Sunday, June 3, 2018

Weekend Inspiration A Favorite Scripture

I can do all things through Christ who is my strength. 
Philippians 4:13

I have used this Bible verse before for devotionals, but I feel that it is one that bears repeating....and repeating....and repeating. In fact, this is a verse that I basically need to think about each and every day. Every one of us has challenges that we face on a daily basis. Some may be small challenges and some may be quite large. Only each of us knows how to categorize our challenges. Small for some people, may be quite large for others and vice versa. The key, however, is knowing that no matter what the challenges may be and whether they seem large or small to us, we know that God through Christ cares about us and our challenges and is always by our side helping us through them. Thanks be to God for this wonderful gift of God's continual presence and caring!



Michele Morin said...

Debbie, I'm assuming that's a lilac bush, and it's glorious!
I love that verse, and also used a verse from Philippians this week to go with a picture of a robin's nest that a mama robin built in a ladder hanging on our shed. While she was out for coffee, I rushed out a snapped a picture, and was surprised it was adequate for use on a post!

Sharon said...

This is a nice reminder to start the week. Thanks, Debbie

Karen said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder Debbie! I read this just as I was feeling the pressure mounting at work and thought to take a little break. I love this verse and repeat it often throughout my day. It's true, but like you said bears repeating because we tend to become overwhelmed in our circumstances, whatever they may be. I want to come to the place where my first thought is not "you have to fix this right now" or "I can't do this" to "give it to Jesus and ask for His help and guidance." Some days I do better than others, this is one of the "others" so it was a blessing to see this reminder!