Wednesday, August 26, 2020

What Is Happening With Blogging?

Is Blogging Becoming Passe?

Hey everyone!  I'm just sharing a few thoughts today about blogging and things I have noticed recently about this favorite hobby of mine. First, though, please notice the beautiful flowers that The Mr. bought for me at the grocery store the other day as we shopped. I'm into fresh flowers right now and these are gorgeous!

Anyway, sometimes as I do chores around the house I think about things, like how groups I have recently been a part of as a blogger seem to be closing down. For instance, I think I told you that "Match Made In Seven" is no more. So, no more monthly challenges to help me move outside of my comfort zone with style. It was fun while it lasted and I did get quite the kick out of saying that I belonged to an "international blogging group." Oh well.  And now, another group, one on Facebook, has closed down. No real reason given other than there were only a few of us participating. But, we were participating. And, I'm going to miss that group. It was another chance to not only share my posts to a wider audience but to also see other bloggers that I like to follow. You may have noticed that I have added some new blogs that I follow to the sidebar on my blog. Check out my list and you might find some other blogs you would enjoy reading. But, hey, be sure to keep coming back to mine, OK?!

Change Profile Photo

Surely to goodness Instagram isn't taking over the blogging world that much! Or is it? I am on Instagram as debbiestyleslife and the above pic is the one I use on my Instagram profile page. You can follow me if you like. But, I certainly am not giving up my blog to just be on Instagram. And, can anybody please explain hashtags to me? I've tried using them and I just don't get what they are supposed to do. I know, I know....old school here. Oh well. 

There are a few things about blogging I don't like very much. The Blogger platform recently changed to the "NewBlogger" and I have chosen to stay with the classic platform. I hope they don't force me to go to the new one. I don't like change and I will go kicking and screaming if I have to! But, I will still continue blogging. I guess this old dog will just have to learn a few new tricks! I also get very annoyed at blogs that have lots of ads on the page and you can't read the blog post for all of the ads popping up all over the screen! That is so annoying and it has turned me off of more than one blog! I understand that some folks monetize their blogs to make a living and/or to drive down the costs of what they pay for on their blog but that doesn't take away from feeling annoyed when I'm trying to read a post. 

So, just a few thoughts about blogging today. Do any of these thoughts resonate in some form or fashion with you? 

What do you think of when you do chores around the house? 

Oh, and hope you enjoy the pics of the fox. He was a recent backyard visitor. 

Until Next Time,

Remember to keep smelling the roses each day!


Sharon said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I wondered about your blogging group disbanding. I always looked forward to seeing how you interpreted the monthly theme. Just like you, I'm annoyed and distracted by a lot of ads that keep popping up on blogs. Recently, I visited a quilting blog that I thought I might enjoy for some new information about quilting. I didn't stay on the blog very long, however, because of all the ads. It was hard to even read the text or view the photos of the blog because of the ads. I'm glad you are determined to continue blogging. I'm a real fan and avid reader of your blog.

Karen said...

I agree about the ads. I understand why they are there, but isn't there some other way? I'm always hitting the little "x" to get rid of them, truly NEVER read them or buy what they're selling, so I do find them annoying. I follow very few blogs and have recently eased out of another one that just wasn't speaking to my style or lifestyle. That's a good question asking "what do you think about when you do chores"... The other day I did some serious cleaning and all I could think about was how hot I was!! Sometimes I plan other things I need to do, or I dream about my future home when I sell this house. I also pray. It's an interesting question. Your little fox visitor is so cute! How blessed you are to have such beautiful things happening right in your yard! I'm glad you are continuing to blog because yours is one I look forward to!

Clearissa said...

Very thoughtful post. I do think blogging is changing but I hope it is not becomingg obsolete. I am not so fond of change either, but sometimes we just have to go with the flow.
I am grateful that my blog is one that you follow and I enjoy your blog as well.
You are on beautiful property. The fox was a real treat as were the photos of your fresh flowers. Take care and keep on blogging.

Fashion Schlub said...

I've been blogging about one thing or another for over 10 years...and through it all I have heard "blogging is dead." Well, *I'M* still here, YOU'RE still here, a whole LOT of bloggers are still here, so...

But yes, I do think that Instagram has stolen a lot of thunder from blogs - it's quick and easy, people can scroll through a couple dozen accounts just standing in line at the market. Blogs have ALL THE PICTURES and ALL THE TEXT, and you have to go to each separate location to see each separate blog. IG is certainly more convenient for the busy person.

But for me, personally, I prefer long-form writing. To me, Instagram is to blogs what Speed Dating is to A Real Date, you know, actual conversation and activity and time together! I like to be able to spend a little time with a person and get to know them...or share and let them get to know ME.

Plus, Instagram has changed so much over the past few years. It used to be about beautiful or interesting imagery. Now, with stories and IGTV and Reels...I hardly recognize my feed! Where did all the pretty go?

OH - IT'S STILL ON THE BLOGS! Ha. I don't think blogs will ever really die. They predated social media - MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and now TikTok...and I think they'll continue to be A Thing, long after all those things have moved on.

As long as we keep writing and reading...there will be blogs :-)


Anonymous said...

I have been completely quarantined since the beginning of March. I live alone. I have no husband, no children. You and other women bloggers in my age group bring me such company and joy each day. I appreciate you and need you. Thank you for continuing to blog.

Iris said...

Flowers are gorgeous - good for your DH.

I LOVE the fox pictures. I always feel so blessed when I see wildlife. I have foxes living in my field, but they're very shy.

I blog because I want to. I'm delighted to have followers and readers, but the blog is for me. I don't like change very much either and while I'm on Instagram, I mostly like it for cute dog/cat pictures.

I totally agree about pop up ads. That's the quickest way to get me to leave. They are SO annoying. I don't mind ads, but don't shove them in my face. Okay, rant over. Hang in there - it's 2020 - we'll get through this.
Grace & Peace,Iris

Joy said...

I truly hope blogging doesn't go out of fashion. I feel I'm part of a community and would miss it very much. Besides, where would I go for interesting reading, quirky information and thought provoking ideas?
It's a bit like a bereavement each time a blog vanishes and I do wonder and worry about why.

Leslie said...

As a food blogger, I really enjoyed your post. We are simpatico as far as hating changes, I too have resisted a new platform, and have stuck with the classic version of WordPress, hoping I will not be forced into the new one.
I also despise blogs that are full of annoying pop up ads! I will never resort to that and risk losing my readers! Great read, thank you!

Ann said...

Blogging may be changing, but I still think people want to read good content. Instagram is certainly quicker, but, if you want more information, you still need to visit the blog.