Monday, June 27, 2022

Pink Paper Bag Skirt and An Explanation

 Skirting The Issue

paperbag skirt

Hi friends!  If you've been missing me for awhile (and I hope you have) it's been because I have been out of town for about nine days helping to care for my oldest sister who has been very ill. She is now stable and in a rehab facility for now and The Mr. came and got me and brought me back home as I have come down with a bug myself and have not been feeling well. I hope that being home in my own surroundings will help me to feel much better soon. In the meantime, I want to share a bit of styling for you with photos I took before I was abruptly called out of town. 

I've been trying some new-to-me styles this summer as you saw in my last post about my olive green dress. The paper bag waist style is one I wasn't certain I would like. However, when I saw this pretty pink skirt at Target I tried it on and decided to give it a try and I must say I am enjoying it very much. The waist has a drawstring tie so I can cinch the waist as much or as little as I want for comfort. The skirt length is perfect for me and the material has a bit of stretch to it which I like. So, overall I'm a happy camper with this purchase. 

My mauve Sketcher Mary Jane style shoes work well with the skirt and I like the white jean jacket with the look as well. This paperbag skirt is available online in small and extra small in green if that color and size would suit you. And maybe there are still some in stores available. I found mine in March or April I believe. I'm not receiving any compensation for this post. I just like the skirt!

I'm sorry to have missed not only style posting these last nine days but also I missed posting two Saturday Scriptures. When I found out my sister was hospitalized we just threw things in the car and left the following morning and I didn't take my computer. I plan to be back for this Saturday's devotional post. Family is more important than the blog. I did miss all of you, however, and hope that each of you are well. Prayers for "S" would be appreciated!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

I don't remember seeing the style of a paper bag skirt before, and I like it! Your white jean jacket is perfect with it. The whole outfit looks very summery. I'm glad you're back home, and I hope you feel better very soon.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Sharon: This style has been around for awhile both in skirts and pants but I haven't given it a try until now. I'm not sure I would look good in paperbag style pants but to be honest I haven't tried any on to see. Thanks, I hope to feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Cute skirt and you wear it well! Sorry to hear about your sister.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Anonymous.

Joy said...

I'm very sorry your sister has been so very unwell and that you're not feeling great either. I hope recovery is quick for you both.
I saw some paper bag shorts the other day - they looked really nice but I resisted. That skirt of yours looks good on you. xx

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Joy. I'm feeling better today and my sister is continuing to recuperate in rehab. I'm enjoying the skirt and might try a pair of paper bag shorts if I see any available in stores.

Iris said...

Oh I'm so sorry your sister has been ill and hope she is much better now. Also sorry you are not feeling well. Please take it easy and take care of yourself.

I LOVE the paper bag skirt style - and it's very becoming on you. "My" only other preference would be that it be longer - maybe even mid calf. But then, at my age I'm just not comfortable in shorter ones.

Praying for you.