Sunday, August 7, 2016

And The Winner Is......

Results of Accessory Vote

Well, here is the result of the voting yesterday.  Did your vote win?  I have to say you ladies didn't make it easy on me!  There was actually a tie between Pic #1 (the necklaces) and Pic #2 ( the blue scarf). Since Sweet Nikki had given a second choice (the blue scarf) I used her vote to break the tie. Whew!  What fun, though, to have my dear readers chiming in on the look they liked best. I'll have to try this again sometime. And thank you, Fabulosa, for choosing #4 (the pink scarf) as a bold choice!  I like that hot pink infinity scarf a lot. I think the blue scarf added just the right touch, though, for Sunday morning. 

I loved hearing your thoughts dear readers and want to let you know that I'm going to be taking a little break from "technology" for about a week and a half. But, I'll be back soon with more posts and look forward to connecting again soon. Hmmmm..what could I ask you to vote on next....

Until Next Time,

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