Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hot Pink Jacket and Scarf on a Cold March Day

Springtime When It's Still Winter

So, here we are in March and I'm feeling a little "Springtime" need to dress in pink. Hot pink to be exact. I need some color to distract myself from the cold wind and sleet that continues to re-visit my little neck of the woods!

This outfit was actually what I wore to church yesterday, but just looking at the pink today makes me feel better. I am so tired of dreary skies and cold, rain and, for a while today, snow and sleet! Since it was chilly yesterday I wanted to be warm as well as bright and cheerful so I wore my all-time favorite long dress that I have owned for, oh, probably 20 years! I know that sounds like a long time and it is. This dress is a Woolrich dress and it is an amazing piece to own. I always feel wonderful when I wear it which is a testament to choosing quality pieces. When I purchased it I remember thinking it was expensive, but here I am 20 years later still wearing it. So, I'd guess you could say I have gotten my money's worth out of it! 

The quilted pink jacket is from Steinmart and I actually own this jacket in a blue and a brown color as well. These are great jackets for dressing up dresses, skirts, jeans and slacks. This hot pink jacket is one of my favorites and I like how it looks paired with my new scarf. I wore the scarf in our last "Match Made in Seven" theme post and I have loved continuing to wear it since. If you missed that last post, which featured neon, be sure to follow the link and catch up!

March is such a transitions month for weather. One day it's Winter, the next day it's Spring! It's hard to know how to dress so I find that adding a little Springtime color to my tried and true cold weather wear is the way to go. The pink of my jacket and scarf adds a little "Spring" to my step while the Woolrich dress, No Nonsense leggings (under the dress) and Skecher ankle booties keep me cozy and warm. The sky is the limit when you transition into Spring by shopping your closet for warmer pieces and then pair them with a Spring color jacket, scarf or accessory. Go check out your closet and see what you can find to put together a transitional Spring outfit. No shopping needed. Use what you already own and be creative. It's fun and cheaper!

And if you haven't had enough pink yet, how pretty is the bloom on this Primrose? I did not realize how hardy the Primrose flower is until I put it outside on our front porch table. I was worried that either Cassie or Garden might chew on this plant after I read that Primroses can be poisonous to cats. The flower continues to flourish in the great outdoors. See? Pink loves the transitional weather!!

How are you transitioning your clothes from Winter to Spring? Do you love pink like I do? Hope you will take a moment to leave a comment. I love hearing from you!

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Lay said...

You are so right about brightening up these final days of winter when we are so ready for Spring! And you did it beautifully. Ii'm going to pull out my coral pink sweater today to follow your lead!

Sharon said...

Debbie, I love how you have paired your beautiful pink jacket and new scarf with your Woolrich dress. It is tiring for me to continue having to wear my heavy winter clothes when we're so close to spring. Just looking at your colorful outfit brightens the day.

Clearissa said...

Love the pink color. It is just what we need right now with all of the cold weather.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, ladies, for your sweet comments!