Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Candle and Stone Garden Piece for Remembrance and Christmas Beginnings

 Items for Remembrance and Christmas Beginnings

flameless candles

Hi everyone!  Today, I'm sharing some items that I purchased recently as remembrances for my sister who recently passed away. The handbell choir I direct was so kind in giving me a gift card to Jesse Israel & Sons Garden Center which is a local shop. Rather than a plant which might not make it in our yard, I chose a couple items that I can always keep. First is this pretty flameless candle. My sister loved to watch birds and especially liked Cardinals, so the Cardinal on this candle caught my eye right away. And then when I turned on the candle and saw the lights on the front twinkling I knew this would be my choice. Since my sister's name is Star, the twinkle lights were especially appropriate. I can't tell you how pretty this candle is all aglow in the evening!

I also chose this stone garden ornament that continues to carry the bird theme. For now it is on top of my figurine cabinet in the dining room.

stone garden pieces

I removed the basket so you could see the detail of the piece better. I love how one bird is sheltering the other. That's the way I always felt about my oldest sister. As you can probably tell I'm still coming to terms with her passing. I have many sad days where I struggle but I know this is normal. I am grateful to have three sisters still with me. 

To cheer myself I am slowly starting to add Christmas decor to the house. I actually have had a tree up for awhile so I can enjoy the colorful lights. This photo doesn't do justice to how pretty the lights are! I hope to start actually decorating it later today. It may be too early for some but I like time to enjoy Christmas decor before Christmas Day arrives. 

side table Christmas decor

And this year I decided to change up the side table and put my ceramic tree on the bottom shelf rather than the red ornament tree. Now, I just have to figure out where to put the red ornament tree! I've also added a few unique Santa figurines  to the shelf. 

I've owned this ceramic tree for a lot of years. It reminds me of a handmade one that my great-aunt made years ago and gave to my Mom. I always enjoyed seeing it lit up and was thrilled when I was able to get this one. So pretty. 

Each year, I try to go through my Christmas decor and decided what I want to keep and what I am ready to give away for someone else to enjoy. Certain things always remain like certain ornaments that were gifts from family, the Peanuts handmade ornaments one of my sisters made for our first Christmas and this ceramic tree. The last few years I have been able to downsize a whole tub of Christmas decor and this year I hope to do the same which will leave me with two tubs. I'll keep you posted on my progress both with Christmas decorating and with purging a tub. 

How about you?  Any early Christmas beginnings at your house?  How about Thanksgiving preparation? I hope to hear from you in the comments. 

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Sharon said...

I really enjoyed seeing how you are beginning to decorate for Christmas. Your house looks so cheery! That cardinal candle was a real find, Debbie. It is absolutely beautiful, and what a meaningful remembrance of Star. This is a lovely blog post to start the season just right for your readers.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Oh, thank you so much Sharon! I agree, the candle was a real find and I treasure it. I worked yesterday on more decorating and will share all of that soon. Have a lovely week!

Iris said...

Oh, I love the little candle with the cardinal - and what a nice remembrance of your sister. The little birds are adorable too.

Your ceramic tree is such a pretty one. I have a really small one that was my mother's, I drag it out every year.

My tree usually goes up the day after Thanksgiving. I have family here to help so that makes it more special. I haven't even looked at my decorations - but I have several tubs and several shelves full. I need to do that you're doing and clear out some of the ones that I just don't use. I'll think about that when I drag them out.

Enjoy your decorations - that's what they're for.

Linda said...

My father passed in February of 2018.
Since then,
cardinals have been messengers of hope and a reminder of God's love.
God has brought messages of comfort at just the right moment for me.
May it be so also for you.
Since having COVID in September, I've been challenged in a few ways.
I'm very thankful for some of those issues to be lessoning.
Thank you for sharing your faith, hope, and love with your readers.
Linda Ziegler

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Iris. I surely am enjoying my decorations! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Great to hear from you Linda and I enjoyed hearing what you wrote about cardinals being messengers of hope! I know you miss your Dad very much and I am so sorry to hear that you had Covid in September. Prayers that you continue to heal and feel better and better! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.