Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Blog Recap...It's A Ten!!

The Big Ten


Hello everyone! It's the end of the month and time for another monthly blog recap. The month of May has been a ten for me in more ways than one! It's my ten month anniversary of blogging, I had my first "feature" this month, I joined Google+ and have been enjoying the social aspect of being a part of the community and I have seen my readership really growing. So, let's get this Big Ten party going, shall we?

Most Viewed Post

My most viewed post was the post I created as part of the "Between the Lines Bloggers Over 50 You Should Be Following." This is a series hosted by sweet Katherine of katherinescorner.com. If you missed the week I was featured on her blog, you can view it here.

A Close Second

Oh my goodness, folks loved my "Feelin' Groovy 70's Retro Style" post in which I modeled this cute peasant top with and without a belt and with a couple of different shoe choices. I was groovin' back to the seventies in this post!

My Favorite

My favorite post of the month was the two part post in which I talked about my Blue Sapphire ring and described how I actually found the stone on a rock hounding adventure with my family. I dedicated these posts to my Mom who passed away twenty years ago this month. I miss her every day, but have such wonderful memories of her. If you missed the two posts you can read them here and here

Shall we call it a wrap for May? Where does time go?? Looking forward to more blogging adventures in June. Hope you will come back to visit often. Many thanks to Julie at runninginaskirt.com for the blog recap party!

Until Next Time,

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Accesorizing with Pink...and Killer Shoes!

Adding A Pop of Color

How do you take a black and white ensemble to the next level of style? 

By accessorizing in pink and adding some killer shoes, of course! This pink jacket, purchased at Stein Mart, adds just the right pop of color to bring out the Springtime in this outfit. No winter drab here! I actually own this same jacket in brown and blue as well as the pink and enjoy wearing them all. The skirt, by Lapis, has a wide waistband and can actually be worn as a strapless dress as well as a skirt. Versatility!

But the real stars of this fashion show are these killer shoes I purchased recently, also at Stein Mart. (For a song I might add at $16!!) Now, I know I'm the Queen of the "30 minute" shoe....shoes I can only wear for 30 minutes at a time because of their high heels. But, I have to tell you that these shoes are AMAZINGLY comfortable. They are more of a bootie and the soft material wraps around my foot and gives a stable base for walking even though the heels are much higher than I typically wear. They have a zipper at the back of the heel which makes for easy on and off. The brand is Impo and this is the first pair of this brand that I have owned. I wore them for over two hours today and did just fine! 

More pops of pink are added with this pink Paparazzi necklace and a favorite pink costume ring I picked up at Dakota Jewelers in Estes Park, Colorado. 

You might say, I'm "feeling in the pink" in this comfortable and stylish outfit that I know I will wear and enjoy often. Hope you're feeling in the pink today, also, and have a great week ahead!

Please leave a comment. I enjoy hearing from you! Tell me...how do you like to add pops of color to your outfits? 

Until Next Time,

Interested in a similar look?
Jacket: Somewhat similar (Mine was much cheaper at Stein Mart)
Shoes: Impo similar
Skirt: Thrifted-Skirt label says "Lapis" Similar in solid black.
Necklace: Paparazzi Similar

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The FABulous Journey

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Real Gem of a Find Part II...How I Found My Sapphire

Rock Hounding Adventures

In today's post, I continue the story of how I came to find the Sapphire stone that became the beautiful ring you see in the above picture. If you missed the introduction to the story, be sure to catch up on my last post here

I'm lucky to live in a state that boasts having many of all the gems and minerals found in the world. There are many tourist attractions in the state that invite people to "find" gems. However, when my family used to come for their summer visit years ago and were interested in digging for gems, I researched and found out about the Old Pressley Sapphire Mine. It has the distinction of being the mine where the largest blue star sapphires have been found. Both the "Star of the Carolinas" and the "Southern Star" were found at the Old Pressley Mine. So, that's where my mother, sister and my husband and I decided to go. 

Mining for gems is not glamorous....it's hard work! You get very dirty and tired because you have to dig your buckets of dirt from the mine and then slowly sift the dirt a little at a time at the sluice using little wooden trays with screen in the bottoms. Water runs through the sluice to help separate the soil from the rocks. The mine is above ground, not in a cave, and is to the right of the sluice you see in the picture above. 

After a few hours of digging in the dirt and working the sluice, you get very hungry and tired. Luckily, the mine owners provided picnic tables so visitors can enjoy a picnic and a rest. My sister looks like she's doing a Pepsi commercial holding her can up while Mr.thisandthat snapped the photo. That's me in the blue t-shirt sitting next to my mom. This photo is about twenty five years old, but it seems like we were there just yesterday. Funny how time flies by, isn't it?

When you mine for gems, the stones you find can be hard to distinguish from plain rock. We were told to look for smaller rock with color shining through. We were also told that rocks with mica on them can have gems inside. Above, you see some of the samples I kept all these years from our mining adventures. When I found my sapphire, it looked very much like the last rock you see on the bottom right. At the Old Pressley Mine, the owners will look over what you find and help you determine if it is plain rock or something more. Of course, I was delighted when they told me I had indeed found a sapphire! They offered to have it cut and polished for me, which I decided to do. Of course, there was a fee for doing this. It took several weeks, but when it was done, they mailed it to me. The stone was lighter in color than other sapphires I had seen, sort of a pale blue color. I didn't realize until they told me that sapphires can be many colors other than blue. I was very pleased to have the stone...but then I wanted a ring to put the stone in!

Luckily, my husband was working at the time with a man whose wife was a jeweler. I met with her and she showed me several samples of ring molds that could be used to form a custom designed ring. I chose the pattern that you see above. The gold is in swirls that circle around the stone. The back of the ring is a little thicker which I like. It supports the stone well. The ring was a bit of a splurge and it arrived in time for my 32nd birthday! I recall having a horrendous case of the flu at the time....so it was a welcome arrival in the midst of fever, aches and pain!

My mom, especially, loved these expeditions and we returned to the mine several times more during family visits. But, none of us had anymore "big" finds. Just lots of fun and memory making! My mom was a true rock hound. She invested in a rock tumbler at a local rock shop during one of her trips here and loved to take back the rocks she found to tumble them smooth. She had taken jewelry making lessons earlier in her life and always had a love of jewelry....a love that she passed on to me! I have always loved jewelry...and the pieces don't have to be expensive for me to enjoy owning and wearing them. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, I love it all. Bring on the bling!

Remembering our rock hounding adventures is a bit bittersweet for me.....because my mom is no longer with us. In fact, today, May 27th, is the twentieth anniversary of her passing. So, I'm wearing my sapphire ring today to honor her. To remember the happiness of her visits and the joy of sharing with her in our rock hound adventures. I miss you Mom...but know you are with the Lord. 

Thanks for the memories......this post is for you, Mom!

Debbie with Mom

Until Next Time,

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Real Gem...Sapphire Blue

Blue Sapphire

Who doesn't love finding a real gem when it comes to clothing? That's how I felt when I found this blue thrifted skirt a few months ago. I'm pairing it with a tunic top that you first saw here.

The fabric of the skirt is so gorgeous! You can see the embroidered designs that add to the richness of the skirt. Not bad for $3.75!

The skirt has a scarf hemline (uneven) which matches well with the hemline of the tunic. I added some scarf love (and more blue) with a scarf belt that defines my waist. 

But there's more to this gem of a story. Notice the ring I'm wearing? It's a blue Sapphire. 

And.....I actually found this sapphire stone.....when I was rock hunting many years ago! So, it truly is a real gem of a find!! In my next post, I'll tell you the story of my rock hounding adventures, how I found the stone and how it came to be the ring on my finger. 

A girl's gotta have some bling in her life, right?!  Make sure you come back next time, to hear the story of my blue sapphire....

Interested in finding a similar look?

Tunic Top: Studio Gem/Cracker Barrel   Somewhat Similar

Skirt (thrifted): Coldwater Creek   Somewhat Similar

Shoes: Madden Girl  Same in tan

Scarf: Women's Designer Scarves by Nicole (Found mine at A.C. Moore Crafts Store)

Until Next Time,

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This and That...Things I Do Daily

What's Routine With You?


Everyone has daily routines in their schedule that they like to do or have to do. I'm no different. Today, I'm sharing some things that you can pretty much find me doing every day. 

Having Devotional Time
Bible Open To Psalm 118
Courtesy Public Domain
If at all possible, I like to have devotions in the morning before I leave for work. It's that quiet time at the beginning of the day, before things get hectic trying to head out the door to work, when I am able to read scripture, pray and set a positive tone to begin my day.  I often use devotional books as part of this morning ritual such as Jesus Calling by Sarah Young or Upper Room Devotionals. I also like using the online version of Alive Now Magazine which is part of Upper Room ministries. If the morning is especially hectic or I oversleep, then my devotional time will come later in the day after work. 

Washing Dishes
Washing Dishes Vintage Clipart
Courtesy Public Domain

Can't say I love this chore, but it has to be done, right?  Although we own and use a dishwasher, I frequently hand wash dishes. I like the warmth of the sudsy water and find it a quiet time for thinking and reflecting on my day. And frankly, sometimes it just seems quicker to hand wash the dishes than to empty the dishwasher and then load the dishwasher. Maybe I'm just lazy....


Oh my goodness, friends, this computer has taken over my life since I started blogging!! Every day I can't wait to see if I got comments and find out how many folks have visited my blog. I check out my favorite blogs to keep up with my "bloggy" friends and try to post comments to others as well as responding to folks who have left comments on my posts. And, of course, I am planning and/or writing new posts, taking pics, downloading pics, watermarking my pics, and finding linky parties to link my posts. I never realized how time consuming blogging can be. But....I absolutely LOVE it!!!  I am thrilled that at this point in my life, I have found something that I am passionate about and that connects me with such lovely people all around the world! 


Chalk Tray
Courtesy Public Domain

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have taught for 35+ years. Almost 30 of those years have been in public school. I have also taught preschool and private music lessons. I knew from the time that I was a young child that I wanted to be a teacher. I always loved working with children and helping them to learn. I can remember as far back as Junior High, using part of my lunchtime to teach a friend violin lessons in an empty classroom. Teaching is as much a part of me as breathing and I know that even when I retire from public school teaching that I will continue to teach in some way. I just can't imagine not being a teacher. A blessing in my life has also been to teach adult women's Sunday School classes at my church. I started a short term three week class for women last Sunday using material that I wrote on the topic of Faith, Hope and Love. The scriptural basis for my material came from I Corinthians 13. This is the first time I have used my own writing for a Sunday School class and I feel blessed that the six women in my class have joined in this study with me! 

Drinking Tea

Courtesy Public Domain
OK, this may sound strange to include tea drinking as part of my routine, but.....I happen to LOVE tea!  I'm strictly a Lipton Tea girl and I enjoy a cup of hot tea in the morning and then drink iced tea throughout the day. I gave up sweet tea years ago and drink unsweet now, but do add sweetener. Caffeine started bothering me more as I aged, so I use half decaf and half caf tea bags now to brew my tea. My husband calls me a "tea connoisseur" as I have been known to send back iced tea at a restaurant if it is not fresh. Yuck....I hate tea that has been made and let sit in a vat all day and is not fresh!!

Reading Books


I have to admit that the computer has infringed on this part of my routine a bit....after all there are only so many hours in a day...but I dearly love to read and I try to fit in some time for reading. Right now I'm re-reading some of my beloved Miss Read books from the Thrush Green series and enjoying it so much. Reading helps me to relax at any time of day, but especially at bedtime. 


Image result for public domain images of praying hands
Courtesy Public Domain
Not a day goes by that I don't talk with the Lord. I share with Him my thoughts, my fears, my troubles, my joys. I remember my family in prayer and lift to the Lord their needs. I ask for guidance and forgiveness. I strive to "pray without ceasing" remembering that God is as near as my very breath. In my daily walk with the Lord I am reminded of my imperfection and Christ's perfection in my life. Prayer is my lifeline to the Lord and I can't imagine not having prayer as part of my life and daily routine.

So.....how about you?  What is a must in your daily routine?  Hope you'll take a moment to share. And thanks so much for spending part of your day with me. I appreciate you!  Remember the "Between the Lines" series for over 50 bloggers is still ongoing hosted by Katherine of Katherines Corner. Hope you'll stop by and visit the series. 

Until Next Time,

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Monday, May 16, 2016

What I Wore To The Parties!

A Special Night


Hello everyone! I'm sharing what I wore recently to two separate parties Mr.thisandthat and I attended. My hubby was honored last Thursday evening for teaching over 25 years. We attended a special dinner in his honor and in honor of other teachers who have taught for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30+ years. It was a special evening and a lovely dinner. 

The dinner was held at an event venue on top of a mountain. The views of the city below were great. Sorry for the "squinty eyes" but the sun was in my eyes. I'm wearing the same lavender top and scarf you recently saw here. The black slacks are by Laura Scott. Similar here. The white sweater is by Red. Similar here.


A view of our lovely city in the mountains. 


My handsome hubby getting his award. I'm proud of him...he's a wonderful teacher and very dedicated to his job!!



I caught the sun setting before we left. Very pretty indeed!!

Prom Night


And then, Saturday night, Mr.thisandthat and I went to help chaperone the prom at the high school where he teaches. I chose to wear a blue dress by Avon with the white scarf you saw here. You can see that I enjoy using my scarves for belts as well as neck scarves. That way, I get double duty from them. I got to carry my vintage purse! Love that purse! And, yes, I wore "sensible" shoes instead of high heels which would have looked better. But, I chose stylish comfort....and I'm glad I did! 


It was fun to see the lovely outfits all the prom kids wore. Although, I'm still vibrating from the LOUD music. LOL!! The young ladies wore an assortment of lengths and styles from dressy minis to full length ball gowns. Of course, the guys were in tuxedos. It got really cold and windy here Saturday evening and I felt sorry for the girls in their sleeveless dresses. Hopefully, the excitement of the evening kept them warm. Being there certainly took me back to my high school days. 

So, now that I'm all partied out, it's time to get back into routine with the week ahead. Hope your week brings only good things. 

Have you been to any parties, get togethers or special events lately? Do you get nostalgic thinking back to your high school prom? Leave me a comment....I enjoy hearing from you!

Until Next Time,