Sunday, September 16, 2018

Easy DIY Fall Sign

An Easy Fall Craft

Today's post is short and sweet.  I'm sharing an easy do-it-yourself Fall sign that anyone can make.  I have really enjoyed the off-white Hello Fall sign that I purchased awhile ago at AC Moore and promised to try and make my own sign and share how I did it. So here goes. I don't think my sign looks as "professional" as the AC Moore sign, but I still like it and it works to add even more Fall style to the foyer table!

Add even more Fall style to the foyer table!

I found the frame I'm using for this craft at Goodwill for $2. It's the type of frame that just has the glass and the backing with 4 clamps to hold the two pieces together. I knew I wanted to put things between the glass and the backing to display, so I knew this frame would work really well. I cut orange scrapbook paper to fit the frame size and taped a piece of burlap to the paper and then taped a silk leaf on top of the burlap. I found a print type I liked and typed "Happy Fall" and cut it out to add to the scrapbook paper. It was then just a matter of clamping it all together and I was done!
Of course, my sign is more "orangey" than the white one, but that just adds to the look of Fall. 

Do you like to get crafty in the Fall and make your own decorations?  Would you try to make a Fall sign?  Hope you'll take a moment to comment.  I enjoy hearing from you!

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Sharon said...

I really enjoy seeing the crafts you make, Debbie! I like the frame you chose; it really showcases your fall sign. You took a great idea and implemented it so well!

Karen said...

I love your picture! The burlap is such a great fall touch, and you chose perfect colors! Thank you for the idea!!

Joanne said...

That is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Hello Fall linky party. Pinned.