Saturday, March 6, 2021

Green for Spring and St. Patrick's Day

 Light Touches of Green

With St. Patrick's Day approaching soon many bloggers are styling green clothes and home decor. I prefer to keep a light touch when it comes to wearing green with hints of it here and there rather than an all out green outfit. Green is not one of "my" colors so it works best that way.

Green pairs really well with brown and brown is one of "my" colors so I decided to mix and match with those two colors. The plaid blouse has about three different shades of green and one of the shades is so light it is almost white. That keeps the green from being too overwhelming. You've seen the brown waterfall sweater before and it keeps brown next to my face which is more flattering than the green next to my face. 

I'm going a bit "matchy-matchy" with the purse as it contains brown and green tones, also. Personally, I like matching colors even with accessories. Not sure why matching accessory colors to outfits ever went out of style, but that's just me and my opinion. The purse, by the way, is a Vera Bradley that belonged to my MIL and she decided she didn't want it anymore so I scooped it right up. I love the colors and the fact that it can be carried by the small handle or as a shoulder bag. 

And did you happen to notice this pin I'm wearing? It provides yet another hint of green to the outfit. I have actually owned this pin since I was ten or eleven years old. One of my sisters brought it back to me from Hawaii after a trip there during the Vietnam War when her husband was on leave. I seem to recall that the stones were from volcanic rock. These gems, from volcanic rock, are called "Olivine." I'm so glad that I have held onto this pin all these years as I appreciate it more now as an adult and it adds a very nice addition of green to this outfit!

I wore this necklace for a while with the outfit and then decided it didn't really add to the overall look. I love this necklace, though, and is another piece I have owned for years. It actually belonged originally to my mother and it had matching earrings. I was always raiding her jewelry chest to "borrow" jewelry and she finally just let me have this necklace and the matching earrings. Of course, I managed to lose the earrings! So, I'm quite careful with when I wear this necklace as I don't want to lose it. I chose it to wear with this outfit because the flower design reminds me of a clover and it has a touch of green leaf showing. My mother was really, really gifted when it came to finding four leaf clovers. She could just be walking on the grass when she would spy a four leaf clover and pick it. Guess she was very lucky that way!

Are you like me and prefer hints of green in your outfits? Perhaps there are other colors you like to mix and match? Or you own jewelry that comes with a story like my necklace and pin? Let me know in the comments, OK? 

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Sharon said...

I like the way you paired brown and green. And I agree about accessories--I think the purse coordinates perfectly. It's really special that you still have some jewelry from your mom and from your childhood.

Karen Anderson said...

I like green, and like how you incorporated it with a color that is more what you feel good in. I personally like kelly green a lot and find it flattering, and saturated mint green too. That handbag was a fortunate gift, wasn't it? How pretty that is! Your pin has a wonderful memory attached to it, as dies that beautiful necklace! It's so nice to have things to wear that have personal meaning!

Tania said...

I'm still quite a 'matchy-matchy' person and usually colour coordinate my clothes,jewellery and bag, in spite of the fact that it seems to have gone out style. I really like the design on your handbag and the necklace and brooch are really sweet. It's lovely that there are such special memories attached to them.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, ladies, for your sweet comments. And I agree, that jewelry attached to memories makes them extra special!

Iris said...

Love the outfit! The sweater is definitely a keeper and I'm a strong "Vera Bradley" fan - I have way too many of her purses.

Love the story about the pin and necklace. I love old jewelry - it usually has more 'character' to me and the stories with the pieces make it extra special.

Grace & Peace, Iris