Saturday, March 19, 2016

Things I'm Delighted To Share With You!

Happy Spring!

Tomorrow, it's official. Spring will arrive! So, to show my joy, I'm delighted to share some things with you today that make me happy! Hope you enjoy!

Aren't these Pansies beautiful?! I start to really miss seeing flowers on my porch about this time every year and Pansies are such a great Spring flower. They can take the fluctuating temps of Spring and can even withstand a little snow. I once had a bowl of Pansies totally covered by ice during a Spring snowstorm and they popped right back after the ice melted! I'm delighted to have them on my back porch. Just hope the deer don't decide to have them for a snack!!

The Daffodils are blooming! How delightful! They are such harbingers of Spring. I snapped this photo one evening this week in my yard. They don't last long, so you have to enjoy them quickly.

And it's so wonderful to see the trees budding. I love it when everything is blooming and we can enjoy all of the colors of Spring!

And although these flowers are artificial, this Spring basket sure does brighten up our front door!

Additional Delights....

I've been enjoying this great body lotion by Clinique. It is called, "Happy Heart."  The usual Clinique scent is called "Happy" and I have used and enjoyed it over the years. However, this is a new product scent. I find it is a lighter fragrance that goes well with Spring. How delightful!

And, I'm really delighted to find a dry shampoo that I can use! I have heard about Batiste from other bloggers and decided to give it a try. I really like it! I have found other dry shampoos to have an overpowering scent which bothers me. Batiste leaves my hair smelling fresh with a mix of coconut and citrus scent. It also makes my hair feel really soft and is great for those days when you don't have time to shampoo but want to freshen up your hair. 

I hope you are finding some things that delight you as Spring begins! What do you like best about Spring? Please leave a comment. I enjoy hearing from you!

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Karen said...

I really enjoyed this post today. It is snowing here in Ohio, my poor daffodils! I think I'll get a pot of pansies for my porch. And your basket is lovely!! Thank you for the inspiration on a snowy day. Spring tomorrow? I forgot that part!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I hope this Easter weekend finds no snow in your area and only sunshine! Hope you were able to get your pansies!