Sunday, November 8, 2020

Simple & Festive Front Porch Christmas Decor

 Welcoming Christmas Porch Decor 

Hi friends!  If you have been wondering how to create a simple and festive front porch for Christmas, then I have you covered! I decided to play around with items that I already own to see how I could place things to add a bit of jolly to the porch that looked welcoming and fun. Hope you like what I've created and that you get some ideas to use on your own porch!

How cute is this Christmas bear? You know I had to have a Christmas bear since they are frequent visitors around our house! And I love these ribbon candy Christmas trees and the colorful red wreath. Along with the plaid throw, the sled and the Jingle All The Way sign, I think this vignette is festive and fun. 

On the other side of the porch I went for the plaid Christmas look with a black and white buffalo plaid table runner that I am using as a throw over the chair, a buffalo plaid wreath, and some cute Christmas mice and fun snowmen. And, of course, two silvery Let It Snow signs!

You can see the two sides together here. The two sides don't match, but do they have to?  This isn't a matchy matchy one themed vignette like you may see on Instagram. In my opinion, it is a cheerful version of front porch decor that uses what I already own and says "Welcome!" 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post and that you have gotten some ideas you can use for your own Christmas decorating. Be joyful as you use what you already have and have fun!

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Sharon said...

I enjoyed this post so much, Debbie, as I get to see how you've decorated your porch. I love both looks, and I agree that they don't have to match, but the different looks do coordinate with each other, in my opinion. Each of them is beautiful and festive. How fun it must have been to create such a cheerful and welcoming porch with items that you own!

Karen said...

I love it!! It certainly does look festive and welcoming! My front porch is enclosed (and not heated!), but I have some ideas for inside the house from seeing what you've created here! I love the throws that reflect the season. I know people are already decorating this year though I'm not yet one of them. My son's family decorated their tree last night (he still gets excited about that and had to convince my daughter-in-law that early November is not too soon. She's used to it now!) Maybe I'd be more in the mood if I put on some Christmas music Debbie, I'll have to try that!! Love your ideas!!

Iris said...

Love your porch ideas! I'm not a 'matchy' kind of girl so your ideas look great to me. I need to think about some 'stuff' to put on my porch. I have a little tree that I've put on there for years - but some festive 'daytime' items would help - not that many people come to my front door, but....

Thanks for your ideas.
Grace & Peace, Iris

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Everything looks so wonderfully festive!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I enjoyed visiting with you today!!