Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Fun and Easy Tablescapes Using Tiered Trays, Anchor Pieces and Cute Salt Shakers

 Easy Table Vignettes

Hi everyone!  Today, I'm featuring three easy tablescapes or table vignettes that use items I already own along with a few new pieces. I love to decorate my little foyer table, the little side table in the dining room and the side table in our living room. I change the displays with the seasons, with holidays and when I take a fancy to do so! First up is the little table in our dining room. I have been wanting a tiered tray for a long time but have resisted buying one because they are so very expensive! I just couldn't see paying anywhere from $40-$70+ dollars for a tray. A couple weeks ago, The Mr. and I were browsing at the Tractor Supply Co. in Weaverville and I spied the tiered tray you see above. The trays are actually metal and have red and green stripes along the edges. I had not seen a metal tiered tray before and I kept going back to look at it. The store was having a 50% off clearance sale and I decided to bring this tiered tray home. Imagine my surprise when, at checkout, the price was more like 70% off and I scored my tiered tray for $10 dollars. Oh, how I love a bargain! I can't wait to decorate it for all the seasons but, for now, I am displaying a couple of favorite signs, some brass animals, a candle and two lovely angels. I smile each time I walk in the dining room and see this lovely tiered tray vignette!

This is the side table in our living room and you have seen various vignettes displayed here before. We bought the new bear and pine tree piece recently and we both just love it! The bear and pine trees are metal and sit on a wooden base. Bears and pine trees certainly fit our property and the overall effect carries the lodge look style we have in our home. I consider this an anchor piece that is an all-in-one vignette. Of course we have other items on the table, as well, but this piece could stand alone just fine. It reminded us both of pieces we had seen displayed in lodges we stayed at when traveling to the Rocky Mountains. 

And, finally, here is my whimsical beach vignette on the foyer table. This vignette features various lighthouses and the whimsy comes from the blue seahorse and crab salt shakers. I think they are so cute and I have used them in other vignettes before. Why not on the foyer table? The blue framed picture at the back was thrifted and although the painting on it is not a beach scene I thought the flower and butterfly went well with the other beach pieces. What do you think?

You know, the way we decorate in our homes reflects our style, interests, love of color and personalities. Our surroundings can provide warmth, joy and restfulness when we incorporate "ourselves" into the mix. My little table vignettes give me a lot of joy as I walk through our home and I look forward to changing them out on a regular basis to keep things fresh. 

How do you like to decorate in your home? Hope you'll share in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

Debbie, I love your table decorations. So glad someone else loves to "change" decorations like I do. I just did a shelf that I got for $5 at a thrift store. I made it like "distressed wood", then added some fake flowers, colored vase and a jar painted with a beautiful hummingbird. I'll try to send pic.

Anonymous said...

I just love all of these, Debbie! Congrats on scoring that great tiered tray. You’re going to have so much fun with it for years to come. I can’t wait to see what you do with it at Christmas.

Wherever did you find the blue seahorse and crab? They are precious! I really like to lighthouses, too, but those sweet creatures are so unique.

Of course, the bear and pine trees are perfect for your mountain home in the woods where your own bears bring you a smile.

My own home decor is comfy, functional eclectic family heirloom no-rhyme-or-reason. Your vignettes inspire me to be more intentional about expressing myself.

Thanks for sharing your creative joy!

Sharon said...

I really enjoy seeing the vignettes you create! The ones you featured in this blog post are lovely. I especially like your new bear and pine tree piece. It really does reflect your home and the area where you live with your bear visitors.

Iris said...

Oh I love all of them - but especially the 'bargain' tiered one. I'm sure you'll come up with a lot of things to do with it. Love the bear and pine trees too. Your decor always looks so good.