Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Drive To Burnsville North Carolina

A Quiet And Quaint Little Town

Welcome to the quaint and lovely town of Burnsville, North Carolina. This is where we took our Sunday drive today and enjoyed snapping some photos on the village green. The Christmas decorations were still up and I'm so glad as it added to the photos and also our enjoyment. 

I'm always reminded of the fictional villages of Fairacre and Thrush Green whenever I visit little towns like this. Dora Saint (Miss Read) structured those villages around a green area in the middle of town and all of the houses and businesses fanned out in every direction just like they do here in Burnsville. You can see the Nu-Wray Inn in this picture which is an historic inn that I would love to go into some day. I have read that Thomas Wolfe, Christopher Reeves and Elvis Presley all stayed at this inn

Like many towns of similar size, this one is filled with beautiful old buildings which are no longer used for their original intent. This is the old Yancey County Public Library building. It reminds me of the old Carnegie Library in my hometown which now sits unused. These buildings are so historic and beautiful and I wish they could still be used as libraries. I guess that I am not of the opinion that newer is better!

I really like the wreaths and red ribbon on the lamp posts on the green. If it hadn't been so cold today, I wouldn't have minded just sitting on the green and taking it all in. But, it was bitter today and after snapping several photos I headed back to the warmth of the car while The Mr. continued his photography without me. Guess I'm a wimp!

This is a statue of Otway Burns for whom the town of Burnsville is named. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. 

A view of the main street of downtown. Several years ago I would travel here every week to play in a local orchestra. It was a long drive to make in all types of weather and I was still teaching school at the time, as well, so I eventually gave up the orchestra. It was always fun to come to this little town, though. 

I'll close this post with a final picture of the pretty lights on this tree on the green facing The Nu-Wray Inn. We didn't get to see the lights at night but I'm sure they are beautiful! It was a lovely Sunday drive and I enjoyed getting to see the sights of Burnsville once again. 

Until Next Time,


Michele Morin said...

Thank you for the visit!

Lay said...

I love this post, Debbie! Thank you so much for reminding of something that we can still do - drive around our beautiful state and see lovely little towns like Burnsville. I’m going to plan some trips like this ASAP! So glad you had a nice day. Thanks for sharing it.

Karen said...

I really do enjoy visiting small towns like this one. I agree that the historic buildings are more charming and interesting than the newer ones. It's fun to find one that houses a coffee shop or café, or a shop and to go inside to enjoy the architecture and imagine what it was like "back in the day!" Thank you for taking us on a little side trip!

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed this post, Debbie. Your writing and your photos made it seem like I was right there in Burnsville with you. I also like this little town, although you included places that I've never noticed! I used to visit a lovely quilt shop just outside of the green in Burnsville. Unfortunately, the quilt shop closed several years ago, but your post reminds me that the rest of the town is lovely and certainly worth an outing during this time where I'm mostly staying in.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Michele-Glad you stopped by!

Lay-So glad you enjoyed the post. I hope you get to make some of these day trips as they are really fun and safe to do during Covid!

Karen-I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the post. Amazingly, most places were closed since it was a Sunday. So no coffee shops. When I came here years ago I liked to eat dinner at a diner on the main street. They had the BEST pies!

Sharon-So glad you felt like you were along on the visit! I look forward to when we can resume our trips to fun places for the day!

Iris said...

Oh, I loved your tour. I love towns like that. I'm definitely an "old fan" not a new glass building. We're such a tear it down society and the new buildings definitely don't seem to have any character like the older ones do. I love it when I see an old building re-used for 'something' instead of tear it down. Thanks for letting us go with you on your little tour.
Grace & Peace, Iris

Sharon said...

I look forward to resuming those day trips too, Debbie! I used to eat at that same diner, and I agree that those pies were the best!!

Joy said...

It looks delightful although I have to say it doesn't, to my English eyes, look anything like a Cotswold village. :-) Still lovely though and very peaceful and restful. It must be a very pleasant place to visit.

betty-NZ said...

What a wonderfully quaint place! It looks quite cozy.

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