Sunday, June 27, 2021

Staple Tops For Everyday Fashion

 Tops For Everyday Wear

Hello everyone!  I love tops that are comfortable to wear, easy to wear and can be worn with various pairs of pants, jeans and skirts. I'm talking about what I call "staple" tops that I can throw on without lots of thought about styling them because I know they will just "work" with anything I'm wearing.

I might also add that great staple tops, in my opinion, come in solid colors so they can be worn with either solid or print pants and skirts. To be honest, I haven't been able to find many tops like these for a long time. Really since I retired. I had a few of these type tops years ago but wore them out, outgrew them, etc. So I've been in the market for some of these tops and, yesterday, I hit the jackpot!!

I finally found the type of tops I wanted at J.C. Penney! The brand is St. John's Bay and you better believe I scooped them up in several colors while I could get them! I'm wearing navy blue in these photos which pairs well with my khaki pants, tan waterfall sweater and my Skecher tan/blue shoes. I absolutely love navy blue with brown and I am thrilled to have this top in this color! 

Sorry that the photo quality on this pic isn't great but I wanted to share the different colors I purchased. I was able to find black, white and the mint green in my size as well as the navy blue. The material is a very soft cotton with a round neck which is what I wanted. The shirts are called St. John's Bay Essential Tees and were on sale which was also awesome!

I was also able to find the classic polo style in the same brand AND on sale so I picked up red, white and blue in that style as well. The sizes were a bit picked over but I managed to find colors in both styles that I will wear over and over again. Perhaps I haven't been looking in the right places for these classic styles but I just haven't been able to find these styles in recent years. It seems like tees have been all about "graphic tees" with sayings on them and while that can be cute sometimes, I don't want that kind of tee all the time. I like solids in classic stylings that I know I can dress up or down with a necklace or a sweater or jacket to fit wherever I'm going.

This was my outfit for our outdoor church service this morning and I felt very comfortable in this classic styling. I did size up in these tops as they are cotton and I expect some shrinking to occur with repeated washing and drying. So, keep that in mind if you are ordering online. I also purchased these in the petite department but you can order them online in regular. 

Are you a lover of classic styling in tops and tees? Do you like polo style shirts? Be sure to let me know in the comments. I get concerned that stores like J.C. Penney may eventually close. So many stores have closed already and I feel that certain styles are getting harder to find. Yesterday, when The Mr. and I were walking around it kind of felt like the twilight zone because very few people were in the store. While that was nice for us not to feel like we were in a crowd, it certainly can't be good for business.  Sigh.  Guess I'm becoming a classic myself (or an antique!!)

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Sharon said...

You really did well with your shopping, Debbie. Just like you, I like to have several solid colored t-shirts, and I also have had a hard time finding them in the last few years. The idea that shopping and purchasing clothing will go mostly online doesn't work for me in the long run. I need to try on clothes because the sizing seems to vary from brand to brand. So I share your concern about stores closing. I know you will enjoy your new shirts as you find various ways to style them.

Karen Anderson said...

Penney's was always my "go to" store because of the variety of brands and lots of inventory. They closed the one closest to me, but when I move there is one close that is always so busy. It seems all the stores are busier lately and I'm glad to see that. You sure got a lot of tops! Basic colors are always good to have. It was smart to buy many. When you find a good deal, best to stock up!

Ruth said...

I too, am a shopper of JC Penney and have been for many years. I recently returned an item I'd ordered on online. I was so sad to see the store with many customers but very few employees and 1 checkout. I decided against making any purchases because I didn't want to wait. The mall looked like a ghost town.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Sharon, Karen and Ruth for your comments. It sounds like we all are like-minded when it comes to shopping and being able to try on clothing before buying. I'm sorry you found your mall to be a ghost town, Ruth. It seems like online is the way most folks want to buy and it makes it challenging for those of us who like to shop in person. Perhaps, over time, this will change. Just have to wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm with you on the classic solid color tops. My biggest problem is finding them with long enough sleeves. I'm old, so have wrinkly, ugly arms and seriously need them to be covered. A sleeve down near my elbow works great for me - but is VERY difficult to find. AND, many of the necks are too low to suit me.

I sure don't blame you for scooping up what you could find. I'll have to check Penney's (though my looking will be online).

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Ruth and Iris for stopping by and your comments. Ruth, it is so sad to see the malls looking like ghost towns but that is what my husband and I saw that day, also. Iris, I like longer sleeves for shirts, also. Hope you find some soon!