Friday, May 26, 2017

John Denver Got It Right About Sunshine!

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy!

*All photography by Debbie Ross and property of If pinned/used, please give proper credit. 

John Denver got it right, my friends. A little sunshine on my shoulders does make this girl happy!  We have had so much rain of late, and I know that rain is necessary, but those dreary days were gettin' me down! 

I was so excited to see the sun that I grabbed my camera and wandered around outside in my bathrobe snapping photos of the sunlight glinting through the trees and other delights of nature on our property. Aren't you glad I didn't snap a pic of me in my bathrobe?!

We've had so much rain that the stream that runs through our property is a cascading waterfall right now.

I love the sound of the rushing water.

The mountain laurel is in bloom. Mr.thisandthat's favorite flower!

Our poor rhododendron bushes had beautiful blooms that got beaten down by the rain and by the tree that fell across our driveway a few nights ago. But, the petals on the ground are still beautiful.

My garden flowers are blooming beautifully right now. Fingers crossed that they continue to bloom and grow throughout the hot days of summer!

I take joy in looking at the rock formations.

And all of the greenery!

And the clear blue sky!! A little bit of Nature's eye candy for you today.

I am so blessed to live in such a park-like setting!

"God looked over everything He had made,
It was so good, so very good!"
Genesis 1:31
The Message

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Sharon said...

Wow, Debbie, your photos are absolutely beautiful! You are fortunate indeed to live where you do. How nice to even have your own little waterfall! Thanks for sharing the lovely area around your home

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. I thought the photos turned out well!

Lay said...

How many times did I listen to John Denver's Sunshine as a teenager (and countless times since)?! And your pictures are soul food for me! Thank you!! You know, maybe posting pictures of you in your bathrobe isn't such a bad idea - Debbie's bathrobe stylin's!!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Laura. But no bathrobe shots...Ha!

Karen said...

Gorgeous pictures. You are blessed indeed to live in such a place.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen. I am blessed!