Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Classic Styling in Black Slacks and Pink Blouse

Styling A Classic Look 

In the year and ten months since I have been blogging, I feel that I have been experimenting with different clothing styles. Some styles have worked for me and some I am still puzzling over. Today, I am returning to a classic style by wearing black slacks with a light pink blouse and black heels. 

I have been enjoying this pink thrifted blouse so much! It has the crisp, clean lines that give this blouse its classic look. Some extra interest is added with the cuff of the sleeves which has a unique split opening rather than cuff buttons.

The black slacks are ones I have had for awhile and enjoy wearing. The brand is Basic Edition and they have a stretch waistband which makes these slacks quite comfortable. Frankly, I don't understand those folks who think elastic waistbands are wrong for women to wear. I find them comfortable and forgiving if I am bloated. In addition, they don't "pooch out" at the middle like pants with a zipper and button tend to do. That "pooch" shows through on many tops and with an elastic waistband you don't have that worry. The heels are an exciting new find which I will share on another post. But, I will say they are comfortable pumps with more of a block heel than a spike heel at a reasonable height for walking.

Another style change I'm experimenting with are purses that don't hang off my shoulder but have either short handles for carrying or are clutch bags. This bag would be the latter. It's a sort of peachy/pink color on one side and tan on the other. It folds to show both colors and also has a fringe tassel accent. There is a story behind this clutch bag. I had seen a couple of these bags on display at one of our local Goodwill stores. The one I picked up had a $1 price tag on it. I thought that was an excellent find! However, when I went to the register to pay, I was informed that this was actually a "new" purse and someone had put a $1 price tag on it from something else and the actual price was $12. I kind of felt funny because I was afraid they thought I had switched the price tag but it wasn't me!! Anyway, I opted not to get the purse because I felt paying $12 at Goodwill was too much. I found myself thinking about this purse over the next few days, however, and even looked online at purses in this style. Of course, they cost much more than $12! Long story short, I went back a few days later and bought the purse! I'm happy I did because it is a style that I enjoy.
The necklace I'm wearing is Paparazzi in pink. The bracelet on my right wrist you have seen often. I love this pink wrap bracelet from Colorado and wear it frequently. I'm not going to tell you about the bracelets on my left wrist (which I took off for this picture) because I will be doing a special post on that jewelry this Friday! So, hope you will come back for that special post in which I will also tell you about a very special blogger friend of mine!
One thing I'm noticing in these pictures is that I can see the black color of the slacks showing under the light pink blouse. When I wore this same top with gray slacks that wasn't an issue. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say! Guess gray slacks might be a better option next time. Styling is hard isn't it? And, for me, finding the one "style" that I like is a little challenging as I get older and my body has changed and also as trends have changed. In my "younger" years, I always went for the tailored look more. While I still like tailored looks, I sometimes go in for the more "flowy" styles now. I'm always a little bit of this and that, aren't I? I really think I chose the right name for my blog, because this and that truly fits who I am! Although some of my style tastes have changed over the years, a crisp blouse and black pants with heels is a classic look that I feel is always in style and can be dressed up or down. Always a winner in my this and that book!

Do you like the classic look of a blouse with slacks? Do you like to try different style trends to see what suits your personal style? Hope you will take a moment to leave me a message. And....on a more personal note; thank you, dear readers, for your sweet support and comments with regard to our losing Gracie. Your comments have comforted me and will continue to do so in the coming days, weeks and months as we go forward without our girl.

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Sharon said...

I agree that your styling with black pants and pink top is such a classic look. Your accessory choices are perfect with the look. I think your whole outfit is quite versatile and could be worn in casual settings as well as for dressier occasions. I enjoyed your post, Debbie.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much, Sharon. I do like versatile and classic looks.

Karen said...

I truly like this look very much. I tend toward classics myself, and yet there is just enough modern going on here to keep it fresh. First is the blouse. I LOVE pink and I also like the sleeves on this one. The cuff detail is especially nice. It happens sometimes with darker slacks (I like the wider leg here, very modern to my eye, yet very classic) that they show through a lighter top. I see this sometimes when I dress and then will put on a light-colored camisole under the top and it makes it possible to wear with darker colors. It happened to me today, and I forgot the camisole so I'm at work in a white top over a navy skirt, and yes, the navy is showing through! : ) I'm glad you went back for the purse. While that seems like a lot for Goodwill, especially when it was marked for $1, it's a real bargain. To answer your question, I am more of an experimenter with casual clothes, and if it's a definite trend, the pieces have to be on sale. I know I'm a classic dresser and that's where I tend to spend a little more. Black slacks are true wardrobe workhorses, as are black pumps. At least for me. I will pay for those (though not carelessly, I always look for sales!). Your whole outfit here is a definite winner! I have been praying a lot for you and your husband Debbie, just wanted you to know!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen, for your prayers. We surely need them! That's a great idea about the camisole. I used your idea today for another top/pants set and it worked beautifully! I continue to learn with fashion!!

highlatitudestyle said...

Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. This outfit is such a classic look. I like how you kept it modern with the accessories.