Thursday, July 27, 2023

A Surprise Introduction

 I Would Like To Introduce To You

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce you to a new family member of two weeks and a couple of days! His name is "River" and he is a seven month old rescue pup from our local Humane Shelter. We were only going to "look" a couple weeks ago at the shelter and, of course, this cutie was staring between the kennel bars at us and The Mr. fell in love. I met him and agreed that he would be a good dog for us. He does have high anxiety and is on meds for that. He is also full of puppy energy and definitely keeps us on our toes!

Overall, River is a very good boy and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is a black lab mix and loves to hike. The Mr. took him on a hike a couple days ago and after five miles he still had energy to burn! Cassie and Garden are very cautious around him and we have baby gates up to keep him contained to areas so they can escape to dog free areas when they want to. He isn't mean to them but he does want to try to "play" with them and they want no part of that. I am surely hoping that after a few weeks everyone will decide to live together peacefully. I miss the girls coming out to be with us in the living room and other areas of the house. River sleeps and has rest times in our family room downstairs so the girls love those "quiet times" of being able to roam freely. 

We enrolled River in dog training right away and our first "class" was definitely one we will remember forever! There was no air conditioning in the room and it was blazing hot. As soon as River saw other dogs coming in he started barking like crazy and pulling on the leash to the point that the trainer immediately had us move behind a fenced area covered with a sheet so that River couldn't see the other dogs. River quickly discovered he could either pull to the side to look around the fence or simply knock it over! (He is a very smart dog!) He kept up these crazy antics all during the class and was incredibly disctracted by the other dogs and by a six year old another dog owner brought. The six year old kept running past where we were with River and our pup just wanted to join in on the running fun! We were told to bring "high value" treats to class and cheese was suggested as such a treat. So, The Mr. dutifully cut up a block of cheese to bring in our treat pouch. By the time class was over and we were in the car for the ride home the air was, you might say, quite odiferous! We learned our lesson on that one. 

My favorite moment, however, was when I took the leash from The Mr. at just the moment when the trainer was walking behind us. River got excited and ran after her yanking me out of the metal chair I was sitting in and dragging me and the metal chair toward the trainer. I was totally off balance and would have fallen flat on my face had the trainer not caught me! Needless to say, I decided it would be best if The Mr. continued the training classes on his own and he can show me the training after he gets home!

River has grown since we adopted him and loves his mealtimes and treats. He has finally gotten so tired that he is sleeping peacefully right now on our living room floor. We know nothing about the first six months of his life. Only that he was brought into the shelter as a stray. He says he is glad that he picked us out to be his mom and dad!! 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Decor Around The House

 Home Decor

Hi everyone! I've been spending some time adding and re-arranging decor around our home and thought I would share with you. Perhaps you will get some inspiration for decorating in your own home. You will remember that I saw a sunflower arrangement awhile back and really liked it and wanted to try to emulate it. Luckily, Dollar Tree had some nice sunflowers and I bought some to place in a blue/cream vase that I enjoy putting on display. 

It makes a simple summer arrangement that is just the right size for the foyer table. It's not exactly the same as the one I saw but is my own take on blue vase with sunflowers. That's what inspiration is all about right? Taking an idea and reworking it to make it your own. 

This is what we see when we look down into our foyer. So pretty!

I purchased some other items that I will use for future posts. Thought I would share in case you wanted to visit Dollar Tree to see what they have to offer. They are putting out lots of items for Fall already.

And this light isn't new but I thought I would show the effect of the light with the quilts and wreath. This light has a story of its own. It is quite heavy and was a bear to put on the foyer ceiling. The Mr. had to build a platform for us to stand on and we worked together to get the light installed. It was soooo heavy to support! But, we both really like the light and it fits well with our other decor. A true find. 

And this is what I have done with the old radio case bookcase, at least for now. Eventually, I have an idea that the case will be filled with books, but for now some pretty items inside are on display. I also like the bottom shelf filled with a longaberger basket and some stuffed bunnies. 

And, I added the previous items from the foyer table beach vignette to our guest bath shelf. Lots of pretty blue which I love!

And finally, this is a simple change. Just a different candle ring around the candle in the living room. It makes a nice change on the side table.

And that's it for now. Have fun with your own home decor!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Checking In With My Readers

A Little Bit Of This And That 

Hi friends! Wow, it's been awhile since my last post. I just didn't have anything of interest to share, but I hope today's post takes care of that. It's a little bit of this and that for you today. A little decor, a little fashion and a little food! Hope you enjoy. 

Yesterday, The Mr. played a 4th of July concert at a local retirement community and I went with him. I noticed right away the lovely table vignettes that were on display throughout the clubhouse and I decided to snap some photos and share them on the blog. I can't take any credit for these lovely vignettes because they were done by other people. How cute is this wooden tray with a jaunty hat, pretty flower box and a delightful flower? So cute!

And this vignette is one I may try to emulate. I really like the stones in the glass vases. 

And with this lovely photo in the background, the vases really fit in with the whole nature theme. Such a great idea to put all of this together!

But, this may be my favorite of all the vignettes. The cheerfulness of the yellows with the blues is just so bright and summery! 

And the clock hanging above adds just the right final touch to the display!

Speaking of displays, I want to share this piece of furniture with you that I brought back from my trip to WV. I grew up with this piece and after my oldest sister passed, I decided I wanted this to put in "my room." The cabinet was originally part of an old fashioned radio from long ago. My father removed the radio (long before I came along) and turned it into this lovely cabinet. Growing up, this was used as a bookcase and then, later, as a display for quilts and then to store sheets. It has been used for many things over the years and I am so happy to be the current "keeper" of this piece. I haven't decided yet how I want to use the shelf. I may use it for books but then again I may opt for something else to display inside it. The filigree is so pretty and the glass and knobs are original (as far as I know). Just wanted to share it with my readers!

This is the corner of my room now, with the arrangement of everything. Radio cases used to be really ornate weren't they?!

This past Sunday I delivered the message at our church and prior to that I spent some time "shopping my closet" for something to wear. This dress was really bright, especially with the pink jacket.

This dress was pretty and a little longer in length, but I was concerned I would feel too warm with the long sleeves. 

This ended up being "the choice." Long skirt and short sleeved top for comfort in the heat. I know The Lord doesn't care about what we wear to church, and I know that what I said in the message was much more important than my clothes, but I wanted to feel confident getting up in front of people. I was speaking because our pastor of 16 years retired and our new pastor doesn't start until this coming Sunday, and the retiring pastor asked me if I would preach for this "in-between" Sunday. I wonder if the new pastor will be shopping her closet like I did trying to make a "good choice" for her first Sunday? Feeling confident in what we wear is so important in my opinion. What do you think about that?

And, you know I have to share some good food with you! This was a delicious meal I ate recently at Cracker Barrel. This is what I call an, 
"Aunt Beulah Special." Pinto beans, slaw, potato casserole and greens with a touch of vinegar. So good and very similar to the meals my Aunt Beulah used to prepare for my family and I when we would visit her in Gilmer Station, WV. She always had brown beans waiting on the stove and added fried potatoes and homemade biscuits to the meal. That was some fine eating, my friends, and I always think of her when I have this meal. 

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July and I would just love to hear what has been happening in your life lately. Leave a comment and tell me. I enjoy hearing from you!

Until Next Time,