Thursday, December 10, 2020

Rose Top and Silly Santa

 Styling With A Chuckle

Hi Everyone!  Hope your week has gone well.  I have spent time this week on wrapping gifts, writing Christmas cards and doing a few things around the house. I know, exciting right?!  I did get to have a socially distanced visit with my friend, Sharon, which was awesome as we were able to chat and catch up. She also sent me home with some scrumptious banana bread! 

Today, I thought I would share what I call my "rose top" from the Magic Scarf Company. It's a super thin one-size-fits-all top that expands to your shape when you put it on. I've shown you some other items I own from this company before on the blog. This top is a true winner. I originally bought it to wear with a pink skirt during warmer months. Today, I'm wearing it over a turtleneck. It adds a pretty pop of color to my gray pants, don't you think?

I felt pretty toasty with the addition of my black Skecher booties to the look. For inside the house, I felt warm and cozy for the day. I even felt like wearing a necklace which is something I haven't worn for awhile! The pants I'm wearing are from Land's End and were a great find! I wear them frequently. They have an elastic stretch waist that is very comfortable and the thickness of the pant material is thick enough to keep my legs warm but not too warm. 

By the way, this top is officially called an "ultra light crush top" and I've given the link in case you are interested. The company has oodles of choices for colors and sleeve lengths for tops so enjoy looking. I don't represent their company but I do like their clothing! These tops and other pieces are great for travel, also. (Whenever we are able to travel once more.) Now, are you ready for a chuckle? The following video is one I recorded a couple of days ago and I couldn't stop laughing when I was done. Be sure to watch to the end. Remember, I had told you there would be more to come with this trumpet playing Santa....

Is that not hilarious when Santa takes a nosedive off the cabinet at the end? I laughed and laughed because, to me, that nosedive just sums up this whole year!

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Lovely said...

The floral top looks great on you. I'm glad you got to visit your friend.

Karen said...

That rose print top is beautiful! I'm always drawn to rose prints. Good to know that the Magic Scarf Company is still around. I'll have to check out the website because I've had their tops in the past and always liked them. Great idea to layer under it so it can be worn in the winter!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Lovely. Enjoyed looking at your blog!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen. The Magic Scarf site for personal shoppers is called Magic Fashion. The Magic Scarf site is for wholesale buyers. It took me a while to figure out the difference. They do have nice choices and seem to be adding items all the time.

Sharon said...

Your rose top is lovely, and paired with warm pants, it seems perfect for this time of year. Once again, you have an item of clothing that is so versatile! The Santa video was so funny! And I agree, it does represent how this year has been.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. You know I go in for versatility whenever possible!

Amy Johnson said...

Such a pretty floral top!

Joy said...

It's a beautiful top and just the sort of thing I would go for.