Tuesday, August 22, 2023

A Little Bit of This and That

 Changes Coming To The Blog

Hi friends! Today, I'm sharing a little bit of this and that with you. Nothing earth shattering. Just some news about our dog, River, and some books I've been reading. Life has pretty much revolved around our pooch these last few weeks. I had forgotten how much time and energy puppies can take up! But, he quickly reminded us of all that! It has been six weeks today since we brought River home and he has learned a lot and grown a lot in six weeks. I have to share a couple of photos with you because they are so cute AND because......

He graduated from Canine Manners class Sunday evening!!!!  I've already shared this picture on Facebook so some of you may have already seen it. Friends, he was the class crazy-man for six weeks and, although he graduated, the teacher said he could repeat the class if we wanted him to. The thing of it was, he did really well at home in a quiet calm situation doing the things he was taught, but in class there were six other dogs and he just wanted to bark and play with the other dogs so badly! BUT, the teacher didn't allow ANY dog interaction which was just misery for our poor River. We had to sit behind a fence covered with sheets so he couldn't see the other dogs but River was smart enough to figure that out and kept pulling us and jumping up to see the other dogs. It was just crazy time for six.whole.weeks!! I managed to attend four of the classes and let The Mr. handle the other two on his own. I just couldn't take the craziness. Anyway, we made it through the class and River learned all of the commands and we plan to keep working with him on our own. We also want to "socialize" him with other dogs. 

This picture is just hilarious, in my opinion, because it truly sums up River all during the classes! He looks like he stayed up all night partying doesn't he?!

The Mr. took this photo and it shows how River has many moments of being calm and quiet. He'll get there more and more. It just takes time and him growing up a little more. (And more training!)

In other news, I did some thrifting recently and was just thrilled to find this beautiful quilted jacket. It is reversible and is all pink on the other side. There are even pockets on both sides! It washed up beautifully and I'm very happy with it. 

And this is the necklace I'm wearing in the above picture. It belong to my late sister and I have been wearing it a lot. I feel it is unique. I haven't seen a cross inside a heart before. I just love it!

And, finally, the very unique basket (that I also thrifted) is filled with some recent book purchases from our local used bookstore Mr. K's. I started reading the Mary Roberts Rhinehart book but put it down because it was a little scary! I find I need calm, relaxed reading at bedtime not reading that might give me nightmares! I am enjoying the Sofie Ryan book, "Undercover Kitty." Sofie Ryan also writes under the name of Sofie Kelly when she writes the "Magical Cat" series. As Sofie Ryan she writes about a cat named, Elvis, who is a pretty cute cat. If you are a cat lover, like me, I think you will enjoy both of these series!

So that's it for a little bit of this and that today. I will let you know that Google Domains has been sold to Squarespace and the change over will be happening sometime in the next month. This means that my domain name of debbiestyleslife.com will now be owned by Squarespace and not Google. I have been assured that the change will be "seamless" but you never know. If you have trouble finding my blog please email me at debbiestyleslife@gmail.com and I will try to help if I can. This shouldn't be necessary, though. My blogging platform is still Blogger and you can actually still get to this blog by using my old blogspot address of debbiethisandthat.blogspot.com. You have to use the blogspot part though or you will be on someone else's blog. Arghhh.....blogging can sometimes be a trial, you know? At any rate, I can't wait to hear from you in the comments section so please be sure to leave a comment! 

Until Next Time,
Debbie (this and that😉) who is still stylin' life!!


Iris said...

I love River and your stories about his training. I tried one of those classes with Koda when he was young and he apparently behaved about like your River. I decided he was too young, but now (he's 7 in October) and is still a crazy little dog. (Love him anyway).

Hope everything goes smoothly with your blog transitioon. I'm not big on change myself, so I feel for you.

Sharon said...

I enjoyed those pictures of River along with your description of his participation in his manners class. It was nice to start off my day with a chuckle. Quilted jackets are all the rage in the quilting world right now. I have seen classes being offered along with patterns to make and quilt one. You are lucky to have found a quilted jacket that is so lovely.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Iris. I wonder if River will ever fully calm down. But, I'm hopeful. I hope things go well with the domain name transition. This is not a change I asked for. I just have to roll with the flow of what Google decides to do!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. I was very surprised to find such a pretty quilted jacket like this in a thrift shop. It looks handmade and I'm happy to own it and wear it. River is a real trip sometimes! I'm hopeful he will calm down soon.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I enjoyed your this and that post. Your dog is a beauty and congratulations on your achievements with him. Keep up the training and you'll have a forever friend. I dearly love thrifting and your jacket is a charmer. God bless and have a great day!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Great to hear from you, Carol! Thanks for reading and we will surely keep up the training with River!

Joy said...

He looks such a character!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Joy, you are sooo right! He is quite the character!