Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wearing A White Dress in the Winter

White Dress In Winter Styled With Scarves

I'm fairly new to wearing white during the Winter months. It's just not a color that I gravitate to often except as an accent. I actually bought this dress two or three years ago at Cracker Barrel and it has hidden in my closet since then. I just wasn't sure how to style it. Today, I decided to style it using three different scarves and three different pairs of shoes. Which style do you like best?

I always have felt that wearing white next to my fair skin tones gave me a washed out appearance. So, I solved that dilemma by using the bold colors of this burgundy/red and black scarf next to my face. The dress also is not a stark white, but more of what I would call a "creme satin white" which is a much softer white that mixes well in the Winter months. 

The fringe on the scarf is so pretty. And, my "thrifty" red shoes add another bold red color to the look. What do you think? 

How about white on white for styling?  This time I paired a creamy white scarf with the dress and added black heels for contrast. 

This look seems a bit "bridal" with all of the white....but, I have to admit I like it! Cracker Barrel seems to carry a lot of white clothing articles, especially in the Spring, so if you are looking for a short wedding dress, they may have what you need at a great price!

Here is a better close-up of the details of the dress. Why haven't I worn this before? It's soooo pretty!! Do you have items that just "sit" in your closet and don't get worn because you are not sure how to style them? Get them out a play "dress up" like you did when you were a little girl. It's fun to try different accessories and they can change up the look in many different ways.

You can see from the photos that I'm not only changing scarves and shoes, but also other accessories such as the brown clutch that I'm holding in the first three photos, and then changing out bracelets and adding one of my mother's statement rings to the look. Fashion should be fun and I had fun trying out these looks. OK, one more styling with another scarf to look at today.

Here, I've added a brown fringe scarf with my thrifted brown block heels and I'm once again accessorizing with the brown clutch. 

I can definitely say that these shoes are the winners for walking comfortably! 

And I folded this brown scarf in a triangle before wrapping it around my neck thus giving it a shorter look. 

OK, three different scarves and three different pairs of shoes. It's your turn now...which "look" did you like best?

I love using scarves to accessorize my outfits and there are countless ways to wear, tie and style them. None of these scarves were expensive. I either purchased them at A.C. Moore or picked them up at Goodwill. 

OK, ladies...I hope you will chime in and give me your thoughts on my styles today. Choose your favorite...or tell me why you didn't like the looks....or share whatever you would like to share. One of my goals for the New Year with blogging is to build my readership and comments so if you would like to share and/or "like" my post, pin to pinterest, comment, etc. please do! Also, please check out my posts on Facebook and Google+. On Facebook look for "Debbiethisandthat."  And for goodness sakes, Ladies, go look through your closets and have some fun playing dress up! You never know what treasures in style are waiting for you.....

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highlatitudestyle said...

Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. These looks are all great. The one with the red is my favorite. It looks so friendly and fresh.

Karen said...

I have to go with the red, I like that contrast with the white dress and I LOVE those heels!! I used to have closet orphans too, but when I did a major purge of things I never wore, I found that a lot were impulse purchases, or "I got this because it was on sale" and I had nothing to go with them. I have made a real effort to shop with a purpose and it's helped pare down the closet. This dress though should not be an orphan, it is very versatile and I think would also work well with a jacket or sweater. And definitely in the spring and summer months with a long necklace, just as it is. It would work with a belt, you've got a winner there! How nice when you have something in your closet that works all year!! Those red shoes...oh my!! : )

Nancy said...

Hi Debbie, have you seen the comments on your guest post? They were so nice! I love this white dress, why not wear white in winter right. I love it the best with the brown! Happy weekend!

julie Wunder said...

So cute Debbie! I think we were on the same white wave length today! I like the top red the most. :-)

Amy Johnson said...

Such a pretty dress! I love it with the red best!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Nicole, Karen, Julie and Amy: Thank you so much for your kind comments and for reading my blog! I truly loved styling this white dress and enjoyed sharing the different looks I achieved with the scarves and shoes. Hope you all are enjoying a great day!!

Ruth Ann Cooper said...

I love the red shoes and scarf. You look so pretty in all of them.

Andrea Nine said...

Winter white at its best! LOVE LOVE LOVE with the red!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I love wearing white all year round---it just seems to pop the other colors!
Therefore I like the darker colors with it!!

Sue Burpee said...

I love the white dress with the burgundy shoes and scarf. Look great, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

The red works great with the white. It creates a beautiful contrast of colors.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, beautiful ladies, for all of your kind comments! You made my day and I think the red is definitely the winner!!