Saturday, June 27, 2020

Styling During The Sahara Dust Storm

How To Style For Dusting

Hi Everyone!  The Mr. and I have been noticing how odd our sky looks here today and we finally figured out that we are experiencing the Sahara Dust Cloud which has moved into our area. So, today, I am sharing my "dusting" outfit, pun intended! 

I actually felt like dressing up a bit more than jeans and a tee shirt today. I had re-discovered this pretty blue cold shoulder top in a drawer this week. Don't you love it when you have forgotten a piece of clothing and then re-discover it?! Who needs to shop when that happens. It's like getting a new article of clothing all over again! I just love the flowers on this top with the stripes. And I thought about pairing the top with my Erika pants and I'm so glad I did. A perfect combination. 

I know I've worn this top on the blog before but not with these pants and shoes. I like that I can wear a bra with this top because the straps are so wide. And the whole top is comfy and light. I've been trying to keep track of the outfits I am actually wearing this summer so I can weed out what I'm not wearing. Of course, sometimes, a season or two will go by and then I will re-discover a piece of clothing so I don't want to go too crazy with my weeding! 

Speaking of re-discoveries, how do you like this lipstick color? I found it a few days ago while digging around in my makeup kit and had totally forgotten I owned this color. I have been wearing it since and like the color. It has just enough pink to say "summer" in my opinion.

And this is a bit of an aside, but I wanted to share a bit of creativity today. I had been holding onto a Dollar Store canvas wondering what to do with it and I decided the other day to create a sign using some ribbon around the edges and some stickers that I had also kept. 

The colors look nice on the living room side table so that is where my little sign is living right now. I have cleaned out a lot of items that I was using to decorate my foyer table but I was starting to think the other day of doing a 4th of July foyer table so stay tuned to see if that will happen! If I do one, you know I will share it here on the blog. 

So that's about it. A little dust in our atmosphere, a lot of dust in my house (but who wants to hear about that?!) and a re-discovered top that pairs well with my blue capris and red striped  shoes. That's the news at my house. What's the news at yours? Hope you will tell me in the comments!

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Sharon said...

I like rediscovering an article of clothing too. And it's even better when pairing it with something different. Your lipstick shade is really nice. It seems like it would be a versatile color. I look forward to seeing how you decorate for the fourth of July!

Karen Anderson said...

Oh my do I love those striped shoes Debbie!! You look fresh and summery in your cold shoulder top! I like the combination of flowers and stripes too! Very pretty!! I haven't heard about the dust cloud, that's interesting. Hopefully it doesn't leave any real dust behind as it moves through! I just returned home from a really fun weekend with my sister...we go to a huge shopping district once a year and it was a real lift to actually go into clothing stores and be able to shop! We had to push the trip back a month, but it was worth the wait, always is! They are adding more stores and restaurants, so we're already looking forward to going back next year. I've been doing some projects around the house when I'm home, but have been going out more and more after being cooped up so long! The parks were always open, fortunately, so that's still a favorite activity. Lots to do around the house still, especially in the garden!

Iris said...

Love your outfit and your sign. Hope you're doing okay with all the 'dust'. We haven't had any dust - but more than our share of pollen.
Grace & Peace,Iris