Thursday, February 4, 2021

How to Wear Pearls

 How Do You Like To Wear Pearls?

Pearls are an on-trend accessory this year and, although I've never needed an excuse to wear my pearls, I do like the different ways pearls are being worn these days. I've been inspired by some of the styling I have seen to try some mixing and matching with my pearl strand and other necklaces. 

I love layering pearls with other jewelry like I've done here with a simple necklace with several pendants hanging down. Pairing a casual necklace with a longer pearl necklace is such a great combination and provides lots of visual interest. 

I also like the look of pairing pearls with a couple other necklaces to add some sparkle. Here, I've added a Paparazzi faux pearl/diamond necklace with a simple faux diamond necklace with my long string of pearls. 

I think the three lengths of the necklaces look so good together. And, you'll notice I'm styling these necklaces with a simple flannel shirt and a sweater. Casual with pearls and a little sparkly looks good together!

See, pearls even look good when wearing blue jeans! For this look I took off the long string of pearls and the Paparazzi necklace and just went with the smaller necklace. But, I added a chunky four strand pearl bracelet. I felt like the other two necklaces plus the pearl bracelet might have overwhelmed this look. The fun thing about wearing pearls, though, is that you can mix and match and just have fun with the different looks you can create!

I hope that you will check out your own jewelry box and have some fun mixing your pearls with other necklaces or bracelets. Don't have any pearls? No problem. Just try mixing and matching what you do have and see if you come up with some styling that you will enjoy wearing. Playing in our jewelry boxes is as much fun as playing in our closets! Shopping what we own is the way to go. 

Be sure to let me know what you think about pearls in the comments section. 

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Sharon said...

I would never have thought to layer necklaces like you have shown in your post. It's a great idea. I have taken your idea of shopping what I own and applied it to my own closet!

Iris said...

Goodness, I have several strands of my mother's pears besides my own. I can't remember when I've worn any of them (of course, not wearing much jewelry these days at home). I do like your ideas mixing pearls with the longer necklace and with the shorter one. I'm going to have to try that.
Grace & Peace, Iris