Thursday, July 30, 2015

This and That....About The Rockies Part II

Before I get off the topic of summer fun, I want to share a little more about our trip to the Rockies! The scenery is so awesome there and everywhere you look is another great view to capture with a camera. Following are some photos I took.

This is Lily Lake. I really enjoy walking around the lake and the scenery can't be beat! I tried my hand with nature journaling while I enjoyed the view. I'm not much of a sketch artist, but it was fun to try! I like my photograph better than my sketch!

Sailboat on Estes Lake in Estes Park, CO.  I get my exercise walking around the lake. The Estes Lake walking trail is used by locals and tourists alike and is a great way to get a flavor of Estes Park life!

Beautiful view of St. Malo church just outside RMNP. Love seeing the mountains in the background. We have visited this spot before and it is always a peaceful and reflective place.

And, of course, the Rocky Mountains! This is why we come to this beautiful place!

We have been blessed to be able to travel here the past few summers. Each visit has allowed us to experience the tremendous vistas and awe inspiring hiking that this area affords visitors. While I enjoy shorter walks and quiet contemplation, Mr.thisandthat does the rugged hiking. This summer he made three out of four peaks and would have made the fourth peak but had to turn back due to a storm coming. He made the right and safe call by turning back which keeps me from worrying when he's out hiking! I'm proud of his accomplishments!

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