Monday, October 14, 2019

How Do You Cozy Up For Fall?

Autumn Coziness

One thing I enjoy about Fall is all of the coziness that goes with this season. There is just something endearing about putting on a fuzzy jacket, sipping a hot cup of tea and soaking in all of life that comes in Autumn! Today, I'm sharing a list of some of my favorite Autumnal things!


A couple weekends ago I went on my annual retreat with a group of lovely ladies that form a wonderful supportive group. The Fall colors were just starting to peek out as I walked around the grounds taking pictures.

The red colors are always my favorite!

Or, perhaps I like the golds the best? It's hard to choose!


Fall is the beginning of soup season in my house. I love hearty and nutritious soups like this homemade chicken noodle soup made with organic chicken broth, chunks of chicken, a mix of whole grain and no yolk noodles and flavorful carrots. 

Each bite is guaranteed to make you feel good inside!

Or how about this luscious organic egg frittata that one of the ladies made for our breakfast during retreat weekend? 

As you can see from our table laden with goodness, we ate well during retreat weekend!


I'm continuing to add bits and pieces to my Fall dining room decor as I see something I like. This tobacco basket from A.C. Moore looks great behind the white mini pumpkins topping the corner shelf. 

I'm also moving a few things around like this bottle lamp. 

And this flower arrangement that was in the foyer now graces the top of the pantry cabinet in the dining room. I find it fun to rearrange items to create a sense of coziness from room to room. Sometimes I discover an object looks better in another spot. Finding a new space for a lovely object is part of the coziness!


I love a good book any time of the year, but somehow in the Fall, I go back to old favorites like "Tyler's Row" by Miss Read.

I love the illustrations in this old book which tells the story of a retiring schoolmaster and his wife who buy a set of four row houses in Fairacre and work on renovating the houses while two tenants are still in residence. 

Here's a little bit of page one if you are interested. I found this book in a bookstore years ago and just smelling the "old book" smell makes me happy!


Fall is also the best time for doing a little crafting, especially with the holiday season coming up. Here's a sneak preview of a craft I have been working on lately. More on this craft in a future post! 

So, what's on your list for Fall coziness? Hope you'll leave a comment and let me know. 

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mixing Up Colors and Failing

Color Mix Fashion or Fail?

blue kimono worn with corduroy pants and blue duster

You know what? Sometimes you have a fashion idea and want to give it a try and when you look at the result you think to yourself....what was I thinking?  Yeah, I'm kind of feeling that way about this outfit. 

getting away from matchy matchy colors

I really love the individual pieces of this outfit. The tan corduroy pants I have had for years (Corduroy is back this season I read recently. It never left in my closet!) The marigold color top that is so easy going and comfortable to wear. And another kimono/duster today, this one in beautiful blue with pink flowers throughout. I'm just not certain I like these pieces together. Hmmm...

styling for autumn

I do admire bloggers whose posts show them so effortlessly putting colors together. They wear their color mixes boldly and look so lovely doing it!  Alas, I feel that this is more of a color miss than a color mix. 

kimono worn tied at the front

I guess at heart I'm more of a "matchy-matchy" girl when it comes to colors! I do love this duster, though. It is cut like the hot pink duster I showed you in the last post and can be worn down or with a tied front like you see here. Karen, if you are reading, this is what I was describing in the last post! I love that you can do this with these dusters. 

blue and pink duster
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And, oh, how pretty the pattern is on this duster! I am enjoying styling my collection of dusters/kimonos for Fall! But, next time, I think I'll choose a different color combo. But, does it really matter in the end? It's fun to play with colors we have in our closet and try out new combinations. Even if we get a miss from time to time. At least we're trying, right?! 

Now, go get in your closet and trying playing with colors and matches and mixes and let me know what you love in the comment section, OK?! 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Wearing Pink In The Fall

Interesting Ways To Add Pink To Your Fall Wardrobe

slip on sandals for Fall

Hello everyone!  Today, I'm sharing how I add pink to my fall wardrobe. Pink may not be a color you think of for Fall, but I love it year round! 

To keep the outfit more "Fall like" I started with a creme tunic top and tan pants as the base. Here I am in my kitchen with my ever present glass of tea wearing the base outfit. 

Then I topped the base outfit with what I call my "hot pink" duster (or kimono I'm never certain what to call these cover-ups). I guess the pink color of this duster could be termed fuschia or even magenta, but I'm sticking with pink! 

long kimono top

The duster material is scarf-like and has a square pattern throughout the material. It is long enough to cover up nicely and adds just a tiny bit of warmth for a cooler day in early Fall. 

magenta kimono with monochrome top and pants

One thing I really like about this duster is that it has separate sections at the front that can be worn down like I'm styling it today or pulled up and tied in the front while the back portion of the duster remains hanging down. So, it's a very versatile piece. You'll notice that because the duster color is brilliant, I chose to keep accessories light and minimal. Others may like adding lots of colorful accessories to add even more color, but I felt like "less is more" today.

pink ring and stretch bracelet

So, with minimalism in mind, I added my favorite clear bracelet and this pretty pink "statement" ring that I just bought last week. It's a pretty Paparazzi ring and I want to give a shout out to Keonna Geer the Paparazzi rep I bought the ring from. She is a sweet lady and one of the awesome bell ringers in our church handbell choir. If you are interested in any Paparazzi jewelry (only $5 per piece!) click on Keonna's name to be taken to her site. 

pink statement ring by Paparazzi

In this close-up of the ring you can really see the pretty pink color! In addition to wearing this piece as a ring I also plan to use it as a scarf holder and as a ponytail holder. You can get really creative with rings if you think about it!

Simple pearl earrings complete the jewelry for this look. 

Our weather here is slightly cooler today but sandals are still A-Ok especially these tan color BZees sandals that are perfect for this time of year. I've always favored slip-on type sandals for my feet. I never did like thong styles between my toes and, unless they have velcro attachments, the sandals that wrap around the back of the ankle and buckle tend to slip off my foot, so I'm happy with a slip-on for sure!

fuschia colored kimono

So tell me, do you enjoy wearing pink tones even in the Fall? Hope you'll leave a comment and let me know. We don't have to retire colors we love just because the seasons change, in my opinion. Go look in your closet and pull out the colors you love and feel pretty in and keep on wearing them!

Until Next Time,