Friday, February 15, 2019

Turning Skirts and Nightgowns into Aprons and Pillows

Turning A Sewing Failure Into Something New

Hey Everyone! You've heard the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," right?  Well, today I did just that with a sewing project. Several months ago I started a skirt, realized I needed more fabric, inserted extra fabric and then couldn't finish the waistband because my little pink sewing machine broke. I finally got a brand new, full-size sewing machine for my birthday and a couple days ago I successfully sewed the waistand onto my skirt. I was so excited! That is until I tried on the skirt. Woops! I looked like a giant green and daisy pink balloon in it!! I had waaay too much fabric sewn into this garment. I kid you not. I decided that the skirt could not be worn. But, what to do
 with all of that lovely material? Being fairly new to sewing I expect to make mistakes. And that skirt was a big one. But, I really do love the fabric and so I decided to turn that skirt mistake into a pretty apron!

I basically cut the skirt in half making sure to sew over the elastic waist to secure the gathers in place. I hemmed up the sides where I cut the fabric in half and then added ties from leftover pieces of fabric from another sewing project. The ties are contrasting fabric to the daisy print but I feel that the pattern mixing works well together. I've been wanting an apron to wear in the kitchen and now I have one! See, mistakes can be turned around into something wonderful! 

I also worked on another sewing project that created a beautiful keepsake. The purple fabric on the pillow you see in the above picture came from a nightgown that belonged to my Mother. It will be 24 years this coming May since my Mom went to be with the Lord. And for those 24 years I have kept some of her nightgowns packed away in a box. I didn't want to part with them. I kept thinking, though, that I would like to find a creative way to use some of the nightgown fabric. So, I came up with the idea of cutting the fabric of one of her gowns to create a pillow using the lace on the gown as the edging. 

I'm so pleased with how the pillow turned out and think it looks pretty in the Longaberger basket with a couple other pillows I have made. And, of course, when I look at or hold the purple pillow I think of my Mom! 

What projects have you been working on? Do take a moment to let me know! I love hearing from you!

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Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Your mistake made a pretty little apron but I am totally in love with the memento nightgown pillow! Very creative - you know I love pillows and this one touches my heart.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Carol. That pillow touches my heart, too. It's nice to have it now to hold onto.

Sharon said...

Many times, I have been impressed with how you re-purpose items or use one item in multiple ways. However, this time I am in awe over how you made this cute apron from a sewing mistake and the lovely pillow from your mom's nightgown. I think this is the mark of true creativity.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Awww, thank you so much, Sharon. You are so sweet!!