Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Perfect Christmas Dress

 Wearing Red Plaid For The Holidays

Hello everyone!  Today, I'm styling the perfect dress for Christmas (or any other time)! I actually got this red and black buffalo check dress from The Mr. for Christmas last year and I'm just now sharing it on the blog. 

I ordered this dress directly from Blair and I was hoping they would offer it again this year so I could link to it, but so far I haven't seen it offered. It was also available last year in a blue and green buffalo check pattern and I kind of wish I had ordered that one too for The Mr. to give to me for Christmas because this dress is just the best in terms of softness, comfort and warmth! The only negative is that it runs REALLY large so even though I ordered a medium which should have fit perfectly, it is rather loose when I don't have it belted like you see here. I don't really mind the looseness because it's comfortable but it still could have been a better fit as a medium. 

This is the type of dress that you can wear to church like I did last Sunday or you can put it on after a shower to lounge around the house in. It's very versatile. It could even be worn as a long duster over a top and jeans. The flannel is so warm and cozy! I did find a buffalo check sweater to link for you if you love the buffalo check plaid look like I do. 

And I wanted to style my plaid Christmas heels with this dress for you because I think this is going to be the swan song for these shoes. This is the last pair of higher heels I have kept mainly because I just love them and hate to give them away. But, the truth is they are too high for me to wear comfortably and they are definitely not worth a turned ankle! They do look good with the dress, though!

I hope that you have a soft and cozy favorite dress or sweater that you can enjoy this Christmas season! And click here for some more red plaid goodness to enjoy!

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Karen Anderson said...

I do love buffalo checks, especially red and black! That's a great dress, Debbie! I love the idea of wearing it as a duster too! I remember those shoes... and they do look perfect with your dress... maybe they could turn into 30-minute shoes? Didn't you have some like that? Or that you can wear when you will be sitting? They are just so beautiful! The dress is a definite winner!!

Ruth said...

Beautiful dress! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. A good choice made by your Mr.

Sharon said...

What a lovely dress! I also like the buffalo plaid, and the red/black combination is so festive for the holiday season. I enjoy comfortable and soft clothes too. Once again, you have highlighted such versatile clothing!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen! And, yes, these good be definite 30 minute shoes for shure, LOL! It truly is hard to part with them!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Ruth! Appreciate it.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon, I love versatile clothing!

Iris said...

Oh WOW, I love the dress. Almost anything warm interests me these days - but soft? It's really difficult to find something soft. Also love the length of this dress. I can see that it is very versatile.

I've found Blair clothes tend to run a bit large, but I'm usually afraid not to order my normal style.