Sunday, February 5, 2023

Valentine Tiered Tray and More

 Mixing Valentines and Winter On The Tiered Tray

Hello friends!  I promised I would share the tiered tray all dressed up for Valentines Day. As it turned out, however, there is some winter mixed in on the tray. 

Somehow it just seemed natural to mix in snowmen and snowflakes with glittery red hearts, shiny red ball ornaments and a sleigh full of sparkle hearts. And, of course a bit of greenery from pine trees and a green truck.

My favorite bit on the tray is the sleigh full of hearts. I just think it is so festive with red and green! But not Christmasy looking since this tray celebrates winter and Valentines!

The bottom shelf displays more winter/Valentine snowmen, hearts and snowflakes. I always look forward to showing my snow lady wearing purple and red. So much fun! 

Are you adding any Valentine touches to your house? Be sure to share in the comments. And other news...

Yesterday, The Mr. and I went to watch our nephew (on The Mr.'s side) play lacrosse at a local college. Our nephew was on the visiting team and they won! We were so excited for him and his team.

We had never watched a lacrosse game before and found ourselves really getting into it and enjoying it. New experiences are always good, right?

And, finally, we have a friend who has been sharing eggs with us from the chickens he keeps. I have seen brown eggs many times before but never the tan and green eggs you see here! The eggs are delicious and with egg prices as they are right now we especially appreciate our friend gifting us with these eggs!

Have you had any new experiences lately? Be sure to share, ok? I love to hear from you!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

I was looking forward to seeing your valentine decor, and I think it's perfect to blend it with winter items especially your "snow people". What a nice outing to watch your nephew's lacrosse game. And there's nothing like fresh eggs. Occasionally, I've had a chance to use eggs from local chickens, and they really are exceptional.

Iris said...

I love the Valentines combined with winter. The snowmen just seem to fit in especially well. I do have a ton of old valentine's from my husband. He was always good at thinking about valentines - and guess who has Valentine elephants. I probably need to do a post with those.

I've been to a million games with kids or grandkids, but never saw a lacross one. Glad you were able to see the nephew. I think it means a lot to the kids when family is there.

Eggs, my son now has chickens and that tray you have looks a lot like his. Quite varied and some are huge, while some small. Glad you got to enjoy some.