Wednesday, July 6, 2022

A Few Things

 A Little Bit of This and That

Hi everyone! Today's post is just a little bit of this and that. Random photos from the last few days. Hope you enjoy! First off, are some beautiful flowers I brought home a couple of days ago. Yellow is such a bright, cheerful color and the arrangement is so pretty on the small table in the dining room. 

The summer just seems to be flying by and I can't believe that the 4th of July has passed. I dressed in a navy blue dress with a colorful neck kerchief boasting red, white and blue for the holiday. It was a festive look and also cool enough for a hot summer's day.

On the evening of the 4th I attended a patriotic concert held at a venue in Black Mountain, NC. The Mr. plays in this band and the concert was fabulous!

Here are all of the trumpet players standing for their solo part in, "The Stars and Stripes Forever."  The Mr. is standing second from the left. 

And here I am with my sweet friend, Libby, who was attending to watch her husband play in the band. We always enjoy catching up at these concerts!

And this isn't the greatest picture, but this is a dress that I have been wearing on repeat this summer. I really need to devote a whole blog post to this dress because it is so comfortable! Made of a soft tee shirt like fabric this dress came from Amazon and is available in different colors and patterns. I will try to do a blog post on this dress soon. 

And, finally, here is a veggie board I created recently. Can you call this a charcuterie board? I tried to be creative in placing the veggies and I loved how the cut end of the celery stalk looks like a flower! I really enjoy having fun in the kitchen and this is one way I do it. Someone once said we eat first with our eyes. This board was a feast for the eyes!

How are you being creative in styling your life right now? Hope you will let me know in the comments!

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Sharon said...

I always enjoy your this and that blog posts, Debbie! It's nice to see snapshots of your life in photos. That dress looks so comfortable. I think the way you spent July 4th was perfect--listening to a good band and catching up with a friend.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks,Sharon! I enjoy making these posts. I always enjoy sharing snippets of life with my readers. Have a great week!

Iris said...

Love the dress - it really does look comfty. I love the sleeve length.

The concert sounds great - and how special to be able to hear & see your hubby playing. Made me feel good just to 'almost' know someone who plays in that type of band.