Saturday, October 3, 2015

This and That....About Autumn Styling!

Foyer Update

It's nothing but rain, rain and more rain in my part of the world today. So, it's a perfect time to do some Autumn styling throughout the house. Join me as I share an update to the foyer table as well as some pretty Fall flower arranging. The rain may be dreary, but it's all about Autumn warmth at my house!

For those of you who have been following my posts, you know that I enjoy changing the foyer table with the various seasons. If you missed any of my previous posts about the foyer table you can catch up here and here.  In my last foyer styling, I went with a "School Theme." Now that we are into October, I feel like it's time to bring out the pumpkins!

I love the cute scarecrows with the hanging legs that dangle off the table. The smaller orange pumpkin is one of my favorites that I display each year. The white pumpkin is a new purchase. I like the white color in contrast to the usual orange. I also will be able to get more use out of the white pumpkin for upcoming Holidays, using it not only for Autumn but for Thanksgiving and even Christmas!

The Autumn wreath has moved from the wreath hanger to the front door. 

And a wooden wreath is now hanging on the wreath hanger. It echoes the sentiment, "Welcome Friends!" The foyer is now ready for Autumn! But, I'm not done with Autumn styling yet!

Fall Flower Arranging

I was happy to find a "Manager's Special" on Fall Bouquets the other day at my local grocery store. I happily purchased a bouquet to bring home and arrange.

The bouquet was so large, I actually was able to make two different arrangement from it.

I used a quart jar for one arrangement, and used a pretty glass creamer for the other arrangement. Quart jars for flowers are so popular right now and I enjoy using unique vases I have on hand. I thought my use of the creamer was unique!

I tied some burlap around the quart jar to add a finishing touch. Now, where to display these beauties? Although they would look lovely on our dining table, a certain cat named Annie would never leave them alone! So, I decided to put them in a safe place on our living room mantel.

I love the layered look of all the things I love on the mantel. Some may think it's too busy, but I think it looks perfect! The flowers add a pretty touch and hopefully little Miss Annie Cat can't get to them!

A cute Autumn throw pillow adds the final touch to a living room chair. I think my Autumn styling is complete! I hope you have enjoyed seeing some styling for Fall at my house. Join me next time, when I will begin a series on three of my favorite authors. Until then, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings!

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