Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tablescape Vignettes Transitioning Winter to Spring

Calling Spring....To The Tablescape Vignette

What has happened to our lovely Spring-like weather? In my neck of the woods we have recently had temps in the 70's and now today we are having snow showers and expecting really cold temperatures tonight. From the weather reports, I know that many of you readers are also experiencing cold and even blizzard-like conditions where you are. Brrr...I decided to call forth Spring (at least on the dining table) by creating some tablescape vignettes that call on Spring to come, while still giving a nod to the cold and snow that March often brings. 

Isn't my snow deer cute? I decided after Christmas to keep him on display and didn't pack him away with the other Christmas decorations. He has been gracing a table in our living room until today when I moved him to the dining table. I had removed the red and gold Christmas collar from around his neck leaving him pure white. I decided to give him a Spring collar using some wide ribbon covered with pastel blue stripes and flowers. Of course, he is a snow deer, so there are some snowballs piled up next to him to reflect that Winter's grip is not giving up quite yet!!

I borrowed this green vase from our collection of Blenko glass vases and water pitchers. We have several shades of green and I think this particular shade of green looks very Spring-like next to the snowballs and yellow placemat. Part of my decorating inspiration is to always use things I already have on hand whenever possible and to find ways to use decor in new ways. 

These colorful silk miniature carnations round out the look nicely. I love how the yellow carnations match with the yellow placemat. I added some white stems as well to reflect the snow today. I'm keeping in mind that this is a transitional vignette, so I am mixing seasons with the decor I am choosing to use. If you are thinking of creating a transitional season vignette of your own, consider how color combinations can compliment each other and how to incorporate something that hints of each season to the mix of whatever decor objects you choose to use. Now let's move on to another transitional vignette on the foyer table.

I'm not ready to move to Easter decorations yet, so once again, I am mixing seasonal decor options on the foyer table. My two lady snow-women are holding plants and spades, hinting that gardening weather is not too far away, even though there is still snow on the ground. The pastel colors the snow-women are wearing blend well with the pastel colors on the hearts sign. I used this little sign that I found at Goodwill as a Valentine decoration and its message is so relevant...."Love is patient and kind"....that message is always in season, yes?!

I have really been enjoying this butterfly sign in pastel blue that I purchased from A.C.Moore. The sign has wings protruding from the frame on each side. You can see part of a wing behind the snow-woman if you look closely. I like the sign's reminder to laugh. I haven't been kissed by a butterfly before, but I am hoping it may happen in the future!! 

I moved my wooden "with all my HEART" box to the bottom of the foyer table with the pink pastel heart for company. 

To me, creating a transitional vignette or tablescape means using some of the old while adding some of the new. Those times of "in-between" with the seasons can be a bit trying. I know I am pining for warm weather. We just have to be patient....and know that Spring is on its way!

How about you? Do you enjoy creating seasonal decor displays that transition between the seasons in your home? How is the weather where you are? C'mon....leave me a comment. I'm missing hearing from you!

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*All photos on this post taken by Debbie Ross. All vignettes/tablescapes on this post created by Debbie Ross. 

It's Freezing Out Here and She's Talking About Spring?!
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Karen said...

Such pretty and cheerful transitional decorations Debbie! It's so nice you take the time to change your dining room table centerpiece and I always enjoy seeing your little seasonal table by the door! Are those Jim Shore snow ladies? They are so pretty, and appropriate for the weather - at least the weather where I am! We always have our worst weather of the year in March. The little bears at the end of the post look like they are in Ohio! Thanks for putting a little spring weather into the day. I'll stay away from the windows here! : )

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I do enjoy changing things out on the tables every once in a while. Yes, those snow ladies are by Jim Shore. I really like his designs. You have a good eye!! Hope the weather is improving in Ohio.

Sharon said...

I so enjoy your seasonal tablescapes and vignettes. I really like the little deer and the way you changed the ribbon. I'm ready for spring, and your blog post makes it seem a little closer.