Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mixing Up Colors and Failing

Color Mix Fashion or Fail?

blue kimono worn with corduroy pants and blue duster

You know what? Sometimes you have a fashion idea and want to give it a try and when you look at the result you think to yourself....what was I thinking?  Yeah, I'm kind of feeling that way about this outfit. 

getting away from matchy matchy colors

I really love the individual pieces of this outfit. The tan corduroy pants I have had for years (Corduroy is back this season I read recently. It never left in my closet!) The marigold color top that is so easy going and comfortable to wear. And another kimono/duster today, this one in beautiful blue with pink flowers throughout. I'm just not certain I like these pieces together. Hmmm...

styling for autumn

I do admire bloggers whose posts show them so effortlessly putting colors together. They wear their color mixes boldly and look so lovely doing it!  Alas, I feel that this is more of a color miss than a color mix. 

kimono worn tied at the front

I guess at heart I'm more of a "matchy-matchy" girl when it comes to colors! I do love this duster, though. It is cut like the hot pink duster I showed you in the last post and can be worn down or with a tied front like you see here. Karen, if you are reading, this is what I was describing in the last post! I love that you can do this with these dusters. 

blue and pink duster
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And, oh, how pretty the pattern is on this duster! I am enjoying styling my collection of dusters/kimonos for Fall! But, next time, I think I'll choose a different color combo. But, does it really matter in the end? It's fun to play with colors we have in our closet and try out new combinations. Even if we get a miss from time to time. At least we're trying, right?! 

Now, go get in your closet and trying playing with colors and matches and mixes and let me know what you love in the comment section, OK?! 

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Sharon said...

I really like the fact that you mix and match and try different looks. Sometimes I get in a rut with my clothes. I still remember your idea to "shop my closet" and that could mean putting together and trying out different combos.

Debbie Styles Life said...

That's a great idea, Sharon, to try out different combos and find out what works. I'm going to keep trying too and see what "new" outfits I can find in my own closet!

Karen Anderson said...

Being really honest Debbie, I like this combination of colors. Before I even started reading I thought, 'oh I do like the addition of yellow!' The blue in the kimono and the ran pants are the neutrals here, and the yellow tone just adds interest in my opinion. Thank you for showing how these kimonos tie in front. That's a great feature and does change up the look. Yesterday I bought a marigold floral boho top that I almost didn't try on. When I did try it, it was one of those times when I immediately smiled and knew it was coming home with me. And I'm more into classic styles, so sometimes departures from our norm are good and fun. Like your outfit here. It's definitely a winner!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Wow, Karen, thank you so much for liking my outfit! I still think I might prefer a "matchier" look but I can see what you are talking about with the tan and blue being neutrals. I would love to see your new top you describe! It sounds beautiful! Yellow tones are certainly growing on me and I am drawn to them more than I used to be drawn. Have a great weekend!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love the style and the colors of what you are wearing!! Very pretty!!Thanks so much for stopping by!!