Thursday, January 14, 2016

This and That...Winter Tablescape and Foyer Styling

A Winter Tablescape

Well, the weather outside hasn't been too frightful, but inside the table is delightful as I style a winter tablescape for a cozy dinner for two.

Using mostly white and a little blue, I hope to invoke a snowy, icy winter theme at the table.

There are icy snowflake ornaments for napkin holders, as well as a hint of the frozen forest with some faux pine cones slipped behind the napkins. 

The tea tray stands nearby all ready to provide us with a warm beverage.

And there are even foam snowballs and another snowflake ornament to remind us that it is January!

There is even ice skating on the teapot!

And if you have must have snowmen!

More snow is reflected in our glass vase filled with white pebbles and filled with faux snowy baby's breath.  

Our wintry table invites us to linger over the meal and savor the warmth of togetherness and being inside on a cold winter's evening. 

Foyer Styling

To add to the ambiance, let's take a glimpse at the foyer table on this winter's night.

There is a snowy ceramic pine tree with white lights standing alongside pine cones, a deer and another tree that holds a bird's home. 

Another glance at the snowy forest leaves us feeling chilled.

So let's warm ourselves in the warmth of the white lights. It's a perfect ending to a cold winter evening and I am reminded of the Robert Frost Poem...Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Please leave a you enjoy winter evenings?  How do you like to bring winter into your home? Do you decorate for winter? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Sharon said...

Your winter tablescape is beautiful and so inviting! It inspires me to think about setting a nice table for two.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, so much, Sharon!


Hi Debbie! Your tablescope looks so cozy and inviting I love the frozen blue and white colours!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you so much, Claire! I really enjoyed creating that tablescape and I love blue and white! Thanks for reading my post. Have a great day!