Monday, May 9, 2016

Feelin' Groovy,,,70's Retro Style!

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Flashback to the Seventies

Are you feeling groovy today?  I'm channeling a retro vibe by styling this Chevron bell sleeve tunic that takes me back to the seventies.

Retro clothes from the seventies seem to be making a comeback and the Chevron pattern has been popular for a couple of seasons. I love the white lace on the bell sleeves of this tunic. This tunic is by WinWin. Couldn't find the same top online, but here are several bell sleeve tunic top choices. 

Back in the day, I was a young teen who loved palazzo pants, bodysuits and listening to Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy on the radio. Remember Bobby Sherman singing, "Julie, Julie, Julie, Do Ya Love Me?" Loved that song! I was also a big fan of "The Partridge Family." I loved their bell bottom band outfits. I actually saw Tiger Beat Magazine for sale in a bookstore recently. I didn't realize it was still published. Remember the pop star posters everyone used to hang on their bedroom walls? 

File:The Partridge Family Cast 1970 No 2.jpg
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image

I remember in High School wearing a red bodysuit, red plaid palazzo pants and braids with red ribbons. I must have been a sight! I thought I was so cool wearing that outfit on Fridays when there was going to be a football game after school. Red was our school color. Hopefully, my sense of style has improved a little since then! You can see I added a white scarf belt here to change the look a little and to define my waist. The lace on the scarf belt matches the lace on the bell sleeves.

These Skechers wedges are very comfortable. You know I love Skechers! Similar here.

Adding heels takes the style up a notch and is dressier. The heels are Madden Girl. Exact pair here. The skinny capri pants are by Rafaella comfort. And, yes, they are very comfortable!! I believe I bought mine at Sam's Club or Stein Mart, can't really remember. Here are similar ones available through Amazon.

The bottom of the capri pant leg has three buttons which also add style to the look. 

OK, enough nostalgia for one day. But before I go, how about we finish off this retro party with a little music from the 70's?  Hope you enjoy!

Until Next Time,

(Bobby Sherman- Julie Do Ya Love Me?)

(David Cassidy-I Think I Love You)


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Andrea Nine said...

You look darling and the retro look is fabulous on you! I am loving bell sleeves big time and this chevron number is soooo cute!!

Karen said...

That music really takes me back! This morning I heard Bobby Sherman singing "La La La My Dreams Would All Come True If I Had You. " Remember that one? (We must be the same age!) Really fun top, and it looks modern with the skinny pants. And I love how this look is dressed up with your 30-minute heels! I'm glad to see peasant tops making a comeback!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Andrea! You are so sweet to leave such nice comments!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Karen, I bet we are close to the same age. I'm 57. I don't remember that particular Bobby Sherman song...I'll have to look it up. It's great to know another Bobby Sherman fan, though! Yep...those 30 minute heels keep showing up don't they? I had forgotten the term "peasant top" and that fits my top exactly! Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

Anonymous said...

You're young!! I'm 63😊, yet feel sooooooo much younger!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Isn't it amazing that we have birthdays but still feel like we did years ago? I remember my mom saying that and now I know what she meant!!

Vanity And Me said...

Oh I loved the partridge family too ! David Cassidy ! I also love the new bell sleeve trend, and have purchased a couple of tops with them. Yours looks fabulous
Laurie x

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Laurie. And it's good to know another David Cassidy fan!