Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How To Style A Crochet Halter Neck Dress

A Little Crochet On A Summer Dress

Hello everyone! It's been a few days. I think this post may make it to publication. I actually had worked a couple of days on another post and then decided it was too boring so I deleted it. I almost went to sleep reading it! So, I hope you will enjoy today's post more and not find it a "snoozer!"  I'm styling a pretty summer dress for you that has delicate shades of blue stripes and just a touch of crochet for interest. 

The dress itself is actually quite simple. What first caught my eye was the crochet neckline and the band of crochet on the bottom half separating vertical and horizontal stripes. You know I love blue anyway and the crochet aspect was just icing on the cake! I looked at the dress awhile online before I ordered it. The fact that it was really marked down also helped! 

I'm styling the dress for you with and without a blue jean jacket and with two different styles of shoes so you can get some ideas if you would like to try something similar. I had to run out and get these pics in between rainstorms this evening. We have been having heavy rain that is in the forecast all week. I will miss seeing the sunshine!

Here I'm showing the dress with sandals that are more of a dove gray color. The dress has some light blue that is more of a light gray so the dress and shoes go well together. I just think the colors in this dress say "summer."  Today's temps are on the cooler side with the rain, however, so I was kinda glad to get back inside!

I wish I had more news to share with you. Every day seems the same anymore. I was telling a friend today that I don't feel like I am truly useful these days. I do the dishes, make the bed, put together a few meals and do some laundry. And that's about it! So, getting a new summer dress was kind of exciting! 

A Few Additional Tidbits

For those who are interested, here are a few items of interest. I've been creating a few more cards using paper crafting and that gave me some pleasant moments recently.

And my little seedlings that I have been carefully nurturing in my dining room are now planted in containers on the back porch. The Mr. bought flexible plastic fencing that we have wrapped around the outside to try and keep critters out. Would you believe I looked out yesterday and saw that two little chipmunks had weazled their way inside the netting?! I went out and yelled at them as they scurried down the porch wall. I'm sure that will take care of the matter! 😏 

And, finally, the Mr. and I took a walk around Biltmore Village the other day. There was nobody around which is highly unusual for Biltmore Village! As you can see we were taking precautions!

The Mr. snapped this photo of an interesting tree in the village. It looks like a grown-up Bonsai tree, doesn't it?!

Here's hoping I haven't put you to sleep today but, if I did, at least I gave you a good nap!  Take care, wear your masks, social distance, wash your hands and leave me a comment! I love hearing from you. 

Until Next Time,


Clearissa said...

Your dress is really cute and can be dressed up or dressed down. Very nice. I also like the gardening. I am so ready for warmer weather but not the 99 degrees heat of summer.

Sharon said...

Your dress is lovely, Debbie. I really like the fabric and the style, and it pairs so well with a denim jacket. I also enjoyed seeing the cards you've made. I understand how one day seems the same as others right now. I have to remind myself what day it is when I get up in the morning!

eva @StyleMyThrift said...

debbie! cute dress!!
if you figure out how to keep the critters out, let me know! i have a resident squirrel that you'd think was my pet....he has NO fear of me and is out there eating my strawberries when I am gardening!...grr!!!
xo Eva

Karen said...

Your summer dress is so pretty! Crochet seems to be trending this spring/summer, so you found a winner! I like the different directions of the stripes, and just love sundresses! Those blue wedges are fabulous! How nice to walk around Biltmore Village. Things are finally really opening up here and it's such a relief after being mostly cooped up. The days all run together and one seems to be the same as the next. Now that the weather is getting a little better, I feel my spirits rising and love getting out to work in the yard and tidy up flowerbeds. Or simply sit on the porch with tea or coffee and enjoy the sunshine. Your posts are never snoozers Debbie!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Clearissa, Sharon, Eva and Karen for your comments. I'm glad you like my dress. This was a fun post to do and I'm glad you didn't find my post a snoozer!! All of you lovely ladies stay well!

Joy said...

It's lovely and the lace is a great touch. Did you make it yourself - it wouldn't be too hard, I think.