two silvery Let It Snow signs!

You can see the two sides together here. The two sides don't match, but do they have to?  This isn't a matchy matchy one themed vignette like you may see on Instagram. In my opinion, it is a cheerful version of front porch decor that uses what I already own and says "Welcome!" 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post and that you have gotten some ideas you can use for your own Christmas decorating. Be joyful as you use what you already have and have fun!

Until Next Time,


Monday, November 2, 2020

Hiking A New Park, Cookies & Looking Ahead

 Weekend Diaries & More

Hello everyone!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  This week I'm focusing on the following scripture:

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. 
John 14:27

I'll start today's post with a look at our Sunday "drive" which took us to a river park here in Asheville. 

This is the French Broad River Park which is a fairly new park that continues to be developed. It now includes a riverfront walking and biking trail that we walked part of today. 

We parked in the park and then walked across this bridge to gain access to the walking/biking trail.

Here I am on the walking trail. The bike section is right beside this trail and all is separated from traffic which is very nice. There were people, but the area is so wide that it is easy to stay socially distanced. 

Almost 40 years ago, when we first came to Asheville, this is not an area of town that I would have wanted to spend time in. It's right next to the railroad tracks as you see here and is undergoing a lot of renewal. The old warehouses located nearby are now artist studios and there is lots of renovation and new construction of homes in this area. I haven't been down to this area in awhile and I was surprised at all of the growth and the completion of this walking trail. It reminds me of my trip to Pittsburgh three years ago when I walked on the trail at their river park in the old steel mill area. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of all of the hotel building and renovation of our downtown that attracts so many visitors year round now, but I am impressed with this river walk area. 

Now, how about some cookies?  I'm going to share some baking with you that I did a couple weeks ago and the recipe is easy and delicious!

I have a big sweet tooth (unfortunately) and I'm always on the lookout for a cookie that is a little bit healthier than the store bought variety. This peanut butter recipe is so easy and uses ingredients that many of us have on hand. Made with honey, instead of sugar, and whole wheat flour, rather than white flour, I feel like I'm able to indulge in a healthier treat. 

The recipe is not my own. It came from Julie Wunder over at Running In A Skirt. Be sure to check out her blog for lots of great recipes for healthy, vegetarian and pescatarian food. 

It was super simple to mix the wet ingredients and add it to the dry ingredients and stir it all together. 

For me, the cookies came out more as a drop cookies so mine aren't as pretty as Julie's but they are delicious!

Mine came out lovely and brown on the bottom...

And with more of a soft, chewy consistency in the middle. I devoured a few while warm with milk. Mmmm...yummy! Be sure to check out the link to get Julie's recipe. 

Looking Ahead

You know, here we are in November already, and I'm starting to look ahead to the holidays. I know that the holidays may look a bit different this year for folks but they are still seasons of thanksgiving and joy and, in terms of Christmas, still thankfulness for Christ's birth. I'm already excited to think about Christmas decorations and I've watched two Hallmark Christmas movies so far, so I'm getting in the spirit! I'm looking through some of my Pinterest images to get inspired for decorating.

How cute is this Christmas tree in a teapot? (credit to for this pic)

And I love sleigh displays. This one with the wreath is especially lovely. Looks so simple and yet festive.  Remember, these images are from Pinterest. I'm not taking credit for these Christmas images. (credit to faded charm for this pic)

Oh wow! Look at this beautiful tree with blue lights. How gorgeous with the white lights surrounding it and snow on the ground.  (credit to for this pic)

So, are you like me?  Looking ahead to the holidays?  Baking any cookies?  Taking any walks?  Let me know what you've been up to in the comments.  And be sure to have a good week ahead!

Until Next Time,