Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Colors of Fall

 Finding Colorful Fall Decorations

Hello friends!  I had such a fun time a couple days ago browsing at Lowe's in the garden center and looking at all of the many beautiful Fall flowers and decorations they are offering. I decided to snap some photos and share them with you. I'm not being paid by Lowes for this post. I just happened to be there and really enjoyed browsing. 

How beautiful are the pink flowers with the orange flowers surrounded by pumpkins?

The color combinations of the flowers were just gorgeous!!

And I was very surprised to see that they had so many decorative items for sale this year for Fall. I had not seen so many items in previous years. Decorating for Fall is definitely a thing!

I could have bought out the store looking at all of these decorative items. And then, I saw all of the colorful pumpkins available.

Pumpkins sure have come a long way since I was a kid. I used to decorate with the cardboard pumpkins you put in your windows. Now there is a large variety of many colored faux pumpkins that you can purchase to keep and use from year to year. 

I would need a whole lot of storage space to buy all of these items! I sure would like to try, though!

I did make one purchase which I will share in my next post. Be sure to keep a lookout for that! In the meantime, let me know how you are decorating for Fall both inside and out, okay?

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Joy said...

Autumn decorating is a thing here too, nowadays. I keep meaning to see what's on offer this year and then not bothering! I love that pumpkin cart. xx

Sharon said...

I did not realize that Lowe's has such a wide selection of fall decor items. It's not surprising though since everywhere I go, I see fall decorating--even in an eye doctor's office yesterday! Your pictures in this post really capture the beauty of autumn colors. I'm looking forward to seeing what you chose to purchase among all the lovely fall items available.

Iris said...

Love the decorations. Looks like there are a lot of them out there this year. I've pulled some of my old ones out - it' made me think "fall" more than before.