Friday, October 25, 2019

How To Get The Most Wear Out Of All Your Clothing

Getting Double Duty From Clothing

Hey Everyone! If you are like me, you want to get the most wear you can out of all your clothing, right?! That's why I'm excited today to be sharing lots of ideas with you about how I do just that. I did a little playing around in my closet and have come up with what I think are some cute outfit ideas that use elements that may surprise you! First up is the cute t-shirt that I just LOVE (wink!).

This t-shirt is super soft and cozy, easy to wear, perfect with jeans....AND.....(shhh don't tell anybody) it's really a pajama top! Could you guess that by looking at it? I couldn't. With today's casual wear fashion, including many pajama tops, you simply can't tell the diff between them being a cozy top or actual sleepwear. So, yeah, this top does double duty for me. Sometimes I wear it as a top and sometimes it's sleepwear. (Guess my secret's out!)

Next up, I've got my PJ's on, my sleep mask in hand, and I'm ready to snooze the night away! Nothing like a warm top to wear to bed, right? Especially when it's not really a pajama top at all but a long sleeved tee! I love wearing long sleeved tees as PJ tops especially on chilly nights. Cassie decided to photo bomb this picture and roll around on the floor. She says that being covered in fur is the best way to sleep!

So now, I'm wearing the same long sleeve tee, this time as a true top, and I've added jeans, shooties and a very cozy and warm white jacket. 

This jacket is perfect for the chillier temps we are having now. I love the jacket so much, in fact, that I have it in three colors; white, black and gray. Now...would you believe that this "jacket" was actually sold as a bed jacket? Yep, I had been wanting a bed jacket for YEARS and when I saw these for sale a couple years ago I snatched them up in three colors. They work perfectly as bed jackets when you want to sit up and read in bed or watch TV. They also are perfect as jackets or sweaters. I've seen jackets and sweaters sold that look just like these. Who could tell the difference?! 

necklace turned into a bracelet

And the bracelet I'm wearing here? Yes, it's a shorter necklace that I have doubled up to turn it into a bracelet! Double duty!

black and white duster

So, here, I changed to a black top and added a kimono/duster that I've shown you before on the blog. Notice that my bracelet is back to being a necklace? 

You should know by now that I love dusters since I've been showing different ones to you a lot lately! But, guess what else you can do with a duster? 

You can turn it into a scarf!

Yep, I love getting double duty out of my duster. Think of packing to go on a trip and you take a duster that serves two purposes!  And speaking of scarves.....

ways to wear an infinity scarf

Remember my new Paparazzi ring I showed you a few posts ago? Well, I'm using it as a scarf holder in this picture!

The scarf I'm wearing is actually an infinity scarf but rather than wrap it around my head twice I left it long, pulled up the bottom partway and put my ring on to hold it in place. So, I got double duty from both the ring and the infinity scarf!

Now, go get in your closet and see what items YOU have that can do double duty for you! It's so much fun to play dress up and see what new outfits you can come up with! Plus, getting double duty from your clothing can be a real money saver. It's a win-win thing! Let me know what new ideas I gave you in the comments and please share your ideas for getting double duty from your clothes!!

(Many of these pics were taken inside due to it getting dark and being cold outside! Sorry they are not super high quality. I did the best I could!)

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Sharon said...

I'm amazed! I have always thought that you have a knack for choosing versatile clothing. Now I think that you have a gift for seeing the versatility and wearing clothing in different ways. Thanks for the ideas--all of which I would never come up with on my own.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon, you're sweet!

Karen Anderson said...

This post is packed with great tips!! I'm currently out of town with my sister and we're close to some outlet stores. At Hanes I found one of those bed jackets and they had moisture wicking sleeveless tops that I thought were for working out, but they were pajama tops. But why not use them at the gym, especially since the whole store was 40 percent off in preparation for moving! I love how you used the kimono as a scarf! All of your ideas are wonderful ways to get more from our clothes! I'm going to show this post to my sister and save it for reference!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I'm glad you got lots of good tips from this post, Karen! Happy shopping and have fun with your sister!

Clearissa said...

Great double-duty fashion tips. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Oh I love the fuzzy jacket and all your outfits are nice. I would wear them all.

Joy said...

The black with the kimono on top looks stunning on you, I think. Really stylish!