Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Tablescapes and Home Decor Using Dollar Tree Paper Plates

 Tablescapes and Home Decor Using Dollar Tree Paper Plates

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing four fun ideas for using paper plates from Dollar Tree. I just love how pretty these scalloped edged paper plates are with the lovely flowers and butterflies on them. I thought these plates would look just lovely on top of my blue stoneware plates. I placed the stoneware on top of placemats that are doilies (also from Dollar Tree) and then added a cloth napkin with a lace napkin holder. A pretty drink goblet with a straw tops it all off. Who says that we can't mix paper and plastic with stoneware, cloth napkins and lace? I think it all combines to make a lovely tablescape. 

Next up is a simple hanging sign that I crafted from one of the plates and some sweet stickers (also from Dollar Tree) that I placed at random in the center. The result is an uplifting sign that I hung from pink ribbon in my bathroom that I can enjoy looking at and getting some lovely reminders to follow my heart and sparkle while I'm doing it! Will this sign last forever? No, and it's not meant to but, in the meantime, it's fun and creative. 

Another option is to create a flower wall hanging using one of the plates. I simply folded the plate in a sort of triangle and secured it in back with tape and then added pretty silk flowers inside and bent them to a pleasing shape. I used a twist tie on the back to create a hanger for the wall hanging and it now hangs proudly in my hallway. I can think of using different plates as the seasons change to create different seasonal wall hangings with different silk flowers. An inexpensive and versatile way to decorate! 

And finally another simple idea using one of the plates as a coaster topped off with another lovely plastic goblet with a straw. It's fun to drink my iced tea from a pretty summertime goblet and to have a pretty coaster to place it on as well! The plates have a coating which makes them sturdy enough to not let any moisture get through to my end table. 

I hope you'll let me know in the comments if these ideas are helpful to you or, perhaps, you can think of even more ways to use pretty paper plates. If so, please do share your ideas too! 

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Sharon said...

I'm impressed with all the creative uses for paper plates you've discovered! I like all of them, but my favorite is the sign that you hung in your bathroom. I like to have daily reminders of uplifting words and phrases, and you accomplished that in such a pretty way by using the plate as a background.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. I like the uplifting words too and enjoy having a reminder when I can see it.

Karen Anderson said...

You are so creative Debbie! I'll definitely remember this idea for some summer decorating! These kinds of things will be perfect on my balcony once I get moved in!

Iris said...

Oh, love your sweet summery decor. I need to make a trip to Dollar Tree.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I'm a big fan of Dollar Tree and also love their fun paper plates. Great ideas for using them in your decor. My favorite kind of craft too - easy and inexpensive.