Friday, June 15, 2018

Healthy Eating with Yogurt Bowls and Salmon

Two Ideas for Healthy Eating
*I am not a medical person or a dietitian. All writing/opinions are my own. These foods contain fish, nuts and dairy which some people are allergic to. 

Hey Everyone!  I'm back after taking the week off from technology while I traveled to West Virginia to see my family. It was nice to visit family and to have a break from my normal routine. Now, I'm back home and thought I would share a couple ideas with you of two great meals that are easy to prepare and also quite healthy, in my opinion. 

I was really proud of this dinner I made using fresh salmon topped with dill sauce over brown rice and green beans with almonds as a side. Salmon is a great source for protein, vitamins and minerals as well as Omega 3's. I seasoned this salmon with onion powder, black pepper and McCormick's salt free garlic and herb seasoning and baked it for approximately 25 minutes in a 425 degree oven. For the dill sauce I used Greek yogurt seasoned with a little lemon juice and, of course, dill. I have to admit that this dill sauce was not my favorite. I find Greek yogurt really tart and think the next time I make dill sauce I will use fat free sour cream instead of the Greek yogurt. If you are a fan of Greek yogurt, though, try it for the dill sauce. The green beans were the frozen kind that you can steam in the microwave. I then sauteed them in olive oil and added in the almonds which I had previously browned in a shallow pan. I am a fan of milder fish such as salmon or tilapia, and my hubby and I found this meal to be a winner!

Tired of the usual breakfast choices of eggs, pancakes and cereal?  Why not try a yogurt bowl for a change? !  I had been seeing yogurt bowls all over blogland and decided to make one of my own using some of my favorite fruits and nuts. I started with approximately one cup of my favorite Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt and then added blueberries, peaches, banana slices and chopped almonds. 

I must say that this was yummo and such a nice change from the usual breakfast fare!  The fun thing about yogurt bowls is you can add any variety of toppings that you like and get really creative. Don't always feel you have to have fresh fruit either. Canned or frozen fruit works just as well as a yogurt topping. I'm thinking of adding a dusting of coconut to my next yogurt bowl. Get creative and enjoy!

Have you tried yogurt bowls or have great fish recipes?  Take a moment and share. I look forward to hearing from you! It's great to be back. I missed you!

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Sharon said...

I'm so glad you're back, Debbie! Both of these dishes look so delicious and healthy. And your pictures are beautiful. Just like you, salmon and tilapia are my favorites, although I have fixed some flounder lately. I crust the flounder with a pesto and crushed walnut mixture to give a little crunch. Your yogurt bowl is a great idea and one I will try. I like the idea of adding nuts and even coconut with the fruit--yum!

Karen said...

Welcome back! These dishes both look great! I do like Greek yogurt so will have to try that sauce on salmon. Yogurt is my go-to lunch with blueberries and walnuts or almonds. I never get tired of it. It would be equally good for breakfast. I'm glad you had a relaxing time with your family! I was in Pittsburgh today to go to the markets and thought back to your post when you were there!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. Your toppings for yogurt sound yummy!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: Yes, I had a nice time last summer in Pittsburgh. Glad you had a nice weekend!