Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving Gossip, Christmas Decor, Jewelry Storage

A Little Bit of This and That 

How I Spent Thanksgiving, How I Decorate for Christmas, How I Display Jewelry

Hey friends! How was your Thanksgiving? I'm back from traveling to West Virginia to see family and thought I would share a few things. Today, in true this and that fashion I'm styling life by sharing about Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating and a new way I'm storing some jewelry. There's something for everybody in today's post!

If you are like me, you probably feel stuffed after all the good Thanksgiving food. Our official Thanksgiving dinner was at the home of one of my four sisters. You can see the yummy dessert table above.

And here are the remnants of some of the main foods. I didn't take a picture before everyone started digging in! We were all too hungry! There was also ham and turkey, mashed potatoes and homemade noodles, baked beans and delicious hot roles. I ate waaayyy too much, but truly enjoyed every bite. 

This is the "Christmas Room" that my sister and brother-in-law decorate each year. Isn't it pretty? I always enjoy sitting in this room visiting with family. I got to see most of my family on this trip. We surely missed my Pennsylvania sister and brother-in-law and their children and grandchildren. Our trip was short, but we packed in lots of visiting at different sister's homes and the Mr. was even able to visit an old high school friend, so our time was well spent. We drove back Saturday in order to avoid the heaviest traffic and to allow the Mr. a day of rest on Sunday before returning to teaching and I'm so glad we did this. We checked a traffic app yesterday and the route we traveled was bumper to bumper with back ups. No thank you!

Before we left, I had done quite a bit of Christmas decorating and I've been finishing it up yesterday and today. My style of decorating is to incorporate Christmas objects I love into the regular decor I have on display. I made the decision a few years ago to stop packing my regular decor away and pared down the decorations I use to what I truly love and want to see on display each year. I love the result, but it does not look like some of the blogs who have decorations that color match with their decor and look "magazine ready." But, it's what the Mr. and I like and I'm happy to share my ideas with you! I have so enjoyed my gingerbread chefs in the kitchen and this year, I decided to let my little elves peek out from my Longaberger pitchers. I am planning a gingerbread inspired tablescape for you in a few days. 

Our side table in front of the windows looks very festive. 

And our mantle looks cheerful with the nutcracker musicians, the skinny house and church and the Santa Cats. 

These guys are so cute! I enjoy displaying them each year.

I have displayed two Nativities. My formal white Nativity is still to come. 

Although actually an ornament that can hang on the tree, I love setting this Jim Shore designed nativity on the secretary desk. 

The music box Nutcracker sits on top of a speaker. 

And what should I do with a random blue candle ring? How about decorating the towel holder in my all blue bathroom?

I do believe it fits right in!

And, here is our tabletop tree, decorated with ornaments that we have had for many years. 

And looking oh so pretty with the lights shining in the dark. I love our little tree!

At this point, I'm still debating how to finish decorating the upper and lower foyer, so I'll need to share that later. However, here is the "wreath" on the foyer door. OK, that's a lot of Christmas photos. How about a helpful hint on how to display your necklaces?

You know for awhile now, I have been debating how to organize my necklaces so I can find what I want to wear. I had a small hanger with only three hooks and you can imagine how tangled up all these necklaces got hanging on only three hooks! I decided to use this larger hanger on a bulletin board that I have hanging on the wall. I used several push pins to anchor the hanger and voila...I have plenty of room now to hang my necklaces!

And there is even still a little room to hang some things on the bulletin board. The bulletin board does double duty-I love it!!

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Have you decorated for Christmas yet? How do you solve the jewelry storage dilemma? Hope you'll take a moment to share. I love hearing from you!

Until Next Time,

*Photography by Debbie Ross.  Feel free to pin photos. 


Clearissa said...

You were right. There is a little something for everybody. TFS

Karen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family! So nice you got to be together, and I love their Christmas room! That's beautiful! I decorate like you do Debbie, incorporating the Christmas touches into my normal d├ęcor. Sure saves time, and like you, I pared down to the decorations I love and have the most meaning. I used to put just everything out, but now if each room has a touch of Christmas, I'm good with that. My favorite thing each year is my white tree that holds all the antique ornaments that I collect, and the family collection that dates back to pre-WWII. It's up and decorated already! I will go cut a real tree in December to decorate, but the white one is so meaningful, and really has my heart! Great idea on the jewelry! Necklaces can tangle so easily and this really solves that issue! My Thanksgiving was VERY low key, had to work the day before and the day after, but I'm in the countdown to retirement - I think 18 or 19 working days to go!!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I aim to please, Clarissa! (wink)

Debbie Styles Life said...

Your white tree sounds beautiful, Karen! I'll bet the ornaments you have collected are lovely! What a wonderful Christmas you will celebrate this year with retirement-only a few days to go! I'm happy for you!

Sharon said...

What a lovely post! I especially enjoyed seeing how you have decorated for Christmas. You are way ahead of me. I haven't pulled out one holiday item yet, but like you, I will incorporate some of my favorites along with my everyday decor. I have a special fondness for gingerbread "people" so I really like your gingerbread chefs. I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming gingerbread tablescape post.

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, you are very creative and your home looks beautifully dressed for Christmas - I particularly love the gingerbread people - so welcoming for the festive season. I think the jewellery holder on the peg board is a great idea - practical and pretty to look at too.

Terra Heck said...

Love that Christmas room. It's very pretty and festive. Like you, I incorporate holiday decor with regular decor that I already have out.