Monday, April 17, 2017

How To Style A Maxi Dress and Sandals

Spring Maxi Dress and Skechers Wedge Sandals

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Hey Everyone! How was your Easter weekend? Ours was pretty good. We enjoyed Easter services so much. I directed choirs at our church while my husband played trumpet for a service at a different church. Busy, busy! The day was joyful as we remembered the true meaning of Easter. On a sadder note, Gracie took a bit of a downhill turn for a couple days and then rallied today and started eating again and acting like a "curious" cat. This weighs on our hearts and minds and kind of wears us out. But, we love her so we persevere in caring for her.
Let's change the subject and talk about something more fun and less depressing like how to style a maxi dress, shall we?  Maxis are still "in" this season. To be honest, I have had difficulty finding a maxi that wasn't too long on me and fit my body well. At 5'4", I'm right on the border between average and petite, so sometimes I feel that maxis  don't look quite right on me. When I saw this dress, however, I instantly loved the neckline, the color and the shoulder ties. When I held it up against me, the length seemed just right. So, I knew I had a winner!
So, where did I find this beauty? I almost hate to tell you!  I'm probably the only blogger around who buys her clothing at drugstores! But, yes, I admit it.  I was browsing at my local drugstore and saw this dress. Now, I have looked for and tried on maxi dresses at many department stores and have never found one that worked for me. Go figure that the one I find that looks good and fits well comes from a drugstore! It just goes to show you that it's always good to keep your options open when it comes to clothing! And, because we have a discount card at this particular drugstore, (Rite-Aid), I got a nice discount on top of the already low price. I can live with that!
When styling a maxi, shoes are important for both comfort and for giving a little extra height to the long skirt of the dress. Some folks like to wear flip flops or flatter sandals with a longer skirt. I prefer a little more height with a maxi. I love these Skechers Wedge Sandals and felt that the white color was perfect with the blue/white of this dress. These sandals are also a comfort sandal with a soft foot bed and plenty of ankle support. The height is just right in my opinion.
 The jewelry you choose to wear with a maxi can take it to either a dressier or a more casual look. I opted for a couple of faux diamond bracelets for a "fancier" look.
I also added a sparkly pair of Paparazzi earrings to complete the look. Our azaleas are blooming and are so beautiful. I love Springtime!
I decided to use this pashmina scarf as a shawl to cover my shoulders for warmth. Again, this is a dressier look. A white sweater will also work well with this dress for a more casual look.
One final note about this dress, is that I appreciate the ruched bodice which is very "forgiving" in the stomach area. This style of dress is perfect for my pear shaped body. 

So, are you ready to look for a maxi dress?  Are you ready to go on the wild side and shop for clothing at drugstores? See what you would miss if you didn't read my blog?!  Many thanks to those of you who chimed in on my last style post to tell me which denim jacket you liked better. After checking comments on the blog, Google+ and Facebook, more folks liked the white jacket better than the blue, although it was pretty close! The white jacket was my favorite, although I have to tell you that the more I look at the blue denim jacket the better I like it! Glad I have a choice and can wear both at different times. 

I hope you will take a moment to leave me a comment. It makes my day! Do you wear maxi dresses?  How do you like to style them? I look forward to hearing from you.

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Sharon said...

Love that dress and love those shoes! It sounds like it has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster with Gracie's changes, but I'm glad she's hanging in there and rallying.

Lay said...

I never knew that any drug store sells clothes! I will definite check it out. I love long dresses and typically look for midi dresses and skirts which are much harder to find (than maxis), And, youre right. This dress is perfect on you!

Karen said...

Oh I love that dress Debbie! And from the drugstore...what a find! I am also 5'4" and sometimes need a petite size and sometimes not, depending on the style and brand. But it IS difficult to be on the border of both! The dress is just gorgeous and fits perfectly!

I do understand the ups and downs of caring for a pet who is having health issues. I well remember the "rally" days and how elated I felt. I also remember the others. I have never, ever regretted the extra care I put into my Trussell's days to make him more comfortable and show him how much I loved him. (Crying again...) For the last weeks of his life I slept with him wrapped in a blanket on my chest, slept on my back on the couch so I wouldn't roll around, and to this day that was a very special bonding time. I have been thankful ever since that I did that. Showing them all the love we can is the very best thing we can do for them and for us.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

My step mom got her maxi at Walgreens last year!! Hey--it shouldn't matter where we buy it, right? As long as we rock it!
And you're rocking this, Debbie!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hey Laura: Yes, drugstores do sell limited clothing items and accessories. Check out Walgreens and Rite Aid.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen:
Thank you for liking the dress. It was a great find! It's hard being on the border between petite and average height, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to spend that extra bonding time with Trussell. It's so important to let our pets know how much we love them. They trust us and love us totally. That's why it's so important to my husband and I that we don't make any wrong "decisions" when it isn't the right time. And that's so hard to know. Prayers are certainly appreciated. I treasure your comments each time you write them.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Sharon. Love you dear friend!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Jodie! You're so sweet! Glad to hear I'm not the only drugstore clothes shopper!

Andrea Nine said...

Nothing like a great comfy maxi! You look gorgeous as I love the cut and print of this one. And look at those signs of Spring in your neck of the woods. So pretty!! And my favors leggings are from Wal-Greens!!!

julie Wunder said...

Such a pretty dress Debbie! It looks fabulous on you.
Hope you kitty keeps feeling better. Rhett seems to be a little better too.

Vanity And Me said...

This dress is lovely Debbie. I'm 5'2 and always have a problem with the length. Petite is too short and average is too long!
I love the wrap you have chosen to pair the dress with. An invaluable piece of kit those are!
Have a fabulous weekend Debbie x

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Andrea, Julie and Laurie! Love your sweet comments!

shelley said...

I adore maxi dresses and they're pretty much the only kind I wear. I'm also not very tall but I figure at my age I'm entitled to wear what makes me feel comfortable. I do, however, like to dress them up with jewelry and pretty wraps. I love this dress you've chosen and it looks great on you!

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

I'm known for buying my clothes in the supermarket. That dress is a prefect length on you. I'm a clear petite at 5'1 so do struggle.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Shelley. And, you're right, it's important to wear what we feel comfortable wearing!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Great to know I have a fellow supermarket, drugstore shopping friend! Thanks so much for visiting, Anna. Come back often!!

Patti said...

What a great Spring/Summer dress, Deborah. Big hugs for you and Gracie - I know that feeling so well! Thanks for linking up, xox


ElizaRex said...

I found that same style at a local walgreens! I wa surprised it fit me at 5 foot, but what a find!
Thank you for posting this, i was having a hard time finding the front because ir had no tags