Sunday, March 5, 2023

Decor for Spring and Easter

 Changing Decor for Spring and Easter

Hello friends! Now that March has arrived I'm beginning to think about Spring and Easter decor. So I started doing a little changing up of decor around the house. As you can see, my tiered tray is filled with colorful eggs and bunnies. 

My large wooden bunny is resting on the side chair while the snow ladies are holding up plants ready for Spring planting. I have owned the large and small wooden bunnies for many, many years. One of my former teaching assistants created them and added the blue flowers around their necks. They are just so pretty and I'm still enjoying them after all these years. 

I've exchanged snowmen for bunnies and a clear glass deer on the round living room table. The faux flowers add a pop of color to the vignette. 

I look forward to displaying this bunny every year. Another piece I have owned for years but can't remember where I got it. The flowers on the side of the bunny and the blue bow around the neck are just so cheerful. 

I can't say that we have had a really bad winter this year but we have had a lot of dreary dull days. The pastel colors of my Spring decor are just what is needed to help me look forward to welcoming Spring officially and also looking forward to Easter! 

Are you looking forward to Spring? Doing any decorating? Be sure to let me know in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Sharon said...

Spring is my favorite season, so it really nice to see your spring and Easter decor. I am just about ready to bring out a spring quilted table runner, and I brought in some daffodils and put them in vases. It's amazing how just a few touches adds that "almost spring" feeling.

Iris said...

Oh, I thorouly enjoyed your spring decor especially the wooden bunnies. I don't have much for spring. I have elephants instead of bunnies and that's not very spring-like.